Best Minimalist King Bed Frame Reviews of 2020

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A bedroom is a haven. It’s a place to unwind after a long day, free from the stresses of life. Of all the rooms in your home, it should be the most peaceful and uncluttered: a sanctuary where you can truly relax.

Creating the perfect bedroom should be easy if you keep your décor simple. A bed, some storage, and a small bedside cabinet or table is all that is necessary. Choose minimalist furniture pieces which blend in together and you will begin to create your own peaceful paradise.

To help you get started, here are fourteen of the best minimalist bed frames on the market.

Best Minimalist King Bed Frame Reviews

Zinus Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

This bed frame is made to support a box spring and mattress. It has nine legs to ensure that it remains stable and sturdy and keeps the mattress supported in all the right places. It is extremely simple to construct and requires no tools; everything you need to put it together comes in the box. The clever ‘quick lock’ system means that it is assembled in just four steps: it really is very easy! There are also convenient holes to attach a headboard if you need one.

The Zinus Compack frame sits quite low to the ground in order to take a box spring and mattress. This means that there is not a lot of space for storage underneath it so it might not be the best choice for small rooms; if you need to make the most of every inch of space and prefer to store boxes underneath then you might prefer a higher bed. It is also not the most attractive piece of furniture, though this won’t matter once the bed is made up on top of it. And what it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in functionality. The Compack frame might be minimal but the comfort you will get from it is definitely not.

DHP Modern Canopy Bed

The DHP modern canopy bed brings a modern vibe into your home that blends in well with most home decors. It has a full metallic body frame build that exudes durability and strength. It is undeniable that the sturdy metal frame of this minimalist bed frame is one of its best features. Needless say, it comes in different colors, which you can choose depending on which will best match your bedroom theme.

Another feature that this king bed frame boasts is the modern sleek silhouette design, which you can play around with. By that, I mean that you can experiment with various curtain decors on the bed to your gratification. Not to mention, it is a canopy type of bed frame, so with the curtain decors in place, you can enjoy privacy on your own bed.

In terms of size, the bed frame will fit into any standard ceiling room and it is very easy to assemble. The bed needs no additional parts, as everything is inbuilt, including a headboard with unadorned lines. As for the metal slats, they are 22 in number, which offer great stability as well as adequate airflow for cool nights.

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed

The king-sized Zinus Suzanne metal and wood platform bed sits in at 80” X 76” X 7”, and weighs 100.2 pounds. It embodies minimalism at its best and at the same time, a sleek clean, low-profile design.

As the name suggests, the structure of the bed combines both wood and metal aspects. The metal frames the bed in all areas, whereas the wooden parts are more or less fillers. The headboard is wooden and is set in at a height of 37 inches. As for the slats, which are also wooden, they are set in at 2.9 inches apart, which sustain your mattress life longevity.

This minimalist king bed frame is also designed with noise-free and non-slip features. The Zinus Suzanne metal and wood platform bed is fitted with foam-padded foam on the steel frame to enhance noise-free use. On the other hand, the non-slip tape is snugged onto the wooden slats, to prevent your mattress from moving around.

Finally yet importantly, the instructions to set the bed are super simple to follow, and all parts are shipped in a single box for efficiency and effectiveness purposes. Not to mention, the bed frame comes with a 5-year warranty.

Mellow King Metal Platform Bed Frame

The Mellow King metal platform bed frame comes in two height sizes; the shorter 9 inches and the taller 12 inches one. It is a cool minimalist bed frame with minimal style features, but it is a great fit in a modern environ. The main build material is metal, and requires no box spring or plywood to offer the best support base for your mattress.

The metal construction of the bed personifies strength, stability and durability. One thing you will fall in love with is the industrious feel the bed gives thanks to the rounded hinged edges. I also cannot fail to mention that the bed frame has a minimalist yet sleek matte black/grey finishing, which fit right with any decoration. On top of that, the metal slats, also made of durable heavy-duty steel, ensures your mattress remains in good shape by preventing it from sagging.

Assembling the bed has no technicalities and is as easy as ABC. This is because the bed has been manufactured with a Fit2lock feature that allows easy assembly. All you need to do is insert the metal slats into the rubber-lined support slots, and the bed is up and ready to be used.

