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Minimalist Mouse

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Whether you want something complex or simple, we have compiled a list of the best minimalist mouse for a variety of use cases.

7 Best Minimalist Mouse around, for work and play

Hp wireless mouse z3700, black

Don’t just buy a mouse, get a mouse that is known to make statements. This is a mouse that s been designed with flair in mind. The design is sleek and that is why it is able to complement your device whenever and wherever you will be using it. It has wireless connectivity that will ensure that no need for wires anymore.

You don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to surface choice where it works. It has the ability to work well and better on most surfaces. It is able to work on an aa battery for up to 16 months. There are no regrets that you will get with this mouse.

Get the look: Hp wireless mouse z3700

Microsoft surface mobile mouse (silver) – kgy-00001

When I saw this mouse, I fell in love with it right away. Right from the silver look, you will start feeling it on your palm as you go about operating it. It is a light and portable mouse that you will always find convenient when you have it with you on the go. It works wirelessly, no wires will be needed.

It has been made with a natural wheel that is also enhanced and also optimized. This is vital for your usage because it will ensure that you have smooth and natural scrolling on the surface. The elegant and sculptured design also enables it to sit comfortably in your hand.

Get the look: Microsoft surface mobile mouse

Apple magic mouse 2 (wireless, rechargeable) – silver

I know you have always heard of a magic mouse. For one reason or another, you might not have been able to come across one. That opportunity is here and doesn’t let it go. This is the minimalist mouse that works magic. No need to use traditional batteries anymore. It comes ready to serve you right from the box.

The mouse has been made to be lighter and with some fewer moving parts. The continuous bottom shell has been designed with a continuous and optimized foot design. There is also a multi-touch that is able to allow you to perform simple gestures like swiping between web pages.

Get the look: Apple magic mouse 2

Microsoft wedge touch mouse surface edition

You can now be able to enjoy the best accuracy with the pinpoint ability on any surface that you will be using. It has been designed with the latest technology of backpack mode that is able to power down the mouse right after 30seconds when your laptop or even tablet has gone to hibernation mode.

You can be able to enjoy the 4-way surface operation that will give you an opportunity to either scroll vertically or horizontally. Just use the gentle swipes or turn to quick flicks that will ensure versatile navigation. You can use it on surface windows * pro or surface windows rt.

Get the look: >Microsoft wedge touch mouse

Logitech ultrathin touch mouse t630 for windows 8 touch gestures

If you have ultrabook, this is what has been designed to get you faster operations without much suffering. It has been designed with a brushed metallic body with a silky smooth surface. You can be sure that wherever you will be handling it, you will always love the experience that you will get with it.

It has the ability to simplify touch navigation with the use of natural and intuitive gestures. It also can connect wirelessly to various devices, starting off with laptops, tablets, desktops, and many others. You can also manage to switch between devices at all times when you want to use them in a new place. Charging it can be accomplished over USB. That means that there will be no battery hassling from time to time that it is finished.

Get the look: Logitech ultrathin touch mouse

Logitech pebble m350 wireless mouse with bluetooth or usb

The modern and slim design makes this a beautiful mouse. The nice standout simplicity brings a design that is nice to hold at all times when you are operating the mouse. You will love it so much because it always feels great in your hand as it also is easy to navigate. You will always enjoy the same click feel but with a noise reduction that has been reduced up to 90%.

Made with the latest type of technology that will allow you to have a dual-type of connectivity. That means that you will be able to connect it the way that you will like, either through wireless or through USB usage. It is able to ensure faster tracking and also accuracy where you want it most.

Get the look: Logitech pebble m350 wireless mouse

Microsoft arc mouse (elg-00001) black

This minimalist mouse now comes with the ability to handle its battery life for up to 6 months. That will even make you forget if you have a mouse that has a battery. This is a unique mouse that has the ability to snap flat when in use and when it’s being packaged for transportation. The wireless range ability that it has been designed with is able to work up to 10m.

This mouse design is one that is innovative and also refined. Using it is also easy. What you need to do is to snap the arc mouse into its curved position so that you are able to power it up for use. The design that it has is optimized and always ensures a comfortable and also natural design.

Get the look: Microsoft arc mouse

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