8 Best Minimalist Commuter Backpack

Minimalist Commuter Backpack

The best minimalist commuter backpack is that which offers you comfort and at the same time, meets your needs depending on what you’ll be carrying. Some of the crucial key features that you need in a backpack, regardless of its use, are value, durability, function, and comfort. On top of that, you need a backpack that is easy to commute in and won’t be a hassle moving around with it.

It can be a hectic task finding the right minimalist commuter backpack for your needs considering there is a lot of brands. That’s why I compiled this list of the best 10 minimalist commuter backpacks. Let’s check it out!

8 Best Minimalist Commuter Backpacks

1. Incase City Collection backpack

The Incase City Collection backpack comes with two primary storage areas, with the ideal organization structure to pack your everyday essentials. Adding to that, it has a separate laptop compartment, fully padded to not only keep your laptop in place but also offer protection from all angles. Needless say, it can pack up to a 17” laptop. This can be a good pick for the office since it will allow you carry all your things, and blends in well with the city environment.

Basically, it is built for the urban commute, and comes with comfortable shoulder straps which will make your transit from one destination to the other less stressful. On top of that, it has an air mesh padding that will sit comfortably on your back and thus hauling all the weight of the backpack will be much easier. With these two great features, you can say goodbye to the annoying occasional shoulder pains, which can impact your day-in-day-out overall performance.

The design of the Incase city collection backpack is slim which is great, especially for people having too much to carry. With this build, you can pack up as many things as you’d like and you can be guaranteed it won’t bulge out due to being fully loaded. As an alternative, a smaller version of this product is the Incase city compact backpack that is a few inches shorter but still functional.

2. Mission workshop sanction 20L Rucksack Backpack

The mission workshop sanction is one of the most durable backpacks out there, which means longer service. Its clean design is lowkey, but at the same time it catches the attention of those around you. what you’ll love most about this minimalist commuter backpack is that it is waterproof and it can weather any storm. This is all thanks to the multiple weatherproof compartments, materials and urethane coated zippers that the backpack embodies.

The durability of the backpack is an added advantage from the materials used in its manufacturing, and also comes with a military spec construction. Other than that, the backpack has a capacity of 20L and measures 18” X 12” X 5”. It can easily fit laptops that are up to 15” among other daily essentials that you need to carry along.

I, also cannot fail to mention that the backpack has several compartments where you can organize your things with ease. There are two main compartments, with the one at the back having zippered dividers. Additionally, there are other smaller compartments, some of which come with zippers, and an exterior Velcro flap. In short, there is plenty of room to pack up all your essentials, the small and even the big-sized ones.

3. The North Face Surge Backpack

This particular backpack is an ideal minimalist commuter backpack since it fits into many settings. You can go bike riding with it, take it with you on a trip, commute in an urban environment, and generally exploring, anywhere at any time. Its been built with water bottle tabs, shoulder-straps webbing and a reflective bike-light loop.

Another notable feature on The North Face Surge backpack is the FlexVent suspension system with a variety of comfortability. It features custom-injection molded shoulder straps, padded mesh back panel, and on top of that, it has a highly breathable lumbar panel. If you want to carry a load of heavy objects, books and/or binders, the backpack comes with a huge sole compartment, where you can load them up.

For your gadgets, The North Face Surge backpack has a designated mobile-office compartment. Also, the front compartmentalized part of the backpack shelters an internal organized padded tablet sleeve as well as an additional secure zipped pocket.

4. The Brooks England Pickwick backpack

This is a great versatile backpack for the contemporary minimalist commuter, especially those who move a lot on their bikes. It has a modern style and offers adequate space for all your essentials. It is a true classic pack with a 15” laptop sleeve and also comes with several zippered compartments, some of which hidden to carry all your luggage and valuables as well.

The Brooks England Pickwick backpack has greatly taken into account comfort by having a commuter specific design and a chest strap for stability. The chest strap locks in the bag in place thus minimizing any unnecessary swaying while on your bike. Needless say, for all your bike essentials, the build of the bag encompasses a dedicated tool pocket where you can pack your bike lock, and even spare tube, separately from your other contents.

