Best Minimalist Golf Bags to Buy Right Now

Minimalist Golf Bag

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All golfers are very protective of their clubs and rightly so. They are pieces of equipment that you can easily get attached to. The main reason is they do play an active role in the completion of your round.

To best protect your valuable clubs you need to get a great golf bag. The best golf bag delivers a safe space for your clubs and personal items. Even better, the best golf bag with minimalist design makes our time at the course easier.

Here is a guide to the greatest and minimalist golf bag. Whether you’re after a minimalist golf stand bag, minimalist golf carry bag or minimalist golf travel bag, we’ve got you covered. And we’ve come up with a list of the best minimalist golf bags below to help make your decision a little easier.

5 Best Minimalist Golf Bags

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Simple, lightweight and compact, Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag is suitable for beginners as well as many more advanced players that want something minimal and lightweight to take around the course.

The bag is one of the most lightweight golf bags. It is designed to carry just the essentials such as your golf clubs, balls, and some tees. If you are a Minimalist Golfer who does not need too much space to keep clubs and accessories , this tiny golf bag can be the right one. But if you are like some other professionals, this golf bag might not fit your needs.

With a weight of only 1.95 pounds, this golf bag will not add much to your loads while still keeping everything organized and convenient.

This small bag can hold up to 6 clubs. It does not accommodate every club you have but more than enough to get the job done. It was designed for a par 3 course but some people can even store more clubs in this golf bag and treat it like their walking bag since it is ultra light.

There are two compartments at the top of the golf bag. One accessory pocket is large enough for golf balls, tees, ball markers, a scorecard and a pencil.

The Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag comes in 8 different colors to choose from. It has a durable carry handle that can handle the weight of the bag.

Overall, this minimalist golf stand bag is perfect for when you need an ultra-light bag for a quick trip around the course or some practice at the range. It is also great for kids who usually play at the range.

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AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

The AmazonBasics Soft-sided golf travel bag is one of the most popular golf bags thanks to its sleek look and its versatility.

The bag, measuring 50 inches tall, has a nice roomy interior for keeping your clubs secure. The interior can fit a medium-sized bag. A full-length zipper down the middle makes the bag easy to load and unload the bag. It also has two zippered side pockets that can be used to store the essentials you need such as books or wallet.

For protection, the bag has two straps to secure the clubs and a heavily padded top to offer more protection. It has durable handles for carrying, two in-line skate wheels for easy rolling. It also has the heavy-duty rails that makes it easy to pull up on stairs. It is made from durable nylon fabric which resists tears and abrasions.

This bag is one of the few bags that can stand on its own with clubs inside which is a useful feature when you are waiting around. It’s not suited to air travel although for road trips it offers good protection.

Overall, while this isn’t the best golf travel bag you will ever see, it is great for those casual golfers who want a good simple golf travel bag on a budget. It has sleek design, zippered pockets, external compression straps, in-line skate wheels, multiple grab handles. Plus, it has an affordable price tag so it’s a nice choice for golfers who want a minimalist golf travel bag on a budget.

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TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag

If you are looking for a full size bag but still want something lightweight and simple, you will want to check out this TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag. This is a convenient yet lightweight, simple looking bag. It features TM’s “collapsible base system, patented smooth release system, and an easily adjustable strap for ease of use”.

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover has 14 top dividers that run right through to the bottom so you won’t have to worry about your clubs getting jumbled together. It has 10 pockets, including 2 apparel and an isolated cooler pocket, to allow ample storage for equipment like golf balls, gloves, apparel and more. It has a water-resistant valuables pocket lined with micro-suede to keep your valuables safe, secure and dry. It also has an isolated cooler pocket and a large internal cooler to what you need cold for those hot summer days on the course.

The Flextech Crossover weighs 4.5 pounds. It comes with a self-adjusting strap for easy carry. You also get a matching rain hood to protect your clubs and other golfing equipment from the rain. The bag comes in 5 colors to choose from: Black, Black/Blood Orange, Navy/Red/White, Silver/Gray/Blood Orange, Titanium/Blue.

One of the noteworthy features of the TaylorMade Flextech Crossover is – while stand bags have a standing issue in the course – this minimalist golf bag is equipped with the anti-split stand system which ensures the bag will stay securely in the ground.

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TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bag

TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bag is an ultra-light and compact bag to have as part of your collection. If you need a compact golf bag for a few clubs, a quick round or some practice at the range, this TOURBON Vintage Carry Bag is good enough for you.

The bag is well made from high quality canvas and leather so it will not fall apart after a few rounds. Thanks to its comfort yet durable shoulder strap and convenient pockets, you can easily and quickly carry the bag from one place to another.

With the TOURBON Carry Bag, you can comfortably carry up to 6 clubs. You can carry more if you don’t mind the clubs getting stuck to each other making it hard to pull the club out. It has two pockets giving you enough room for your essentials golf gear.

The bag is great for the player who walks the course thanks to its lightweight, which is just 2.8 pounds. You cannot carry the full arsenal of clubs but you can fold away for use when needed.

Overall, this minimalist golf carry bag is ideal for beginners or juniors who just want to go and hit a few balls.

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Izzo Golf Padded Golf Travel Bag

This minimalist golf travel bag is not only minimal in design, it also delivers a lot of quality that you would expect from a premium bag.

The most great thing about this bag is it can fold away to a compact size which makes it very easy to store. It has the internal padding which does a good job of protecting your clubs. The padding also extends to the shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry around, especially as the bag itself is very light.

The bag has a durable vinyl base which will extend the lifespan. For those looking for the minimalist golf travel bag, you won’t go wrong with this model. The only downside is that the bag has no wheels so it might cause a little arm ache if you have to carry it long distances.

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