DHP Winston Metal Bed Frame

Like the Mellow King metal platform bed frame, this minimalist king bed frame has a complete non-wood construct. It embodies durability, strength, as well as sturdiness. The design of the bed frame is well crafted, which gives off a vintage metal look to it. To soften the metallic nature of the bed, it has been designed with smooth curved edges on the top side.

If you’re a styling inclined individual, more or less a minimalist, but love bold colors, this would be a great pick. It comes in various appealing colors, which are white, bronze, glossy black and even gold. Other than that, the bed frame does not require any additional features. The base of the bed shelters the metal slats, a center metal railing, and extra legs for support n stability.

The built-in support system that DHP has entitled to their bed manufacturing offers great benefits. For example, the metal slats allow for good aeration, thus keeping your mattress cool and fresh at all times. One more thing, the bed frame has an adjustable base height, which you can set in either at 7 or 11 inches to suit your preference.

Zinus Wen Wood Deluxe 12” Platform Bed Frame

The Zinus Wen wood platform bed frame has a simple minimalist style that exudes class and elegance. There is nothing fancy about the bed, but it stands out in its own way. The bed frame is easy to put together and does not require additional foundation such as a box spring for support.

Its dimension is 75.5” X 79.5” X 12” with a 5.75 inches frame. Although it cannot be compared with its metallic counterparties, the bed is quite strong and can last for years. The wood slats are sturdy to support any type of mattress, be it memory foam, spring, or latex. Furthermore, the wood slats are fitted with non-slip tape, which ensures the mattress remains motionless. On top of that, it has additional legs, which add to its stability and sturdiness.

If you are looking to avoid any metallic beds that may start to creak with time and get super noisy and annoying, this is an ideal bed frame for you. I also cannot fail to mention that the bed is very pocket friendly compared to other platform beds out there.

Sleeplace Heavy Duty Steel Slat Support

At 18” (46 cm) tall, this frame leaves plenty of room for storage underneath so it a great option where space is tight. It is quite plain: just six legs along the sides and a sturdy slatted base to support the mattress. A reinforced steel structure and slats can support more weight than usual. Super deluxe mattresses will sit well on this frame; it can hold up to 1200lb.

The main disadvantage of this frame is that the slats are quite widely spaced so older or cheap mattresses might start to sag between them. It is also quite tall: great for storing items underneath but perhaps not suitable for small children.

As a minimalist bed frame, this one is a winner. The very simple high design helps to create the illusion of extra space around it and the lack of a head or footboard means that it has a very smooth and uncluttered look. It also boasts a ‘noise free’ construction. This makes it a great choice for homes or flats where the walls are thin, and even the smallest sound travels through them.

Zinus Heavy Duty Low Profile Platform Bed Frame

The most minimalist bed frames are those which fit unobtrusively under a mattress. This frame from Zinus is a great example of this – it’s a simple foundation for a mattress which sits low to the ground. There is no headboard and no footboard so it blends well into any room. Simple to assemble out of the box, it includes non-slip wooden slats which prevent mattress movement and it can be used with or without a box spring.

Made with steel in a soft matte black, this bed will look great almost anywhere and with any décor. The legs are joined by a crossbar which runs along the bottom and top edges of the bed, adding extra support and giving the bed a very solid appearance. Sturdy, supportive, and very comfortable to sleep on once you have the mattress in place, this minimalist bed is a really nice option for anyone who values a simple, uncluttered sleeping area.

South Shore Step One Platform Bed

The South Shore step one platform bed comes with two inbuilt storage drawers at the lower side of the bed. It is manufactured in three different colors namely, white, chocolate, and black. The minimalist design of the DHP Dakota upholstered platform bed with storage drawers can be described as fashionable and sleek. It fits in perfectly with any modern-day home design, and the neutral colors camouflage well with any décor.

Materials used in its production are eco-friendly, which entail certified environmental laminated particle panels. This bed frame is one of the economical ones, as it does not require any additional features including a box spring. Needless say, the storage compartments are huge enough to hold quite a lot of stuff such as clothes and extra beddings. For easier access, the drawers are installed with metal handles and ball-bearing full extension, drawer slides.

The best feature of this minimalist king bed frame other than its spacious side drawers is the finishing of the bed frame. It entails rich and clean contemporary lines that give your room a sophisticated yet trendy feel. Furthermore, it fits well in small spaces, such as one-bedroom and spacious studio apartments.

