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The popularity of minimalist designs has soared in the recent past as they make a room appear modern, convenient, comfortable, and sophisticated. All this can be achieved by minimal use of accessories and furniture, with minimalist bathroom designs typically featuring simple colors, shapes, and simple lines that transform your bathroom. Consequently, your bathroom becomes transformed into one of the most tranquil and calm places in your home. Furthermore, you can achieve all this even if you are on a strict budget. Therefore, here are twelve minimalist bathroom accessories that you need to consider.

12 Minimalist Bathroom Accessories

WU-Bathroom Suite Modern minimalist bathroom vanity set the Nordic Bath 6-Piece Toilet brush holder brush mouthwash cup

This is a 6-piece toilet brush holder has a bathroom set that features materials that are heavy-duty, durable as well as eco-friendly. Thanks to its elegant and hygienic wipe clean design, it is perfect for every modern bathroom since you will not need a lot of time to make your bathroom look tidy and clean.

It comes with attractive bathroom accessories that bring out the character in your bathroom plus a streamlined look that resembles wood, which beautifully highlights them. This accessory set adds life to your bathroom by bringing out a sense of sophistication to your lifestyle by incorporating a modern touch of beauty found in the Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set, usually made from superior quality ceramics. Subsequently, this gives these bathroom accessories a feel of true quality, and its ceramic style brings out a sense of elegance and helps you keep the bathroom organized.

If you are looking to add character to your bathroom, you should consider this minimalist bathroom accessory as it is both a practical and attractive bathroom set for any modern décor.

Modern Minimalist Toilet Brush Household Bathroom Wall-Mounted Cleaning Brush

This brush features 360-degrees scratch-free brushing bristles that are flexible, soft, dense, and robust. With this unique design, this toilet brush can reach even the most difficult parts of your toilet like below the rim section, thus ensuring it is always sparkling clean. Moreover, the high-quality plastic used in its construction is easy to clean and sturdy, ensuring it is not easy for it to break if you drop it.

Integrated into this bathroom set is a unique color and design combination, which ensures your bathroom looks stylish, simple, strain-resistant, and multi-color; thus can match numerous bathroom designs. Therefore, if you want to ensure your bathroom is always tidy, orderly, and clean, look no further as this is a toilet brush is a perfect choice if you are looking to achieve a minimalist bathroom design. It usually is white in color, with a length of 36cm and appropriate either for a hotel or home, so it is a great present to a friend, family, colleague, or lover.

Lxn Modern Minimalist Frameless Bathroom Mirror Wall-Mounted Toilet Mirror Makeup and Dressing Heart Mirror

To achieve a minimalist bathroom design, this wall-mounted mirror is a great pick. The design of this high-quality clear silver mirror brings out an ideal finishing touch in whichever room it is placed as it adds modern sophistication and maximized light. Additionally, unlike the low-end mirrors found on the market, this silver mirror eliminates reflection distortions that typically found in low-end mirrors. The edges of this mirror are polished by hand not only to bring out its aesthetic appeal but also for safety reasons.

By adding this large mirror to a room, the light is doubled immediately, consequently making the bathroom appear somewhat bigger, plus its ideal placement method usually is vertical and horizontal. This wall-mounted mirror comes safely wrapped in a package and is usually of exceptional quality. Lastly, you can buy this wall-mounted mirrors in numerous sizes and styles to suit according to your desired preference.

LAONA Modern minimalist chrome bathroom accessories set toilet brush/hook, Clothes hook

Included in this package is mounting hardware to ensure you can position your accessories in an appropriate position in your bathroom. Installing it is straightforward since it is lightweight, clean as well as convenient making it a must-have option if you are looking for a wall mount that brings out the elegance to your bathroom. This hook has undergone rigorous testing during its production to ensure it satisfies all the set industrial standards as well as to make it durable so that it remains functional for a long duration. Moreover, its design features low-lead materials plus health and safety are prioritized to ensure you never experience any harm as a result of using it. Thus, this hook is perfect as it brings out a great feeling by highlighting every detail when you walk into your bathroom.

Modern Minimalist Soap Dispenser Toilet Shampoo Shower Gel Kitchen Container Cleaner Hand Bottle Dispenser

This soap dispenser is capable of holding up to 400ml of hand sanitizer. Once the sanitizer gets depleted, replenishing it is easy thanks to the wide mouth as well as a detachable pump head. Additionally, this refillable and reusable dispenser pours out dish soap, soap, essential oils, or hand soap found in the elegant, stylish container. You can choose to place it either on countertops or sinks thanks to its modern compact design which fits there seamlessly. Its construction is made from quality, robust ceramic, which has a soft underside as well as a long-lasting rustproof surface to safeguard the countertop from damage or scratches. This particular design is made use of in water-rich bathroom environments. With this high-quality product, all your needs will be met, and whenever you experience any issue, feel free to contact the manufacturer to address the issue.

Bathroom Stainless Steel Roll Holder, Modern Minimalist Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

If you are looking to achieve a minimalist bathroom design, then you need to have this stainless steel roll holder for your bathroom. As it is both rustproof and durable, you are assured it will remain functional for numerous years as the high-quality stainless steel used in its construction features antibacterial and corrosion properties. Furthermore, it integrates a beautiful appearance, an elegant and simple design, superior corrosion resistance, as well as a fashionable style and novel style. It features a design that features edges that are rounded, flat, and smooth as well as multi-process, selected materials. Lastly, its installation is appropriate for bathrooms in offices, hotels, as well as in your home.

