Best Minimalist Bedside Lamps Reviewed of 2020

Minimalist bedside Lamps

In a busy world with busy products, sometimes it’s nice to return to a more simplistic way. Of course, this doesn’t mean loading your belongings into a covered wagon and trying not to die of dysentery, but it often means decorating the space you do live to fit a more minimalist style. There are many ways to tie together a minimalist room, and one of those ways is by purchasing minimalist lighting. The great news is that there are many different minimalist bedside lamps out there that you can choose from:

Best Minimalist Bedside Lamps

LEDGloriole Bedside Lamp

The lamp boasts an edgy design that suits a minimalist space. Its wooden base adds some pop and warmth while the white orb housing the light blends in with the gray, black, or white colors accentuating your space. The lamp is 10 inches long, which means it will take up a pretty small area on your desk.

What’s more, it is fitted with a touch panel that enables the user to turn the lamp on and off and regulate brightness. A short press turns the light on/off while a long press causes a gradual adjustment between its three brightness settings.

The dimmest setting emits soft background lighting while the brighter light function illuminates a study or work area pretty well. LEDGloriole Table Lamp is also equipped with a memory function that enables it to light up to the previous setting before it was turned off.

Get the look: LEDGloriole Bedside Lamp

Stylish Spiral LED Table Lamp

This lamp is perfect for those who are looking for a fun, yet minimalist style. Featuring a cool white light, and fun spiral style, this lamp is perfect for those looking for some contrast to their room. The two-tone style of this lamp is great for those who have an accent wall in their bedroom, as well as those who want more sophistication without having to sacrifice any fun vibe a table lamp may offer. Not only is the lamp a nice accessory, but the light is dimmable as well, adding extra functionality to style, which is truly the crux of minimalism.

Get the look: Stylish Spiral LED Table Lamp

ZUOMUYI Minimalist Bedside Lamp

Designed for an elegant yet modern look, this lamp offers a stunning tubular design with an exposed bulb, adding to the industrial chic vibe. It’s simple, yet highly functional and fashionable. Offered in five great color choices, this table lamp boasts 66 inches of power cord, allowing you to place the lamp wherever you see fit. Small enough to fit on an end table, but large enough to cast plenty of light, it’s a great option for those seeking

minimalist, industrial style while still being perfectly functional. Not only that, but the lamp comes with a non-slip mat, allowing it to stay where you put it, worry-free.

Get the look: ZUOMUYI Minimalist Bedside Lamp

Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood

The Surpas House table lamp offers a fun mid-century modern vibe while also staying true to minimalist fashion. There’s almost something vintage about its linen lampshade and wood base, along with its rectangular design. Featuring a comforting warm light, this lamp is the perfect cozy addition to any room, not just bedrooms. The nostalgic design is great for anyone looking to add a bit of 1960s flair to their home, all while keeping with minimalist style. Not only is the style great, but at 12.6 inches tall, it’s the perfect size for almost any space, even those on the smaller side.

Get the look: Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood

Seaside Village Touch Control

For those looking for something more smooth and less boxy than some of the other lamps listed before, the Seaside Village touch control table lamp just may be a perfect choice. Boasting a stylish and comfortable design, this lamp is great for creating a cozy and modern environment. The nickel base and warm white open top shade offer style and plenty of lighting. Use is just as easy as tapping the base, no more struggling to search for a power button. By tapping the base, each user is easily able to switch between the four modes, light, medium, high and off. The combination of style and ease of use makes this lamp a great candidate for any minimalist bedroom.

Get the look: Seaside Village Touch Control

Anduin Technology-Portable LED

The Anduin Technology table lamp boasts a very minimalist design, made of aluminum alloy, sleek and simple. While this lamp doesn’t offer much in the way of features, it’s simple and easy to use makeup is a pull in itself. Don’t be fooled by the silver design, while the lamp may look heavier, it’s easy to move and easy to use. Simply plug it in, and turn it on. There’s not much going on with this lamp, which is what makes it a great option for a minimalist bedroom. The silver accent is also sure to contrast a more modern and sleek color palette, making it pop in darker rooms. However, the aluminum design may look great in lighter rooms and even kitchens, making this a truly versatile choice.

