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Minimalist bedside Lamps

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In a busy world with busy products, sometimes it’s nice to return to a more simplistic way. Of course, this doesn’t mean loading your belongings into a covered wagon and trying not to die of dysentery, but it often means decorating the space you do live to fit a more minimalist style. There are many ways to tie together a minimalist room, and one of those ways is by purchasing minimalist lighting. The great news is that there are many different minimalist bedside lamps out there that you can choose from:

Best Minimalist Bedside Lamps

Prometheus led bedside lamp

This lamp is designed with a pleasing make that will ensure that it sits pretty well next to your nightstand or side table. It has a sleek rectangular housing that will sit comfortably atop the circular anchoring base.

What makes it be a unique form is the led technology that it has been made with. Each of the fixtures that have been made with this item will ensure that it serves you well and lives up to its standards. You never get it wrong here.

Get the look: Prometheus led bedside lamp

Rechargeable dimmable reading bedside lamp

The touch sensibility of this lamp just makes it astoundingly good. It has been designed with a 3000-3500k color temperature. What you will need to do is to just lay your finger on the touch sensor and boom, the light is out. One great factor about it is that it has been designed with diverse colors to choose from.

When you want to automatically control it, you are required to press the top of the bedside lamp. The sensor responds well and does not fail your needs. The light is produced with a 45degree rotation, meaning that your eyes will not be affected at all.

Get the look: Rechargeable dimmable reading bedside lamp

Modern C Shape Dimmable Metallic Bedside Lamp

For the last entry, we have a very fun and very stylish C shape bedside lamp. This bedside lamp boasts a very minimalist design, made of solid iron material painted in black, sleek, and simple. The lamp comes with three color temperatures (cool white, neutral white, warm white) so you’ll be able to find one that suits your preferences.

Not only is the style great, but at 12.5 inches tall and is 10 inches in diameter, it’s the perfect size for almost any space, even those on the smaller side. Use is just as easy as adjusting with a one touch switch feature, no more struggling to search for a power button.This bedside lamp is well made and stylish, designed to last while still looking and working great for years upon years to come.

Get the look: Modern C Shape Bedside Lamp

Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Bedside Lamp

A solid wood base and square-shaped shade give this minimalist bedside lamp a simple, sturdy appearance. Its plain appearance blends in without drawing attention, making it a great minimalist bedside or desk lamp for your home. It does not have any special features but can be used with a standard dimmer or timer attachment.

The only unusual thing about this lamp is the location of the ON/OFF switch near the middle of the power cord. This can be a drawback if you have to stretch out the full length of the lead to reach the nearest wall socket. But it could also be an advantage. It’s a convenient feature if you don’t sit next to the lamp; it gives you enough flexibility to position it within easy reach.

The lamp itself has a very basic design. The sleek lines of the square sides make it easy to position in a small space and the classic look means that it will look good in any home. The shade is made of fabric and offers a warm, soft effect by slightly diffusing the light.

Get the look: Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Bedside Lamp

Huron 26″ lamp

An empty space that does not have anything that is enticing is never a good place to be. Add some vibe to it by adding the use of this bedside lamp. It has been crafted from metal and that’s is why it is able to showcase an openwork silhouette. The 3 legs ensure stability. At the top part, you will find a neutral-hued linen drum shade.

The 60w lamp that it has been made with ensures that you are able to have the best kind of light at all times. No dark spot will be experienced. To make it better, manufacturers decided to have a handcrafted finish of the lamp.

Get the look: Huron 26″ lamp

LEDGloriole Modern Desk Lamp

The lamp boasts an edgy design that suits a minimalist space. Its wooden base adds some pop and warmth while the white orb housing the light blends in with the gray, black, or white colors accentuating your space. The lamp is 10 inches long, which means it will take up a pretty small area on your desk.

What’s more, it is fitted with a touch panel that enables the user to turn the lamp on and off and regulate brightness. A short press turns the light on/off while a long press causes a gradual adjustment between its three brightness settings.

The dimmest setting emits soft background lighting while the brighter light function illuminates a study or work area pretty well. LEDGloriole Table Lamp is also equipped with a memory function that enables it to light up to the previous setting before it was turned off.

Get the look: LEDGloriole Bedside Lamp

Stylish Spiral LED Table Lamp

This lamp is perfect for those who are looking for a fun, yet minimalist style. Featuring a cool white light, and fun spiral style, this lamp is perfect for those looking for some contrast to their room. The two-tone style of this lamp is great for those who have an accent wall in their bedroom, as well as those who want more sophistication without having to sacrifice any fun vibe a table lamp may offer. Not only is the lamp a nice accessory, but the light is dimmable as well, adding extra functionality to style, which is truly the crux of minimalism.

Get the look: Stylish Spiral LED Table Lamp

Tate 21″ lamp

The clean lines that have been finished on this lamp are what make it minimal. It features a rectangular base that has been made from engineered wood and then covered in leather. The top part has a fabric shade that is able to cover the 60w bulb used.

The on/off switch has been conveniently been placed in line. When you sit next to the lamp, remember that you are advised to have the bottom of the shade being at the same eye level as you.

Get the look: Tate 21″ lamp

Seaside village bedside Lamp

At just over 5.5” (140 mm) in diameter, this minimalist bedside lamp was made to fit into small spaces. If you have limited space for furnishings then this is a great choice.
There are four settings, with three different light levels (low, medium, high and off), all controlled with a tap to the touch-sensitive lamp base. This makes it a great alternative light for anyone who might find a small switch too fiddly, to use. It is a good choice for children and the elderly, or anyone whose hands might not be quite steady.

