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The popularity of minimalist designs has soared in the recent past as they make a room appear modern, convenient, comfortable, and sophisticated. All this can be achieved by minimal use of accessories and furniture, with minimalist bathroom designs typically featuring simple colors, shapes, and simple lines that transform your bathroom. Consequently, your bathroom becomes transformed into one of the most tranquil and calm places in your home. Furthermore, you can achieve all this even if you are on a strict budget. Therefore, here are the best minimalist bathroom accessories that you need to consider.

Top Minimalist Bathroom Accessories

Umbra Flex Shower Caddy

As one of the best minimalist bathroom accessories, this unit is designed to help you organize your shower space and provides you a lot of storage room for your shower essentials. With this unit, keeping the shower essentials such as body wash, shampoo, organized and within reach is now easier. Thus, you can have more time to attend to other important things.

The caddy takes minimal space in your shower or bath, and it can still accommodate large bottle sizes. It has extra-wide shower baskets that accommodate your conditioner, shampoo, and body wash bottles.

The flexible rubber bands help to hold razors, loofahs, and other bath accessories. The wide shelves and bottle collars provide adequate room for your bath products.

This product offers versatile storage and simple set up. You only need to set it up on the curtain rod or shower head, and then place the products you want on.

The unit is equipped with the Integrated Drainage System which prevents unnecessary mold, mild, and moisture.

Yamazaki Home Smart Wet Tissue Case

Yamazaki is known to bright creativity and thought to everyday items through the design. The items are created with simplicity and attention to detail.

This tissue case is designed to be simple and smart. In fact, it is the most minimal and sleekest solution for wet wipes. It is perfect for any particular room. The hinged lid ensures that your tissues or wipes stay moist. Also, it hides the loud branding of the wipes and adds sophistication to any particular room. The modern look makes it perfect for any home décor. It is made of ABS material, and it is a space saver.

This case provides an ideal storage solution for wet tissues, and it is perfect for any particular room. It stays covered and reusable to refill more wipes.

Its lid is hinged to ensure it closes firmly to ensure that the disposable tissues always stay moist. You can use it in the nursery to dispense the wipes as you change the baby’s diaper or as makeup remover wipes.

Rope Toilet Roll Holder

Bath décor gets more personal with a rope toilet holder. In fact, your passion for fine things is reflected in this nautically themed bathroom accessory. The rope toilet paper holder is hand-crafted from the best materials that feature sturdy marine rope. It is also reinforced internally with the solid stainless-steel rod. The holder can be flipped over with a mounting piece on the side of the toilet.

This toilet roll holder is made of the natural jute rope. It is a great bath accessory in a marine style. You are free to hang it with any design you want.

The rope paper holder is made of high-quality materials. In addition, it has a thickness of 3.5cm. This makes it tough and can last longer. It is perfect for the nautical bathroom, beach house, and style cloakroom.

Concrete Toothbrush Holder

This toothbrush holder is designed to hold up to four pieces of the toothbrush. In fact, the brush is modern and unique to accent any given bathroom space. Also, you can use it to hold and organize razors and makeup brushes. It is handmade and available in 20 custom colors. It has 0.6-inch holes that allow for drainage.

The 4-piece toothbrush stand is a real space saver with a modern, minimal, and sleek design. In fact, it is a dream of a minimalist. You can easily add it to any given bathroom.

If you love traveling with your family, this toothbrush holder is a space saver. That is because it takes up minimal space.

Not sure which unique gift to give, this is a perfect gift you can give to someone. The cord pad at the bottom protects any given surface you place it.

YAMAZAKI home Plate Toilet Paper Stocker

This product is one of the great minimalist bathroom accessories. It can hold up to 12 rolls of toilet paper and hides them from view. In this way, it keeps the bathroom organized and neat. It features a tray on top that allows you to place phones and decorative items on it. The sloped interior is designed in such a way that it dispenses the next roll after one is fully used. Moreover, the slim design makes it easier to tuck into tight spaces.

The modern design makes it possible to match any particular home décor with its airy and light design. For instance, the unit is made of sleek, stainless steel. With this accessory, you have easy access to the tissue papers at any time of the day.

You can use the storage stocker in the bathroom to organize and hide your toilet paper rolls. It is great for saving the cabinet and closet space.

IMAVO Bathroom Accessories Set

This 6-piece toothbrush holder is made from superior quality ceramic which is durable as well as easy to clean. Thanks to its elegant and hygienic wipe clean design, it is perfect for every modern bathroom since you will not need a lot of time to make your bathroom look tidy and clean.

It comes with attractive bathroom accessories that bring out the character in your bathroom plus a streamlined look that resembles wood, which beautifully highlights them. This accessory set adds life to your bathroom by bringing out a sense of sophistication to your lifestyle by incorporating a modern touch of beauty found in the Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set, usually made from superior quality ceramics. Subsequently, this gives these bathroom accessories a feel of true quality, and its ceramic style brings out a sense of elegance and helps you keep the bathroom organized.