Get the look: Anduin Technology-Portable LED

Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Square

This smart desk lamp is the ideal size for placement on a coffee table or bedside cabinet. Its square linen shade in a beige colored fabric is positioned to line up precisely with the 4.1” (10cm) squared base, giving the lamp a neat shape and ensuring that it looks elegant and smart in any room.

The shade softens the light enough that it emits a comforting glow into the room; it’s a great additional or bedside light source. There are no extra features on this lamp; a single ON/OFF switch is the only control and is positioned conveniently on the power cord.

The Aooshine is a back-to-basics desk lamp with a modern appearance; the simple shade and solid wooden base will fit in anywhere. Whether your decor is ultra-modern or traditionally rustic, this no-fuss lamp will look great and do everything you need it to do.

Get the look: Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Square

Hong-in USB bedside Lamp with Dual USB Port

The Hong-In USB table lamp not only features style and simplicity, but it’s packed full of features as well. This lamp not only will light up any room, but it offers USB ports, allowing you to easily charge your electronics where you need to when you need to. The addition of the USB ports makes it perfect as a bedside lamp and the warm light it throws just adds to that. Another great benefit this lamp offers is the fact that the USB ports will work whether the lamp is switched on or off. While this lamp doesn’t offer any dim options, it’s still a great choice when it comes to style and functionality.

Get the look: Hong-in USB bedside Lamp

Makion Spiral LED Bedside Lamp

Similar to the previous lamp, this fine choice also is a spiral design. However, unlike the last entry, this lamp offers three different color temperatures, warm white, day white and warm yellow. This feature allows each user to switch between modes effortlessly to match their mood or lighting preference. Unlike the last entry, this light fixture cannot be dimmed but does offer more wattage and more choice. This lamp is plug and play, allowing the user to simply remove it from its box and plug it in, no complicated installation required. Featuring a nice white, fun spiral design, this lamp is a great choice for any minimalist bedroom.

Get the look: Makion Spiral LED Bedside Lamp

Light Accents Iris

If you’re looking for something a little more Witchy, but still want to reflect a more minimalist style, then the Light Accents Iris table lamp may be the lamp you’re looking for. This lamp is nice because it’s small, yet stylish and comes packed with personality. It offers plenty of warm, comfortable light, and only takes up just under 6 inches. Not only that, but it’s simple to use, featuring an on and off switch on the power cord. The light it gives is warm, comfortable and plenty, making it personable and functional all the same. There’s very little not to like about this little lamp, and because of this, it should absolutely be considered for a minimalist bedroom or even living room.

Get the look: Light Accents Iris

Eyocean bedside Lamp With Touch Control

The Eyocean desk lamp may be the right choice for your minimalist room if you’re looking for simple, sleek, style but also want a few extra bells and whistles. This lamp offers a chiseled design, with eye care lighting, featuring 50 LED focus points which help ease the negative effects of which lighting can have on the eyes. Not only that, but it boasts three different lighting modes and even offers USB charging ports, packing a lot of light and a lot of features into a pretty minimal package. The sophistication of this lamp, combined with the many features, makes it a great option for any room.

Get the look: Eyocean bedside Lamp

Frideko Ecopower Vintage Style Bedside Lamp

If you’re looking for something more fun, maybe a little vintage yet modern, then the Frideko Ecopower vintage style bedside lamp may be the best choice. This lamp offers a fun cage design, with multiple color choices, such as black on rose gold or white on rose gold. The geometric minimalist design is sure to fit with almost any style room, offering extra style with less material. The lamp is easy to use, and comes with an eye care shade, reducing strain and negative effects of light exposure. This lamp adds some vintage elegance to a modern, minimalist style, making it a fun and even romantic choice for any room.

Get the look: Frideko Ecopower Vintage Style Bedside Lamp

Boncoo Touch Control bedside Lamp

The Boncoo touch control bedside lamp offers a fun and stylish industrial design. Shaped like a large light bulb, this lamp is easy to use, just simply tap it to control it how you’d like it. The Edison bulb style adds a nice flair of vintage design, creating a fun yet elegant look. Offering 3 levels of brightness, you’re never confined to one setting, and switching from one to the next is as easy as tapping the base. This lamp is sure to add personality to your room without taking up very much space, which is crucial when going for a more classic, Steampunk minimalist look. Between the Steampunk design and the great functionality, this is another stellar choice.

