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Minimalist king Bed Frame

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A bedroom is a haven. It’s a place to unwind after a long day, free from the stresses of life. Of all the rooms in your home, it should be the most peaceful and uncluttered: a sanctuary where you can truly relax.

Creating the perfect bedroom should be easy if you keep your décor simple. A bed, some storage, and a small bedside cabinet or table are all that is necessary. Choose minimalist furniture pieces that blend in together and you will begin to create your own peaceful paradise.

To help you get started, here are fourteen of the best minimalist king bed frames on the market.

Best Minimalist King Bed Frame Reviews

Parthenia Low Profile Platform Bed

Image Credit: Wayfair

The most minimalist king bed frame is those which fit unobtrusively under a mattress. This frame from Zipcode Design is a great example of this – it’s a simple foundation for a mattress that sits low to the ground. Simple to assemble out of the box, it includes non-slip wooden slats which prevent mattress movement and it can be used with or without a box spring.

Refined with details like a solid pine wood footboard and black steel frame, this bed will look great almost anywhere and with any décor. The legs are joined by a crossbar that runs along the bottom and top edges of the bed, adding extra support and giving the bed a very solid appearance. Sturdy, supportive, and very comfortable to sleep on once you have the mattress in place, this minimalist bed is a really nice option for anyone who values a simple, uncluttered sleeping area.

Get the look: Parthenia Low Profile Platform Bed

Zinus Paul Platform Bed

The Zinus Sonoma bed combines metal and wood to create a strong and stable bed frame with an expensive-looking finish. The frame is made of steel and has seven legs (one at each corner and three along the middle) to give it added stability. The padded tape is added to prevent any noise from the frame when the bed is in use. The slats are wood, with a non-slip finish to prevent mattress movement.

A solid pine headboard completes this bed, adding a rustic country charm to an otherwise plain frame. The overall look is minimalist but solid; this bed is equally well suited to a master or guest bedroom. Like all Zinus beds, the Sonoma is easy to put together and it comes with full assembly instructions. It also comes with a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.

This bed frame is one of the economical ones, as it does not require any additional features including a box spring. Needless say, the 12” clearance is huge enough to store quite a lot of stuff. It is a great accessory for small-sized houses and for people looking to save on space by having storage facilities on their furniture.

Get the look: Zinus Paul Platform Bed

Filey Solid Wood Platform Bed

Solid minimalit Wood Platform Bed
Image Credit: Wayfair

The Filey Solid Wood Platform Bed is a simple low standing bed frame which is crafted from solid wood with a minimal design. It comes with no headboard and is not intended to be used with one. The frame is all wood: black painted around the edges for a classic looking finish.

The bed frame features a sturdy slatted design that enables it to support the mattress without the need for a box spring. Furthermore, the bed frame is an excellent choice for one that is easy to set up because of the included tools and clear instructions.

Get the look: Filey Solid Wood Platform Bed

ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

The king-sized Zinus Suzanne Metal and wood platform bedsits in at 80” X 76” X 7”, and weighs 100.2 pounds. It embodies minimalism at its best and at the same time, a sleek clean, low-profile design.

As the name suggests, the structure of the bed combines both wood and metal aspects. The metal frames the bed in all areas, whereas the wooden parts are more or fewer fillers. The headboard is wooden and is set in at a height of 37 inches. As for the slats, which are also wooden, they are set in at 2.9 inches apart, which sustain your mattress life longevity.

This minimalist king bed frame is also designed with noise-free and non-slip features. The Zinus Suzanne metal and wood platform bed are fitted with foam-padded foam on the steel frame to enhance noise-free use. On the other hand, the non-slip tape is snugged onto the wooden slats, to prevent your mattress from moving around.

Finally, yet importantly, the instructions to set the bed are super simple to follow, and all parts are shipped in a single box for efficiency and effectiveness purposes. Not to mention, the bed frame comes with a 5-year warranty.

Get the look: ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

Wyatt Bed

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Minimal, sturdy, and designed with a rustic-industrial spin, the Wyatt bed takes the hard work out of looking good.

The Wyatt bed brings a classic vibe into your home that blends in well with most home decors. It has a full wood body frame build that exudes durability and strength. It is undeniable that the sturdy wood frame of this bed frame is one of its best features.

In terms of size, the bed frame will fit into any standard ceiling room and it is very easy to assemble. The bed needs no additional parts, as everything is inbuilt, including a headboard and footboard with minimalist planks.

Get the look: Wyatt Bed

Tara Low Profile Platform Bed

Image Credit: Wayfair

Like the Wyatt bed, this minimalist king bed frame has a complete wood construct. It embodies durability, strength, as well as sturdiness. The design of the bed frame is well crafted, which gives off a vintage wood look to it.

