A while ago camera backpacks were a photography accessory designed by a few brands, the most popular-Lowepro. Times have since changed with numerous brands making camera backpack designs tailored for your trade.

The best backpacks not only carry camera gear like mirrorless camera and lenses but also provide space for essentials like additional camera accessories and extra clothing. Backpacks designed to carry drone-like cameras are also becoming common.

The minimalist photographer does not want to weigh down. He will probably opt for a sizeable but functional backpack that does not allow him to leave essential accessories. A few factors come into play. Minimalist photographers taking landscape shots, for example, need to hike to get the best photos. Thus, they need a backpack with a waterproof cover, comfortable straps, and a water bottle holder.

Thinking of buying the best minimalist camera backpack?
Here are the top 9 best minimalist camera cases that you want to consider to your minimalist items.

Best Minimalist Camera Backpacks


LowePro Freeline BP 350Aw


The backpack features a pretty sturdy construction thanks to the high-grade Nylon 66 material used. The material is enhanced with water and abrasion resistant carbonate coating which allows it to withstand external elements.

LowePro Freeline BP 350Aw is designed to fit a full frame DSLR mounted with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, a full frame DSLR with grip and a mirrorless body, a 15’’ laptop, compact drones fitted with a controller, cords, travel tripod, water bottle and smaller items.

The straps are pretty comfortable for a minimalist camera backpack as they have been reinforced with adequate padding. What’s more, the back side is ribbed for adequate circulation of air. The backpack also has an optional hip strap and a sternum strap to help you tighten the shoulder straps when hiking.

It also has a divider system that unfolds into three-tier shelf that snaps flat for easier removal. This features helps convert Lowepro Freeline backpack into a regular one within seconds.

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CADeN Camera Backpack for DSLR


The manufacturer specializes in making lightweight backpacks and the CADeN Camera Backpack for DSLR makes a great option for minimalists. The backpack can carry a DSLR camera body and hold 2-3 extra lenses as well as a Speedlite.

The compartment is padded making it safe to store a 14-inch laptop while the additional pockets allow you to store accessories. Additionally, the front panel of the main compartment has zippered pockets holding all your items in place.

The shoulder straps are enhanced with air pads to keep your bag breathable. You will also love the flexible cords at the bottom that help you hold the tripod. The backpack also has a chest strap that distributes the weight across the torso. This versatile backpack is available in one color-black and functions as a camera backpack and an outdoor bag.

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Endurax Camera Backpack for DSLR

It is a great minimalist camera backpack for travel. It is equipped with padded customizable dividers that keep all your accessories safe and organized. The main compartment is pretty spacious designed to fit one camera body fitted with a lens, one flash and four additional lenses.

The front lap is equipped with a pocket that fits a 14-inch laptop and has additional pockets for storing a 10-inch tablet and other accessories. You will also love the tripod mount fitted with a zipper that can keep your batteries and SD card safe.

The padded shoulder and chest straps make it a great travel camera backpack for a minimalist. The back is also padded and enhanced with torso-length adjustment for comfortable travel. The bag also comes with a strap that allows the user to attach the bag to the handle of the rolling suitcase which is a pretty handy feature for on-the-go photographers.

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InCase DSLR Pro Pack


The backpack comes with space dividers that allow you to store several camera bodies, several lenses and flashes depending on how you want to configure the backpack. You can easily customize the bag using the removable inserts.

You will love its slim design which makes it easy and comfortable to carry. However, this build also means that you will have store the long telephoto lens vertically. The backpack has adjustable shoulder straps with pretty reasonable padding keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

The back panel is also padded and lined with mesh for adequate flow of air. The backpack has a laptop compartment that fits 15’’-17’’ laptops. It has a camera storage area that can be accessed through the back panel enhanced with a quick access feature.

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S-Zone Waterproof Camera Insert Bag

The most prominent feature about the backpack is the high-density water-repellent canvas material used in its construction. It also has a built-in cotton cushion and the leather parts are made of premium PU leather.

The backpack is divided into three compartments: the upper, lower and the laptop zipper compartment. This design makes it easy to separate travel items and camera going for outdoor shooting. What’s more, the lower zipper compartment is enhanced with adjustable shock-proof cotton-padded dividers to protect delicate items like flash, lenses, the camera, and other accessories.

The dividers are removable allowing you to use it as a regular backpack. The zippers have a dual system for quick access. The slide tripod strap holder comes in handy for the minimalist photographer who loves hiking, street photography and taking scenic photos.

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Bagsmart Camera Backpack

The backpack is ideal for city shooting thanks to its modern, compact design. It is made of 210D water repellant and rugged polyester. The external construction features leather straps on the side, a zipped front pocket divided into small sections and two side pockets.

The left pocket allows you to store a small water bottle while the right is for mounting your tripod. Bagsmart camera backpack also has an anti-theft design as it does not have a quick access design to the main compartment. The shoulder straps and back support are padded for additional comfort.