Get the look: Boncoo Touch Control bedside Lamp

Tomons Bedside Lamp

This little lamp offers a fun design, it looks almost like a small stool, though definitely not for sitting. It offers a warm light, through a stylish and comfortable linen shade. This lamp is perfect for a girls bedroom, or perhaps a beachfront bedroom. Boasting 3-minute quick installation, this lamp will be ready to place wherever you’d like in no time at all. The soft colors and soft lighting of this lamp are perfect for rooms that have more of a tan and gray coloring pattern to it, though it would absolutely work in other color palettes as well, especially in open and free spaces.

Get the look: Tomons Bedside Lamp

Better Chance Bedside Lamp

This set of lamps by Better Chance is a nice, simple yet solid option for anyone looking for classic minimalism. Available in a variety of color choices, this bedside  lamp set is both smart and fashionable. Boasting a metal base and fabric shade, these lamps are stylish and match most of any room decor. Though these lamps don’t offer much in the way of extra features, they’re still a solid choice when it comes to sophisticated minimalist bedside lamps. They’re well made and stylish, designed to last while still looking and working great for years upon years to come.

Get the look: Better Chance Bedside Lamp

Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Round bedside  Lamp

This Aooshine lamp comes in a simple cylindrical shape; the rounded shade sits neatly over the wooden base. Its appearance is subtle and soft and it will sit nicely anywhere you need a bedside lamp or extra light source. It fits in without drawing attention to itself. The fabric shade diffuses the light from the bulb so it is bright enough light a corner without being too harsh for a bedroom or sitting area.

A modest lamp in a true minimalist style, the Aooshine lacks any extra functions such as a dimmer or timer. Instead, it delivers simple functionality, with a single switch attached to the five-foot power cord, in a compact package. Its small size makes it ideal for sitting on small bedside cabinets, corner tables, and on shelves; it measures 5.5” (14 cm) across and is 12” (30 cm) tall.

Pipe Decor Industrial Steampunk Pipe Bedside lamp

For the last entry, we have a very fun and very stylish Pipe Decor industrial style table lamp. This lamp offers a design that could hardly be explained. If you ever wanted a vintage plumbing system as a table lamp, then this lamp is absolutely the lamp for you. Featuring a cool, sleek and vintage Steampunk design, this lamp is not only guaranteed to light up your room but will provide plenty of personality as well. This Pipe Decor lamp offers a stylish dark gray pipe design, in multiple styles, from convertible to torch, giving you options where you want them. The lamp is easy to use and offers plenty of light, as well as stylish minimalist Edison bulbs for added lighted flair. While some assembly is required, this lamp is absolutely worth the extra effort.

Get the look: Pipe Decor Industrial Steampunk Pipe Bedside lamp

Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Bedside Lamp

A solid wood base and square shaped shade give this minimalist bedside lamp a simple, sturdy appearance. Its plain appearance blends in without drawing attention, making it a great minimalist bedside or desk lamp for your home.  It does not have any special features but can be used with a standard dimmer or timer attachment.

The only unusual thing about this lamp is the location of the ON/OFF switch near the middle of the power cord. This can be a drawback if you have to stretch out the full length of the lead to reach the nearest wall socket. But it could also be an advantage. It’s a convenient feature if you don’t sit next to the lamp; it gives you enough flexibility to position it within easy reach.

The lamp itself has a very basic design. The sleek lines of the square sides make it easy to position in a small space and the classic look means that it will look good in any home. The shade is made of fabric and offers a warm, soft effect by slightly diffusing the light.

Touch Control Bedside Lamp

At just over 5.5” (140 cm) in diameter, this minimalist bedside lamp was made to fit into small spaces. If you have limited space for furnishings then this is a great choice. A black metallic base and simple white shade mean that it will look nice in most homes, without any danger of clashing with the color theme. However, this plain looking lamp has more to it than initially meets the eye.

There are four settings, with three different light levels (low, medium, high and off), all controlled with a tap to the touch-sensitive lamp base. This makes it a great alternative light for anyone who might find a small switch too fiddly, to use. It is a good choice for children and the elderly, or anyone whose hands might not be quite steady. It is also fantastic as a bedside light; a single touch to the base is much easier than fumbling for the power switch in the middle of the night or early morning. The shade diffuses the light enough to make it comfortable and, combined with the choice of light level, makes this a really versatile little lamp.


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