The manufacturer of the backpack has gone an extra mile to ensure that the product is environment friendly. The Pickwick backpack features a detailing of the Brooks classic vegetable tanned leather. To make the deal even sweeter, the backpack consists of a Bluesign certified material. This system eliminates any harmful substances from the go of the manufacturing process, setting and controlling the standards of productions of an environmentally aware finished product.

5. Cote & Ciel Isar M Eco Yarn backpack

This is a French origin minimalist commuter backpack with a distinctive European elegance. It has a striking design, and although that may have an attractive aspect, I believe its functionality is the top-notch feature. With its ergonomic design, and minimalist exterior and interior finishing, this is an ideal backpack for everyday modern activities.

The Cote & Ciel Isar medium eco yarn backpack is made of lightweight canvas, yet water repellant to keep your essentials dry in rainy/stormy weather conditions. Adding to the lightweight aspect alongside adjustable webbed shoulder straps and padded back panel, carrying this bag around is not a task at all.

In terms of storage and compartments, the backpack can carry up to 15” devices, and has a huge adjustable main front pocket to fit all your things. The adjustable pocket offers you the option of manipulating your pack depending on how much you want to carry. Needless say, it is easily accessible thus making organizing your things much easier.

6. Arc’Teryx Veilance Nomin pack

The Arc’Teryx Veilance Nomin pack is an everyday minimalist backpack that is lightweight, and boasts of durable materials. Its stature and design are easy to work with and with the large main compartment suited with organizational pockets, packing is easy.

The backpack is also waterproof, so no need to worry about your essentials and gadgets getting wet in case of a rainy day. Commuting with this backpack is pure comfort as it is packed with laminated shoulder straps which keep the contents versatile. On top of that, it has a top carry handle.

Unlike the infamous Arc’Teryc outdoor brands, this backpack is specifically restricted to commuter minimalists since it doesn’t embody an outdoor aesthetic feel. Something I loved about this particular pack is the floating pocket. You can easily achieve a utilitarian, minimalist theme, especially when you carry it on one side.

7. Swissgear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA laptop backpack

One of the many backpack brands that will never disappoint is the Swissgear. With this particular backpack, its been designed with scansmart technology that allows you to monitor your devices while in transit from one destination to the other. The best part of it is that you don’t even have to remove your devices and other essentials from the bag in the process.

The design of the pack is quite iconic and innovative that meets the needs of an everyday minimalist commuter. It has a sole laptop compartment, another for your power supply, as well as a floating tablet pocket. Needless say, if you have any folders or documents to carry, the accordion file folder pocket and large zipped pockets will be sizeable to hold them in place.

The Swissgear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA laptop backpack is perfectly contoured and contains padded shoulders for utmost comfort. For added comfort, the backpack also comes with built-in suspensions that are shock and stretch absorbent.

8. Thule pack ‘n pedal commuter backpack

The last minimalist commuter backpacks that made in on our list is the Thule pack n pedal commuter backpack. It is great for cyclists but can also work for every other day activities. The backpack harbors a floating laptop and tablet sleeve where you can store your gadgets in place.

It is not only a great cyclists pack, but also ideal for carrying laptops with the unique opening style, which is more or less an anti-theft feature. With the considerate design, you can be guaranteed that no one will steal from you without being caught.

The main compartment of this minimalist commuter backpack is waterproof, and for added protection, it comes with a protective rain cover. In terms of organization, the structure is ideal for all contents you want to carry along as it has several zippered slip pockets, a key clip and the front compartment has an organizer panel. On top of that, on the sides you’ll notice daisy chain webbing which you can use to attach bulky gear onto the exterior of the pack.

In conclusion

Having the best pick for a minimalist commuter backpack can be a great advantage in commuting around and having your contents in place and safe. I cannot emphasize much on the need for a great commuter backpack, especially when it comes to comfortability and functionality, and the benefits it’ll have on minimizing backpains from carrying it around. The mentioned minimalist commuter backpacks are among the best in the market. Although a tough call on choice, I wish you nothing but the best in choosing the right one that meets your needs.