LeoTony Dido Eyeglasses Frame

LeoTony Dido Eyeglasses Frame

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Thanks to Geek Chic and celebrities embracing their glasses, getting a nice pair of glasses has never been easier. This includes LeoTony’s attractive minimalist Dido glasses.

The Dido glasses are minimal yet elegant rimless glasses. The round shape is stylish and vintage, but because they have invisible frames they’re not flashy. These kinds of frames would look best on both men and women with square, long, oval, or heart-shaped faces. Beyond being attractive, the Dido is also well-made. The legs are lightweight titanium, so they won’t feel heavy on your face.

The lenses are great for people who work at the offices. They have Free Blue Light Blocker and Anti-Reflective Coating. This can help reduce the eye-strain that happens because of computer work. The Dido lenses also hold up against everyday wear and tear. The hydrophobic coating protects them from fingerprints and water, as well as the anti-scratch coating.

These simple glasses also come with silver and gold legs that match any styles. You can wear these everyday, and the adjustable nose pads will make you feel like you’re not wearing anything. They’re true minimalist glasses for the everyday.

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