In Style Furnishings Stella Modern Metal Low Profile Thick Slats Support Platform Bed Frame

The king size version of the In Style furnishings Stella modern metal platform bed frame has a dimension of 81″ X 77″ X nine”. It has been designed to give a timeless appeal, thanks to its modern chic style that infuses well in any contemporary room. This minimalist king bed frame can be used in a guest room, for your master suite bedroom, studio apartments, and in any other modern house living environ.

In terms of build and quality, the In Style Stella bed frame has a strong and long-lasting build that offers solid support for your mattress. The frame of the bed in particular offers an even-body distribution, which enhances the lifespan of your mattress and offers comfort while you sleep. In addition to that, for quality sleep, the king bed frame prevents the mattress from sliding and slipping up and down.

The bed frame has been manufactured with an easy to assemble and disassemble build, and requires no additional tools. As for the color variations, the bed frame come in four classy colors. That is brushed white, brushed gold, hammered black and champagne grey.

Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame

With a single leg at each corner and another to support the center, this simple black bed frame from Zinus really is a minimalist choice. It has a nice, modern look, with three bars forming a simple headboard and pillow rest. This bed is not difficult to put together but the instructions which accompany it must be followed correctly. Components are numbered and marked with arrows to make assembly easier.

This is a classic and stylish bed which will look great in any bedroom. It does have some minor flaws: it can squeak if screws are not tightened correctly. It’s an inexpensive option; good value for the price but perhaps not as sturdy as some more expensive options. Good for a guest bedroom but it might not be solid enough for regular use. However, a five-year manufacturer warranty should give you peace of mind.

Olee Sleep 18-Inch-Tall Heavy-Duty Steel Slat

The Olee sleep 18-inch heavy-duty steel slats bed frame is an all metallic build bed with no headboard and upper sideboards provisions. Its unique build is ideal for any classical, modern, and even vintage room, thanks to its minimalism design. The frame is sturdy enough to hoist the mattress and prevent it from slipping and sliding. It is more or less a perfect fit for the right sized mattress.

To support the mattress in place and snuggle it well and good, the design of the bed has a half-inch allowance between the metal slats and the frame of the bed. The metal slats are 8” apart, which allows for enough airflow in the mattress. Once the bed has been shipped to your home, assembling it is quick and easy. You do not require any tools as they are provided. The assembling instructions are easy to read and understand, and with the pictorial representation, it only makes your work easier.

If you love space beneath your bed, this is a great pick for you. Regardless of whether you want to store anything or not, there is ample of space underneath the bed frame and you can utilize it as you wish.

Zinus White Canopy Four Poster Bed

You can sleep like fairytale royalty in this unfussy canopy bed. Made with a very plain and simple white metal frame, it will fit effortlessly into most rooms and complement any décor. Nine sturdy legs give it strength and steel slats support the mattress and prevent sagging.

The height of this bed is 73” (183 cm) so there is plenty of clearance for getting in and out. Curtains or drapes can hang from the top and you can change or adjust them to match the color of the room. When you want to change the color scheme you simply buy new drapes. It’s also a great option for a bedsit or room share; the hanging drapes can act as a small barrier to keep the bed as a private area. 13” (33 cm) of clearance under the slats also allows adequate space for under bed storage: another great advantage for those with limited space.

This bed can be as minimalist or decorative as you like. Add simple curtains or decorate with drapes and ruffles; you can adapt the look to suit your own personal style.

DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

This is the third DHP minimalist king bed frame that made it on our list. It is the perfect embodiment of style, functionality, and comfort. The king bed frame has been designed with various support features including side and center metal rails and additional legs for increased stability.

Other than that, you will love the stylish build of the bed frame. To enhance its elegance, it comes with button-tufted diamond details that are implanted on the headboard and footboard of the bed, which are also upholstered with faux leather. The bed frame is also manufactured with four built-in storage drawers that offer more space for storage. It is a great accessory for small-sized houses and for people looking to save on space by having storage facilities on their furniture.

The bed frame also offers quality comfort. The slats are spaced out evenly to allow for air circulation, so you can enjoy a cool night. Needless say, your mattress will always remain fresh. One thing you should be cautious of is the support of the bed. Despite having several support features, there have been complaints about the bed frame falling off due to poor support in the center of the bed. Regardless, the bed has a great build, is affordable and has extra storage drawers for your clothes, beddings, and even books.