If you are looking to add character to your bathroom, you should consider this minimalist bathroom accessory as it is both a practical and attractive bathroom set for any modern décor.

Hand Towel Ring, APLusee Stainless Steel Swivel Kitchen Towel Hanger

This towel holder is 100% stainless steel, rustproof, durable, and of exceptional quality, thereby guarantees you many years of being functional. With its classic round style, lustrous circle elements, and weight of 150 grams, it offers you with logical storage as well as matches beautifully your bathroom fittings.

Furthermore, you can adjust this towel ring depending on your standing position to ensure the towel is easily reachable from whichever angle you are standing. Installing it is easy, and you will be supplied with hardware for mounting it firmly and is functional with most families and carries out its uses superbly. It also safeguards that your wall environment is neat and clean.

Squatty Potty Ghost Acrylic Toilet Stool

As you know, sitting on the toilet causes pressure, kinks, and allows for partial relaxation around the colon. Thus, setting limits and restricts both a complete and quick flow of waste. With this stool, you have a perfect solution. That is because it helps relax the puborectalis muscle that allows the colon to empty completely and quickly.

The product is proven to improve colon health, and it improves any symptoms of hemorrhoids, bloating, and constipation. In this way, you can experience the complete elimination of wastes. The science behind this product is certified, and it is backed by lots of clinical studies.

This unit is suited for both the traditional and modern bathroom décor. In fact, it brings style and sophistication into the bathroom. The slope raises your heels, giving them a perfect angle for squatting. Its textured grip keeps the feet in place. With this, you can squat with confidence.

Simplehuman Bathroom Step Trash Can

This round step can is ideal for smaller spaces such as the office or bathroom. It has a durable steel pedal that opens the lid smoothly. In addition, it has a removable inner bucket for smooth trash disposal. This trash can is made of quality materials to ensure it lasts long.

With this step trash can, you can easily enhance your trash experience. That is because the durable and extra-strong trash bags fit perfectly. Another thing you will like about this trash can is that it resists smudges to remain shiny.

The trash can features a fingerprint-proof coating which helps protect the stainless steel from the fingerprints. Thus, your trash can will keep looking shiny and spotless. The strong and durable custom liners fit easily. With this, you can enjoy your trash experience.

You can be assured that this trash can will last for many years and withstand tough conditions. That is because it is made of solid engineering and top-quality materials.

Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Bucket Towel Warmer

This towel warmer allows you to enjoy everyday luxury. With this unit, you can stay dry after a shower, toasty on cold days, and beat the chilly mornings. It is available in the modern white finish with bamboo accents.

You will find this unit easy to carry and lightweight. The fact that it is freestanding means you can place it anywhere in your home. Its built-in cord storage and the base keeps long power cord whenever it is not in use. The slim profile allows for easy storage in the closet or underneath the countertop.

This is an extra-large towel warmer that can accommodate up to two 40 by 70-inch bath towels or your throw blanket. The towel is heated both inside and out. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the cold spots.

Also, You do not have to worry about turning the towel warmer as it has an energy-saving timer.

Aipsun Vanity Light for Bathroom

The gorgeous vanity light that complements the décor of your bathroom. It has a minimalist and modern design making it tasteful interior decoration accessory. Another thing you will like about this unit is that it is easy to install. It has no cord or switches on the bathroom light fixtures. You only need to connect to the reserved wire.

This unit creates an efficient and stable light. Its LED technology helps save up to 80% of energy as compared to the conventional light bulbs, and it extends to the lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

It has safety features that include IC card constant current, intelligent control circuit, current stable, and overload protection that ensure safe use.

Installing this vanity light is simple and straightforward. You only need to take off the existing fixture and then connect the wires and mount.

Nolimas 2 Pack Matte Black Towel Hook

With this towel holder, it is easy to attain a minimalist bathroom aura. Thus, you never have to deal with awkward moments of wondering whether to place your robe on the toilet tank or seat. It also allows you to avoid clutter and save countertop space thanks to the simple add-on fittings which you can attach easily to either your bathroom door or wall. Its matte black finish gives it a timeless, universal look, which improves any modern décor.

Moreover, this towel hook features durable and high-quality construction with stain-resistant finishing, thereby ensuring your fabric never gets wet or moist. With a weight capacity exceeding 10kg, you have sufficient support for all your thick clothing, robes or towels, and a polished chrome finish with a subtle accent.


Having gone through this article, you now have an idea of some of the minimalist bathroom accessories you should consider. Consequently, thanks to this, you get to experience a wonderful and unique experience whenever in the bathroom.