8 Best Minimalist Benches

minimalist bench

A beautifully designed minimalist bench could add stars to your interior décor effortlessly. In addition to imparting a sophisticated and elegant look to your place, these benches also promote positive vibes.

If you are also looking for such amazing benches that although minimalistic in approach, are capable of lighting the entire room, this article is for you. Here, we have handpicked the best 10 minimalist benches that you will adore, based on their simplistic build and minimalist design.

Let’s have a look.

8 Best Minimalist Benches

MILABERT Minimalist Oak Wood Bench

This minimalist bench from Milabert is everything that an ideal bench must-have. It is made from solid oak wood which is what makes this a valuable piece of furniture. This product has a traditional look and feel to it that could add charm to any living room. The wooden color adds to the beauty of this minimalist bench.

In addition, it comes with super soft upholstery derived from the Swedish Gotland Sheepskin rug. This is a natural silver color made essentially from curly soft wool which gives it the necessary soft texture. The bench, along with the soft rug, makes the perfect combination for any room!

Christopher Knight Home Beatrice Minimalist Dining Bench

This minimalist bench from Christopher Knight Home is the perfect combination of both a traditional look and modern design. This bench works more as a bench settee with a very clean and sharp design.

First and foremost, the hairpin legs render the perfect minimalist design and you can save space in your sitting area with this product. However, these legs impart sufficient stability to the bench. Coming to the upholstery, it comes with textured fabric. This is a 100% polyester material that is very comfortable too. In addition, it also has a certain shine and sheen that makes it look good.

Finally, the fabric is weather-resistant and is durable for long uses. The assembly is easy and thus, you do not have to work a lot to get the perfect look for your living room.

Simpli Home 3AXCOT-252-LG-ASB Milltown Contemporary Ottoman Bench

This is another minimalist bench with a rather contemporary outlook. It has a beautiful finish that adds to the aesthetics of any room. The bench is made from solid wood. Along with that, there are some traces of plywood coupled with high-quality foam. The clean design is rather durable and comfortable.

One of the best parts of this ottoman bench is that it can fit almost anywhere, all thanks to its size and narrow width. Tug it in the corner of the room, the side of the bed or in a narrow hall, and this works perfectly. Add to that, the Ash blonde faux leather upholstery gives it the best combination of beautiful looks with a comfortable texture.

Christopher Knight Home 302217 Elaina Bench

The set of hairpin legs does the job here once again. With space-saving characteristics, this bench can be accommodated in any room that has a space crunch. If you want to include a stylish piece of furniture in a small room, this bench from Christopher Knight would be your ideal solution.

The Scandinavian design could well become the center of attraction in your entire living room. What is this made of exactly? The bench is made from a faux pine veneer that gives it the required strength. Along with that, the polyester upholstery adds to the beauty of the product. Be it a tight budget or a tight space, this minimalist bench is the perfect piece of furniture!

Whitmor Modern Industrial Entryway Bench

The next product in the list of the best minimalist benches comes with an added advantage of extra storage space. The bench works as a two-in-one piece of furniture. On the one hand, it has a very modern, sleek design for a bench. The steel frame and the engineered wood top gives it the necessary strength and stability.

On the other hand, it has a storage space in the lower half for keeping your shoes. This not only gives you a minimalist piece of sitting area but also helps you store your shoes. This bench can be used as it is or it can be teamed up with suitable upholstery to bring the best aesthetic effects.

WE Furniture AZ48PCSBGW Modern Farmhouse Bench

There are multiple facets to this product. It has an open-top structure with space to store a lot of goods. Open the lid and you can tuck in a lot of your stuff and this could be a great potential space saver.

It also has a very compact design. Keep it anywhere in the house and you are good to go. The rustic design actually adds a certain charm to a modern room. The lower shelf is where you can store all your shoes, bags, and the likes on the go!

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Haddigan Upholstered Dining Room Bench

This is essentially a bench with a modern design with smooth upholstery and everything chic to add to that modern living room. With a minimalist design, this product is made with wood with a dark brown finish. It is coupled with a vinyl faux leather upholstery that makes it even more beautiful.