Mirror Bathroom modern minimalist circular wall bathroom three-dimensional makeup entrance dressing

Incorporated in this mirror is a three-dimensional minimalist design that features rich spaces and levels, smooth lines, and full-page hand-carved petal bloom. Additionally, this mirror is available in numerous styles to suit your desired preference, and you just need to visit our shop and pick the one that you love. After buying it, you first need to ensure the wall you intend to install it is load-bearing so that it can support the mirror’s weight. With this anti-fog silver and high-transmittance mirror, you get clear imaging that is natural, fresh, durable as well as not deformed easily. You can have it installed in your cloakroom, bathroom, aisle, bedroom, as well as other spaces, and it is light in weight weighing in at approximately six kilograms.

In case this mirror gets damaged while being transported, you will either get a refund or have it replaced so long as you can show images of the destroyed item.

Decorative Compact Black Acrylic Toilet Bowl Brush with Hideaway Canister

This toilet bowl brush brings out a minimalist bathroom design due to its sleek and concise design, which adds to your bathroom a luxurious and contemporary feel. With a size of 3.8 (L) X 4.1 (W) X 14.5 (L) inches, its size is compact enough to fit neatly next to the toilet in any bathroom. Furthermore, it features plastic bristles that are robust enough to ensure they do not get destroyed even after repeated use, and its classic black color brings out a stylish decorative style. Therefore, you can safely store it anywhere you wish once you are done using it thanks to its strong canister.

Being light in weight makes it easy to use, plus its sturdy plastic bristles make the scrubbing of your toilet more efficient and easier even afar prolonged use. Thus, look no further if you have limited space as this toilet bow brush only takes up a limited amount of space. Moreover, being black makes it a perfect match with several decoration styles.

LEDMOMO 12W Bathroom Vanity Light Modern Minimalist LED Acrylic Stainless Steel Mirror Front Lamp Bathroom Vanity Toilet Wall Lights – White Light (4 Lights)

This contemporary LED bathroom mirror lights are ideal as they bring out a minimalist design that gives your bathroom a fresh atmosphere. Therefore, you get to enjoy every single moment you are in your minimalist bathroom that features clear crystal accents as well as chrome finishing above the steel construction. Moreover, thanks to these bathroom mirror lights, a spa-like and luxurious feel are attained to ether your vanity areas or bathroom. Neither a cord or switch on the light is necessary as you can mount this bathroom light easily to whatever position you find preferable. Finally, this LED bathroom light is ideal for your mirror cabinets, dressing table, vanity table, bathroom, art display, among other places.

Toilet paper holder – iron pipe, industrial, modern, minimalist, rustic, steampunk, urban

This toilet paper holder is usually constructed from unfinished black iron fittings, which have a gunmetal color. However, you can request a different color if the gunmetal color is not appealing to you. Incorporated in its design is a clear coat enamel that safeguards it from corrosion, rust, chipping, and tarnishing. Additionally, you can mount it directly to your wall by making use of drywall anchors or screws, but the mounting hardware is typically is not provided. Its design features an overall length of eight inches and can extend 3.5 inches from the wall, with the flange base diameter three inches in length. You can fit a standard toilet paper roll on this toilet paper holder, which brings out a minimalist feel to your bathroom.

MAYKKE Mission Single Robe and Towel Hook Modern Minimalist Towel Holder for Bathroom Lavatory, Shower, Kitchen Polished Chrome, DLA2020201

With this towel holder, it is easy to attain a minimalist bathroom aura. Thus, you never have to deal with awkward moments of wondering whether to place your robe on the toilet tank or seat. It also allows you to avoid clutter and save countertop space thanks to the simple add-on fittings which you can attach easily to either your bathroom door or wall. Its cylindrical designed hook gives it a timeless, universal look, which improves any modern décor.

Moreover, this towel hook features durable and high-quality construction with stain-resistant finishing, thereby ensuring your fabric never gets wet or moist. With a weight capacity exceeding 37 LB, you have sufficient support for all your thick clothing, robes or towels, and a polished chrome finish with a subtle accent. It weighs less than two ounces; therefore, repositioning, changing wall placement, or assembly is needed within a particular space. Likewise, it comes with base plates as well as essential hardware, which makes installation easy and quick. Lastly, integrated into its design is a polished chrome finish that is timeless and ideal for most décor styles.

Hand Towel Ring, APLusee Stainless Steel Swivel Kitchen Towel Hanger, Modern Round Bathroom Hardware Space Saver, Matte Black

This towel holder is 100% stainless steel, rustproof, durable, and of exceptional quality, thereby guarantees you many years of being functional. With its classic round style, lustrous circle elements, and weight of 150 grams, it offers you with logical storage as well as matches beautifully your bathroom fittings.

Furthermore, you can adjust this towel ring depending on your standing position to ensure the towel is easily reachable from whichever angle you are standing. Installing it is easy, and you will be supplied with hardware for mounting it firmly and is functional with most families and carries out its uses superbly. It also safeguards that your wall environment is neat and clean.


Having gone through this article, you now have an idea of some of the minimalist bathroom accessories you should consider. Consequently, thanks to this, you get to experience a wonderful and unique experience whenever in the bathroom.