Best Minimalist Dining Table Reviews of 2020

Minimalist Dining Table

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Whether you own a large home with individual rooms, or have a small apartment with an open floor plan, picking the perfect dining table can have a crucial effect on the overall ambiance. It’s quite an important part of any home – a place where you gather with your family and friends to share a meal, a hub, a centerpiece to group activities, and more.

Therefore, finding a dining table that is comfortable as well as stylish is an essential task. Not only do the size and style have to be taken into consideration, but it’s best to find a piece that will stay with you for a long time.

Minimalist dining table is the new popular trend – they’re simple, effortlessly beautiful, and have the ability to effuse a home with unfettered grace and charm with their plain designs. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some best minimalist dining tables that can complement any interior design scheme. Let’s take a look:

Reviews of the Best Minimalist Dining Table

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Dining Table

Effortlessly graceful and featuring a highly minimalist aesthetic, the Soho dining table features an incredibly flexible look. Its sturdy iron frame acts as a base on which the smooth table-top is situated. There are no decorative features that make this table extra – the whole piece features a beautiful simplicity that automatically attracts the eye.

As you can see, the whole design is very delicate, and that is largely thanks to thin, spindle-like steel legs and slender top frame. The rectangular tabletop is quite pragmatic and has a rich, grainy finish that nicely complements the steel finish of the legs. The plain design provides the perfect opportunity to mix-and-match eclectic dining chairs.

Homy Casa Dining Table

The easygoing design of the Homy Casa dining features a great blend of fun aesthetics with and great functionality. The overall look of this table is very straightforward and evokes an understated elegance that is found largely in Scandinavian style furnishings. The size of this table is perfect for a medium sized family or entertaining small gatherings.

The rectangular tabletop with rounded edges is very safety-oriented. The outwardly sloping solid metal legs have a wood-textured finish that complements the simple white top gracefully. The UV paint on the tabletop makes it durable against scratching, and incredibly easy to clean. Lastly, the whole design is adaptable enough to be paired with any kind of dining chair.

Giantex Modern Dining Table

The Giantex Modern dining table features a stylish, minimalist look. The plain design and clever combination of textures make it feel cozy and charming. The white surface of the tabletop beautifully contrasts the wood finish of the table legs. The modern designing is incredibly elegant and visually versatile so that the table can be easily featured in any number of diverse interior design settings.

The dining table also has an impressive quality. The 18mm tabletop is very easy to clean, while the table legs are actually made from solid iron. You wouldn’t have to worry about this table buckling under the heavy weight of a delicious feast. The small pads under each table leg ensure that it doesn’t leave impressions on the floor. Consumers even complement the easy assembly and the easy-to-understand manual.

Modway Lippa 48 Inch Round Fiberglass Dining Table – Minimalist round dining table

Tulip tables might initially have been retro, but the Modway Lippa 48” Round dining table is a trendy, modern take on this style. Featuring beautiful contemporary looks with its gently curving aluminum base and elegant fiberglass tabletop, this one is the perfect choice for all kinds of dining room styles – be it modern, transitional, or eclectic.

The functional qualities of this dining table are just as impressive. The white finish complements the curvy design, but it also has functional qualities. It is both scratch and chip resistant, which protects the whole surface against any imminent damage. The round design also makes it perfectly child-friendly, so there’s no danger of any corner-induced injuries. Lastly, the classic visuals make it iconic enough to be paired with all kinds of dining chair designs.

WE Furniture 60″ Mid-Century Wood Dining Table -Minimalist wood dining table

This minimalist dining table features a charismatic mid-century modern design. It is simple, graceful, and highly elegant. The rectangular tabletop and outwardly inclining legs of this table emulate interesting looks that are complemented by the rich brown finish of the wood veneer. The overall design is extremely stylish and unique.

The tabletop is made from high-grade MDF and finished with a sturdy veneer, while the slender legs are constructed from solid wood. Even with the modest visuals, there’s an instant attraction to this dining table that can effuse the surroundings with a lot of personalities. It also has flexible looks, so it can be paired with accent chairs with vivid upholstery and unique designs.

Rivet Industrial Hairpin Dining Table

Industrialist furniture always features an edgy appeal, which is one of the very first things you notice about the Rivet Industrial Hairpin dining table. Its unique looks are complemented with the walnut-textured tabletop and slender black metal legs. The hairpin-style design makes it feels like the whole thing is floating on air. The trendy looks and distinct design make this dining table an instant focal point within any setting.

This dining table has an incredible quality; the hardwood tabletop has a beautiful patina that contrasts nicely with the black metal hairpin legs. Textures like this only grow more handsome with age. The versatile visuals of this dining table make functionally flexible, so it can be used as a study desk as well. Customers admire its simple assembly, beautiful looks, and complement its easy maintenance as well.

