Bamba Coffee Table by Pedro Paulo-Venzon

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Simple furniture needs simple design. The clean minimalist lines of the Bamba table are the perfect blend of striking creativity and functional simplicity. Despite its metal construction, there is something lifelike and natural about the simple lines of the Bamba table. It has a kind of energy about it which only adds to its appeal.

The Bamba table consists of a basic circular surface standing proudly on an unusual and eye-catching base. Two narrow legs slant diagonally from a central support point, offset with a circular support which balances the structure. The funky table comes in basic black, elegant gold and bold red colors; the perfect complement to any modern space. At 52cm high, it is also a practical piece of furniture: an attractive coffee table for a contemporary home.

The Bamba is the creation of Brazilian designer Pedro Paulo Venzon and is typical of the contemporary style which has influenced many of his most striking pieces. He has received national and international recognition for his designs since completing his studies in 2011. He attempts to honor traditional Brazilian design while adding something new and unique of his own, combining frivolity with function.

Designed by Pedro Paulo Venzon

Company: Viccarbe

All photos © Viccarbe