If you’re a styling inclined individual, more or less a minimalist, but still want a simple headboard, this would be a great pick. The bed frame does not require any additional features. The base of the bed shelters the wood slats, a center wood railing, and extra legs for support and stability. As for the metal slats, they are 12 in number, which offer great stability as well as allow for good aeration, thus keeping your mattress cool and fresh at all times.

Get the look: Tara Low Profile Platform Bed

DHP Modern Canopy Bed

This minimalist king bed frame boasts is a modern sleek silhouette design, which you can play around with. By that, I mean that you can experiment with various curtain decors on the bed to your gratification. Not to mention, it is a canopy type of bed frame, so with the curtain decors in place, you can enjoy privacy on your own bed.

The built-in support system that DHP has entitled to their bed manufacturing offers great benefits. For example, the metal slats allow for good aeration, thus keeping your mattress cool and fresh at all times. One more thing, the bed frame has an adjustable base height, which you can set in either at 7 or 11 inches to suit your preference.

The bed frame features a 2.4″ thick steel frame, which is heavier and stronger than a similar bedframe. As a result, you can expect the steel slats to deliver unbeatable strength and stability, enabling it to support memory foams, traditional heavy mattresses, and hybrid mattresses.

Get the look: DHP Modern Canopy Bed

Bartlett Low Profile Platform Bed

The Bartlett bed frame has a simple minimalist style that exudes class and elegance. There is nothing fancy about the bed, but it stands out in its own way. The bed frame is easy to put together and does not require additional foundation such as a box spring for support.

Its dimension is 75.5”W X 79.5”L X 12”H. Made with solid wood, the bed is sturdy, durable, and can last for years. The wood slats are sturdy to support any type of mattress, be it memory foam, spring, or latex. Furthermore, the wood slats are fitted with non-slip tape, which ensures the mattress remains motionless. On top of that, it has additional legs, which add to its stability and sturdiness.

If you are looking to avoid any metallic beds that may start to creak with time and get super noisy and annoying, this is an ideal bed frame for you. I also cannot fail to mention that the bed is very pocket friendly compared to other wood platform beds out there.

Get the look: Bartlett Low Profile Platform Bed

Zinus Van Bed Frame

A perfect solution for minimalists looking for sturdy mattress support is Zinus Van Bed Frame. The bed frame is 16″ high and the clearance is 14” As such, you can expect it to offer sufficient under-bed storage space underneath the bed. To soften the metallic nature of the bed, it has been designed with smooth curved corners.

Another advantage of the bed frame is a foam padded tape. This helps enhance the stability of the frame resulting in a noise-free and firm structure free of structural twisting. Also, it doesn’t require a box spring, making it compatible with twin, full, queen, and king size mattresses.

The main disadvantage of this frame is that the slats are quite widely spaced so older or cheap mattresses might start to sag between them. It is also quite tall: great for storing items underneath but perhaps not suitable for small children.

This bed is very plain, it almost disappears under a mattress and bedding so it is ideal if you want something which won’t clash with your décor. This model doesn’t have holes to accommodate a headboard but in case you want that feature you can check out One Sleep bed frame.

Get the look: Zinus Van Bed Frame

Jaquez Storage Bed

Image Credit: AllModern

The minimalist design of the Alma Platform Bed with storage drawers can be described as fashionable and sleek. It fits in perfectly with any modern-day home design, and the neutral colors camouflage well with any décor.

8” (20 cm) of clearance underneath means that there is space to store small boxes or bags and there is plenty of room between and around the legs. To support the mattress in place and snuggle it well and good, the design of the bed has a half-inch allowance between the slats and the frame of the bed. The metal slats are 3” apart, which allows for enough airflow in the mattress.

Get the look: Jaquez Storage Bed

Avey Platform Bed

Image Credit: Wayfair

With its clean lines and open design, this simple black bed frame from Mercury Row really is a minimalist choice. It has a nice, modern look, with a single leg at each corner and another to support the center and three bars forming a simple headboard and pillow rest. This bed is not difficult to put together but the instructions which accompany it must be followed correctly. Components are numbered and marked with arrows to make assembly easier.

This is a classic and stylish bed that will look great in any bedroom. It does have some minor flaws: it can squeak if screws are not tightened correctly. It’s an inexpensive option; good value for the price but perhaps not as sturdy as some more expensive options. Good for a guest bedroom but it might not be solid enough for regular use. However, a five-year manufacturer warranty should give you peace of mind.

Get the look: Avey Platform Bed

Karr Platform Bed

Image Credit: Wayfair

The Karr platform bed has a minimalist yet sleek finishing, which fit right with any decoration. It has been designed with various support features including three center support legs, 28 slats with a 3” distance between slats for increased stability.

Other than that, you will love the stylish build of the bed frame. To enhance its elegance, it includes a headboard and footboard with clean, minimal lines.