Its main compartment is equipped with removable dividers for storing gear and personal items for travel. It also has a sheath to keep your items steady. Additionally, ne of the compartments has an elastic design that holds up laptops, books and tablets measuring 15.6 inches.

The top compartment has a snug zip case that can hold personal items, memory cards, cables, chargers and more.

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Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack

The backpack is pretty handy fitting up to eight lenses, 1-2 pro-level DSLRs, a tripod, a 15-inch laptop and a range of accessories. You will love the attachments that allow you to hold additional gear like a water bottle and a tripod.

A prominent feature about the backpack is the four access points included which make the backpack pretty flexible. Also, the two side flaps that keep the zip open allow you to use the bag as a shoulder and cross-body-type of bag as well.

The backpack is also equipped with a semi-hardshell zipper flap for easy access to the main compartment. Its MaxiFit system pads provide adequate protection and comfort while the internal dividers keep your items steady.

ProTactic backpack is made for long-term use thanks to the strong zipper system with loop attachments. The loops are pretty thin so you are confident that they will not add unnecessary bulk to the bag.

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Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials Backpack

While it has a rather small construction, the backpack can carry eight additional lenses. It is equipped with a laptop compartment that fits 13’’-15’’ laptops with wide bezels. Its design mimics that of regular carry-on luggage rather than a backpack which is ideal for photographers who are planning to fly.

However, if planning to use it for prolonged periods, it may not be the best option because it does not have much back and shoulder support. Also, it may not be ideal for rugged travel, hiking, and other activities.

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Lowepro Urban Photo Sling Camera Bag

It is a perfect minimalist camera bag thanks to its small, compact design. It is ideal for photographers looking for a rather interesting look for their camera bags. The sling bag is pretty versatile as it has three wearing options: the front, side and back. Its construction also makes it easy to carry and use. Its front accessory pocket allows you to store small accessories.

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What to Consider When Buying a Minimalist Camera Backpack

If taking urban landscapes, go for a backpack that does not have dangly straps and hip belts as they make it difficult to carry on public transport. The guide highlights the selection criteria for a minimalist camera backpack.

Size and Capacity

The backpacks come in different sizes and shapes hence the need to choose one that suits your needs. Are you going to shoot a video but won’t need to change out the lens or you are more of a point and shoot photographer?

Keep in mind, the larger the bag, the more the storage capacity but also the more the weight you are likely to carry around. Consider the size and number of accessories you want to carry. If you want to carry battery packs, lenses, cables and other accessories, buy a backpack with multiple compartments.

Also, check the weight rating of the bag especially if you are flying because some airlines have bag size limits.


The minimalist photographer often wants to take a load off his shoulders. Carrying heavy equipment, wearing a camera and lens of a strap around the neck throughout the day can strain the body. As such, this kind of photographer will be keen to examine the design and the construction of the backpack.

A belt pack may be a welcome solution as it takes a load off the shoulders and the neck, and still, keep the camera and equipment closeby. The strap should padded for even distribution of weight and the dividers adjustable to enable the user to choose a configuration that suits your gear.


The premise for buying a backpack is to protect your valued investment- the camera and its accessories. As such, you want a backpack made from materials that can hold the weight of the camera and equipment while protecting it from external elements.

Look for a water-resistant backpack fitted with zippers, seam points and joined areas to prevent dust and moisture from getting in. Be sure to examine the interiors and exterior of the backpack because of frequent removal and insertion of the camera cause the material to wear out fast.


If you are an avid outdoor photographer, you want a backpack that can stand up to the different landscapes: blazing trails, climbing rocks, hiking, mud, streams among other elements. As such, you don’t only look for a waterproof backpack but one equipped with crush proof properties.

The presence of pads and removable dividers allow you to configure the backpack to the needs of your shoot while keeping the accessories safe. Also, photographers taking videos and shots at the same time should look for backpacks designed to meet both needs.


Consider how you want to use the camera bag. Do you want to pull out the camera while traveling? If so, look for a backpack with quick-access panels. Also, the internal compartment should be adjustable to ensure the interior holds the gear firmly.

You also need to consider how the bag opens. For a minimalist photographer, a backpack with an access panel he can push against his back makes an excellent option. Some bags require the user to take it off to access the gear while others need the entire compartment to be unzipped.

Such bags are great for makeshift travel studio shooting but not the best for spontaneous street shots.


A minimalist will look for a comfortable and functional backpack. Examine the padding and how it rests on the body. Comfortable backpacks shift the weight to the bottom of the bag to reduce the load at the top. Also, look for additional padding in the lumbar section and in the straps.


The list should help you choose the best minimalist camera backpack for your camera. Be sure to examine essential features like waterproofing, additional compartments, dividers, construction among others. You also need to decide if you want the bag for carrying your camera only or you want to swap it for clothing from time to time.