Coavas Chad Kitchen Dining White Round Coffee –Minimalist white dining table

Featuring an “Eames Eiffel” style base and a circular white-colored tabletop, this dining table has a contemporary eclectic styling. The beech wood legs are conjoined with the classic ‘Eiffel’ style binding that was quite popular in the modern and mid-century era. The sleek, circular tabletop with its frost-white finish allow this table to be complemented with a number of unique chair designs.

The functional qualities of this dining table are just as impressive. The 16mm tabletop is layered with a thick coat of paint that makes it resistant to daily-use diminishing and corrosion. It’s also treated with 5 layers of piano baking varnish technology, which means that it can retain its perfect shape even under extremely high temperatures. It’s also incredibly easy to clean. There are even foot-pads at the foot of each leg to prevent scratches on the floors. This table is for all those who enjoy the epitome of visual and functional harmony in their furniture.

Monarch Specialties I 1070, Dining Table

Light, modern, and highly stylistic, this dining table has a pretty iconic design. It has a unique chrome-plated metal base shaped like a fashionable cross, with a thick transparent glass tabletop attached with stoppers. The round edges of the tabletop add a smoother visual quality to the whole design and its 4-seater design would be perfect for smaller homes.

The chic looks and sophisticated styling of this table are also complemented with great functionality. It’s extremely sturdy, and the durable metal-glass combination means that there’d be no scratches or stains. It can even be paired up with a diverse style of chair designs, and customers definitely appreciate its quick assembly time.

Buying Guide | Minimalist dining table

A dining table cannot be used as a singular piece of furniture – it always needs accompanying features to make it seem wholesome. So, here are some important features to consider before buying a dining table:


The size of your dining table needs to be compatible with the size of your space. This basically means that if your room is too large and the table too small, there will be a huge amount of extra space that will be totally useless. Similarly, if the dining table is too large and the room is too small, there won’t be enough circulation area. This can make the whole space seem narrow, constrained, and claustrophobic.

Therefore, it is best to measure your space and cross-check it against the available dimensions of the dining table. Only when both are compatible with each other can a dining table truly fit in a particular home interior.


The height of a dining table also matters a lot because it can actually hinder the functionality of the table. It’s important to note that the dining table is used for a number of activities – eating, entertaining, and even sitting down with your laptop sometimes. The height needs to be just right so that the user can easily balance their forearms and elbows on the tabletop.


The shape of the dining table has both aesthetic as well as functional value. It needs to match the overall theme of your interior design, but you cannot overlook its pragmatic side. Here are a few things you need to remember while considering the shape:

Respecting the layout

First and foremost, the shape of your dining table must respect the layout of the space. A rectangular 6-seater will never look good in an alcove designed for a smaller 4-seater. Similarly, circular tabletops look better in abstract open-floor layouts as compared to rigid square/rectangular ones.

Edges and corners

The edges and corners are one of the crucial aspects of any dining table shape and can have a huge impact on your home life. Rounded edges are perfect for those who have a growing family as sharp nooks can hurt children and toddlers.

Scale of your space

If you’re working with a smaller space then going for a 4-seater with a square shape is the best option. However, if you like stylish choices better, then a round dining table can be a good alternative as well. On the other hand, a larger area requires a feature-length dining table for it to seem truly complete.


The material of your dining table contributes to both its visuals and functionality. The choice between glass vs. solid wood vs. engineered wood vs. iron all needs to be paid proper attention. You cannot opt for brittle choices like glass when you live in a home with children/toddlers. Solid wood may have heirloom quality but it gets scorched and scratched easily if not properly cared for. Engineered wood gets chipped, scratched, and stained if not properly treated. Most dining tables feature a blend of two or more of these materials. So, always consider the environment of your home along with the aesthetic consequences of a particular material before making the final choice.

Ease of assembly

Lastly, if it takes more than what’s worth the time to assemble a particular dining table, then it’s not worth the effort. It’s better to go for a piece that warrants both beautiful looks and simple assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of some frequently asked questions and their answers for all those who’re about to buy a new dining table:

How much space do you need around a dining table?

Standards dictate that there should be at least 3-4 feet of space around all sides of the dining table for proper circulation. This is because the user needs to slide the chair in and out from under the tabletop to actually get in. Moreover, servers need that space to walk around and put all serve-ware paraphernalia on the table surface.

How do I determine the proper dining table size for a room?

Simple eyeballing can let you determine the perfect size. But if you need a little technical help, then take proper measurements of your dining room, then compare them to the size of your potential table. If there is enough circulation space around the edges after the placement, then it’s a good size. However, you cannot use the same rule for an open floor plan. It’s best to go with your instinct while selecting a dining table for an open space.

How can I match the right chairs with my dining table?

First of all, the era of matching things by the book is in the past. Contrast is the new trend, so you need to think eclectic while selecting the chairs. You can pick brightly hued upholstery, trendy aesthetics like the Eames Eiffel chair, etc. to get a unique look.

How much space do I need between each dining chair?

The size of your dining table must also accommodate some leeway between the chairs you’ll be matching with it. Usually, there are about 16-20 inches of space between each chair for comfortable usage, so calculate accordingly.