The bed frame comes in two sizes: King and Queen. The main build material is manufactured wood and requires no box spring to offer the best support base for your mattress. The Bed Frame is a great minimalist choice for a master bedroom or guest room. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Get the look: Karr Platform Bed

Sadie Platform Bed

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Constructed entirely of sustainable tropical mahogany + sengon tekik wood, this solid bed frame is strong and supportive. It is also extremely minimalist. With just a lower frame and no headboard, the entire thing sits under the mattress, enhancing the space around it.

Something else that makes Sadie Platform Bed one of the best minimalist king bed frame is the smart anti-slip design. This design is affected in such a way that the bed frame can enclose the mattress to protect it from slipping.

The bed frame also offers quality comfort. The slats are spaced out evenly to allow for air circulation, so you can enjoy a cool night. Needless to say, your mattress will always remain fresh.

This is a very low bed, there is 6.6” clearance under the frame so it is not suitable for under-bed storage boxes. This makes it a great choice for an uncluttered look as the low sitting mattress will emphasize the space around and above it.

This minimalist king bed frame can be used in a guest room, for your master suite bedroom, studio apartments, and in any other modern house living environment.

The real wood frame gives this bed a warmer and more solid appearance than a metal frame. It is easy to assemble and comes with everything you need, including full instructions, in the box. Add a mattress (no box spring is required) and settle down to enjoy a really comfortable night’s sleep.

Get the look: Sadie Platform Bed

Mellow King Metal Platform Bed Frame

The Mellow King metal platform bed frame comes in two height sizes; the shorter 9 inches and the taller 12 inches one. It is not only a cool bed frame with minimal style features, but it is a great fit in a modern environment.

The metal construction of the bed personifies strength, stability, and durability. One thing you will fall in love with is the industrious feel the bed gives thanks to the rounded hinged edges. On top of that, the metal slats, also made of durable heavy-duty steel, ensures your mattress remains in good shape by preventing it from sagging. Also, no box spring is not required.

Assembling the bed has no technicalities and is as easy as ABC. This is because the bed has been manufactured with a Fit2lock feature that allows easy assembly. All you need to do is insert the metal slats into the rubber-lined support slots, and the bed is up and ready to be used.

Get the look: Mellow King Metal Platform Bed Frame

Dorinda King Solid Wood Low Profile Platform Bed

Are you still looking for the best way of creating a transitional statement in your room? We’d highly recommend the Dorinda King Solid Wood Low Profile Platform Bed!

This distressed bed comes with a horizontal plank leveling on its headboard, making the frame stable enough to support a mattress thickness of 10’’ and a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds.

The sturdy frame, tapered wood legs, and wood slats help give the bed a reliable build. It neither shakes nor wobbles when you toss and turn in bed.

The plank leveling also adds a striking look to the frame, giving your room a luxurious feel. You can now enjoy a peaceful sleep knowing that you will be sleeping in style.


  • Number of Slats Included: 13
  • Slat Material: solid wood
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Recommended Mattress Thickness: 10’’


  • Sturdy frame
  • Tapered wood legs create a nostalgic feel
  • Wood slats for a reliable build
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions

King Taupe/Dark Bronze Loami Low Profile Platform Bed

If you’d rather prioritize your comfort to any other factor, you should meet the King Taupe/Dark Bronze Loami Low Profile Platform Bed! The frame understands best to merge plush comfort with functionality and style, giving you value for money.

This frame comes with a robust accented frame that adds to the strength and stability of the bed, giving it unmatched durability. In addition, the inherent characteristics of the contrasting metal frame and wood make the platform bed exude an urban appeal.

Notably, the pinewood used in constructing this bed frame is FSC certified and meets all the universal sustainability standards. In addition, this quality and sturdy construction guarantee durability.

All considered this minimalist king bed frame is the modest pick you’d want for your bedroom. Its stunning appeal is sure to fit any décor!


  • Frame material: solid wood
  • Number of Slats Included: 4
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Natural Variation
  • Slat material: solid wood


  • FSC certified wood
  • Features an urban appeal
  • Functional design
  • Guarantees plush comfort

King Taupe Morrison Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed

Does your bedroom need a vibrant makeover? Are you expecting visitors in your guest room this coming month? Then, try out the King Morrison Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed!

This upholstered platform bed frame will upgrade you to a restful retreat. Besides offering a plushy spot for a good night’s sleep, the platform bed sets a sophisticated tone for your ensemble – just what you needed!

It boasts a taupe-hued polyester upholstery for a feel of quality, durability, and versatility. The headboard adds to the functionality and beauty of the bed.

No need to purchase a box spring! The bed frame comes with a handy slat system that eliminates the need for the box spring.

Designed from a metal frame and solid wood, the unit delivers a clean-lined silhouette and an understated appearance.


  • Leg material: Hard plastic
  • Upholstery Material: 100% Polyester
  • Frame Material: Manufactured Wood
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes


  • Includes a slat system
  • Quality construction from a metal frame and solid wood
  • Guarantees durability
  • Taupe-hued polyester upholstery

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