It is also fantastic as a bedside light; a single touch to the base is much easier than fumbling for the power switch in the middle of the night or early morning. The nickel base and warm white open top shade offer style and plenty of lighting. The shade diffuses the light enough to make it comfortable and, combined with the choice of light level, makes this a really versatile little lamp.

Get the look: Seaside Village Touch Control

Tomons Swing Arm Bedside Lamp

This little lamp offers a fun design, it looks almost like a small stool, though definitely not for sitting. It offers a warm light, through a stylish and comfortable linen shade. This lamp is perfect for a girls bedroom, or perhaps a beachfront bedroom. Boasting 3-minute quick installation, this lamp will be ready to place wherever you’d like in no time at all. The soft colors and soft lighting of this lamp are perfect for rooms that have more of a tan and gray coloring pattern to it, though it would absolutely work in other color palettes as well, especially in open and free spaces.

Get the look: Tomons Bedside Lamp

Fuse switched led wall sconce

The fuse switched led wall sconce is simple yet practical. The energy-efficient led technology that it has makes it an economic option to have. It can handle a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications. You can install it either vertically or horizontally. The simple lines with quality materials make it a great lamp for minimalists.

Get the look: Fuse switched led wall sconce

Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Bedside Lamp

This Aooshine lamp comes in a simple rectangle shape; the square flaxen fabric shade sits neatly over the wooden base. Its appearance is subtle and soft and it will sit nicely anywhere you need a bedside lamp or extra light source. It fits in without drawing attention to itself. The fabric shade diffuses the light from the bulb so it is bright enough to light a corner without being too harsh for a bedroom or sitting area.

A modest lamp in a true minimalist style, the Aooshine lacks any extra functions such as a dimmer or timer. Instead, it delivers simple functionality, with a single switch attached to the five-foot power cord, in a compact package. Its small size makes it ideal for sitting on small bedside cabinets, corner tables, and on shelves.

Get the look: Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Bedside Lamp


The Eyocean desk lamp may be the right choice for your minimalist room if you’re looking for simple, sleek, style but also want a few extra bells and whistles. This lamp offers a ring design, with eye care lighting, featuring built-in 28 LED focus points which help ease the negative effects of which lighting can have on the eyes. Not only that, but it boasts three different lighting modes and even offers USB charging ports, packing a lot of light and a lot of features into a pretty minimal package. The sophistication of this lamp, combined with the many features, makes it a great option for any room.

Get the look: Eyocean bedside Lamp

2 foot torch led bedside lamp

This is a skill-full make that comes with the latest features of brightness that you have never experienced before. This is a lamp that has been designed with a single and liner module. It stands on a steel base and you can be sure that it will serve you the longest unlike what you have been suing before.

It has been made with illuminated beams that will always work well to give you unlimited customization and creativity. For those that want smaller products, the company has them and you will get them with your order.

Get the look: 2 foot torch led bedside lamp

ZEEFO Fabric Shade Bedside Lamp

The ZEEFO lamp offers a fun mid-century modern vibe while also staying true to minimalist design. There’s almost something vintage about its linen lampshade and rectangular design. Boasting a metal base and fabric shade, these lamps are stylish and match most of any room decor. The lamp also offers Dual USB charging ports, allowing you to easily charge your electronics when you need to.

Featuring a comforting warm light, this lamp is the perfect cozy addition to any room, not just bedrooms. The nostalgic design is great for anyone looking to add a bit of 1960s flair to their home, all while keeping with minimalist style.

Get the look: ZEEFO Fabric Shade Bedside Lamp

SUNY 7 Colors Dimmable Bedroom Nightstand Lamps

If you ever wanted a bedside lamp with a contemporary stylish circle design, then this lamp is absolutely the one for you. Though the SUNY lamp doesn’t offer much in the way of extra features, it’s still a solid choice when it comes to sophisticated minimalist bedside lamps.
Easy to use and offers a variety of color choices, this bedside lamp is both smart and fashionable. Offering four brightness levels (light, medium, high and off), you’re never confined to one setting, and with the FR remote you can easily switch from one to the next. The lamp also features the dim function to adjust the light to the mood.

Featuring a cool, sleek, and modern design, this lamp is not only guaranteed to light up your room but will provide plenty of personalities as well.

Get the look: SUNY Bedroom Nightstand Lamp

Contour led bedside lamp

Contour bedside lamp has a unique minimalist design with a slim aluminum frame that contains led source that’s hidden. At the top part, you will find a polycarbonate lens that will secretly shield those led modules. That way, it will ensure that uniform light shines on the frame.

When you look at it, you will realize that the openness of the design that it has been made with makes it to be an ideal product that you can have on your shelf space. The item has an intuitive hands-on control with a full range dimmer integrated on the base.

Get the look: Contour led bedside lamp

Oak bedside lamp

There is no need to ever strain again when you are reading. This lamp comes from the best top ten layers of wood that can bend naturally. It is made from 12 layers of wood and that’s why you will find it being 1/8 mm thick.

The sensitive touch area that has been placed in the base of the lamp allows it to be controlled without disturbing those clean lines. What you need to do is to pass your hand near the lamp base and it will be switched on. No need for unnecessary cluttering of wires here and there. The make also gives you the ability to choose what will match your taste.

Get the look: Oak bedside lamp

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