Place it in the hall to make way for some seating space or keep it in the kitchen around the counter, this space-saving piece of furniture could prove to be a very handy seating option. The luxurious finish is indeed something to crave for. Team it with a casual rug to keep the look chic and modern.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Whitesburg Large Dining Bench

Talk about a minimalist bench with a very simple design, and this product from Ashley Furniture could be your ideal choice. It serves as the perfect fit in your dining room. It keeps the room classy, yet minimalist. The white legs of this bench provide a very classic, old-school look. This product is made from a combination of veneers, wood, and manmade wood. The top of the bench has a brown finish, wooden stained seat. It could go with or without any additional upholstery. The bench and the upholstery, both are very easy to clean and maintain. A damp towel is all that is required. Being durable, this bench could extend seating opportunities in your living room or your dining room.

Signature Design by Ashley Minimalist Dining Bench

This bench, made of pinewood, is a sturdy addition to your dining room with the custom distressed finish. The minimalist bench has a very rugged look which gives off a look of butcher block to it. The bench provides the room with a much more casual ambiance and a more farmhouse appearance.

The signature design can fit in around 3 people given the length which is longer than your standard minimalist benches. The only catch is that you would need to conduct the entire assembly yourself, even though detailed instructions are provided with the product.

Red Hook Barcelona Minimalist Wooden Bench

Thus next bench on the list is made from durable wood which is perfect for both your dining room and kitchen. The dark brown finish of the bench adds a chic appearance to the room. The legs of the bench are slightly tapered which makes the product sturdier than other minimalist benches.

The cherry on the cake is the upholstered cushion that comes with the bench which not only adds to the look of the product but also makes it comfortable. It must be said that the faux leather cushion adds to the elegance of the bench because of its intricate stitch work.

Signature Design by Ashley Dining Bench

When we are talking about casual minimalist dining benches, this product is worth a mention. It is an amalgamation of veneer and engineered wood which makes this bench stand out. In order to make it more comfortable, the bench has a foam cushion beautifully upholstered in polyester which makes the bench cozier and more comfortable.

The bench subtly fits in anywhere because of its calculated dimensions. Lastly, the medium brown finish of the bench makes it look casual and homely at the same time which makes it a rare catch.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Ralene Vintage Dining Bench

If rustic yet casual benches appeal to you, then this is the one to go for. This bench is made of a mixture of wood and engineered wood with a pinch of veneer ending with a burnished finish. The length of the bench is perfect for 2-3 people to sit comfortably.

Adding to the comfort is the plush cushion that is upholstered on the bench. The rich brown color of the cushion complements the burnished base of the bench, thus giving it an elegant overall look. The best part of the cushions used here is that they are very easy to clean which is a big advantage if you host guests every now and then.

William’s Home Furnishing – Brent Minimalist Sitting Bench

A cool yet elegant appearance is what you get when you go for this next bench. This product is made purely out of wood veneers and solid wood which makes the product sturdy.

What makes this bench so appealing is the cherry finish which adds an aura of elegance around it. Comfort is assured, thanks to the padded leatherette seats which are firmly upholstered to the bench.

Christopher Knight Home – Manhattan Tufting Button Bench

The next minimalist bench can easily sit comfortably in your bedroom or living room. The size of the product is perfect as it can be placed anywhere in the room and yet there will be enough space to move around.

What makes it so comfortable for your guests is the high-quality fabric used for the seats. It meticulously sits on the durable light brown frame of the bench. One of the advantages of the bench is that it can fit into any décor effortlessly which makes it perfect for every home decor.

Powell Company Kraven Minimalist Dining Bench

When it comes to minimalist benches, this particular bench is a perfect addition to your dining room. It has strong and sturdy legs which assure durability and strength. The frame of the bench has a dark hazelnut finish which elevates the look of the entire room.

The tan seat perfectly complements the frame of the bench and provides an overall chic look to it. Moreover, the seat is intricately upholstered to the bench and is made 100% out of polyester.

Boraam Bloomington Minimalist Bench

Talking about minimalist benches, there is hardly anything sturdier than solid hardwood. This is what this bench from Boraam gives you. The bench legs and apron are made from solid hardwood. The legs of the bench are given extra stability, all thanks to the shaker style legs. Coming to the seat, it is constructed with wood veneer.

In addition, it has medium density fiberboard for extra durability. Talking about the appearance, the bench has a two-tone finish. It has black and cherry colors painted on it. Since its entry into the market in 2001, Boraam has been providing durable and sturdy furniture and this bench is nothing less here!

The Wrap Up

These were some of the best minimalist benches that we have come across so far. Each one of them is intricately designed and proves to be a great addition to your place. So, which one is your best pick? Let us know in the comments below.