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A computer case protects critical functions of your PC, as the skin protects the internal parts of the human body. The case will secure all your computer’s internal components: the chassis, motherboard, hard drive, and many others.

Any gamer or PC builder needs a reliable case. One with tempered glass is the best to consider as these are sturdy, certified for use, scratch-resistant, and hard enough to withstand the pressure differences between the outside and inside of the case.

Looking for a clean and minimal pc case for your next build? Below are the top minimalist pc cases that you can consider for your modern workspace.

8 Best Minimalist PC Cases

CORSAIR CARBIDE 275R Mid-Tower Gaming Case

Type: Mid-Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, microATX, mini-ITX | Radicator Support: 240mm 280mm or 360mm

Affordable, functional, open, and delivered with a clean, minimalist design and builder-friendly internal layout, the compact mid-tower Carbide 275R hits what PC builders are looking for right on the mark.

Like other chassis, this case comes with a tempered glass panel and solid bezels which draw air in from the sides. With the open main compartment, you can get a clear view of your components. It also features hidden storage drives and places to tie wires to keep everything clean and tidy.

It has the ability to house a full atx motherboard and also some multiple CPUs. You can also be able to install both the front, rear, and also top radiators. If you need, you can also choose to quiet down your GPU and also CPU with the use of liquid coolers.

In terms of design, I like the aesthetics of a sleek, smooth front panel, all one color cases, and not to impede on the view inside. The clean and modern lines make the case look better and durable.

Overall, the Carbide 275R works well, looks great, and is built to a decent standard. For those that might be in need of premium aesthetics, then you can now be able to get this 275R which has been designed with a full steel front for durability. The only main con of this case is the side panel is attached with Allen bolts, which is annoying when you want to line things up and hold the panel steady.

Get the look: CORSAIR CARBIDE 275R Mid-Tower Gaming Case

Darkflash micro atx mini itx tower microatx pc case

Type: Mini -Tower ATX | Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX | Card Length Supported: 350 / 330mm

Are you tired of tempered glass PC cases that give you a rough time to open when you need to fix something in a rush? If this is the case, then the DarkFlash Computer Case is all that you need. It features a tempered glass magnetic side panel that’s easy to assemble and disassemble. No need to use any tools when you are disassembling it. That makes it be able to serve you for a longer time and it does not wear out easily.

The DarkFlash Computer Case comes at an affordable price and features. It has a beautifully simple design that looks great on any desk. Measuring about 15 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 16 inches in height that can fit perfectly on almost any office/gaming desk. With this case, you are capable of selecting from eight different colors depending on your preferences.

With a low-poly panel design, the case offers fun by viewing the crisp vision. What is more, the case comes with a black side glass to display the light effect in a low profile way. You will also be able to have a view of the inner chassis board without dissembling it. This minimalist pc case gives ample space for installing a 240mm water cooler and 120mm*2/140mm*2 air cooler. High-quality structure with 0.6, SPCC coating forming an impressive beauty.

Get the look: Darkflash micro atx mini itx tower microatx computer case

Phanteks steel atx mid tower case

Type: Mid-Tower ATX | Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX | Card Length Supported: 350 / 330mm

Phanteks jumped into the computer fan and case market for over 10 years. Over the years they have added a variety of models to complement their product line up. Today we will be looking at the Phanteks Eclipse P400 Tempered Glass Edition. The case is an affordable yet premium case for stunning PC builds. The case also has room for long graphics cards, easy installation, water cooling support, and lots of room inside.

Durability with these cases is all that you will need to have. This is a case that has been designed with a full metal body with a glass tempered side panel. It has been fitted with a 10 color RGB downlight with an off and off switch. The magnet dust filters that it has been fitted with fully ensure that the inner boards that will be fitted always stay clean at all times.

It comes with a full ability to support the removable HDD case when you want to install large or long psu’s. The hidden on and off switch part with 2 USB 3.0 ports. Designed with clean cable management ability so that you are able to ensure safe connections.

The Phanteks Eclipse P400 has a conservative layout that can be customized to match your needs. A front panel can be easily removed to gain access to two dush filters and fan mounts. The tempered glass side panel on the left allows you to showcase internal components clearer than traditional plastic panels. The right panel is completely clean, just your usual sheet of metal that screws on the rear. As usual, it includes the array of I/O ports, including 2 USB 3.0, headphone, mic, LED control, and reset.

When it comes to internal, Phanteks has clearly gone down the route of less is more. There are no drive bays visible, same with PSU. This makes it easy for builders to plan out more interesting clean builds with even a full-sized ATX motherboard.

Overall, this minimalist pc case is great for builders who want a smaller ATX case with a simple modern look and clean interior. It’s stunning, functional, and affordable. It is available in black, gray, white, black and white, and black and red.

Get the look: Phanteks steel atx mid tower case

Gabinete nzxt h440 mid tower negro matte ventana acrilico

Type: Mid-Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, microATX, mini-ITX | Radicator Support: 240mm 280mm or 360mm

The Gabinete NZXT H440 is one of the next-generation cases that has been designed to make sure that your server or computers are able to give you the best service at all times. It has been designed with radiator support with a front and top ability. The paint that it accommodates is also a non-scratch type that will last longer.

It is a case that is known to break away from traditions and provide the cleanest of them all. You will be sure of enjoying a groundbreaking interior that will streamline pc building.

The H400 has smarter cable management, supports twice as many storage devices (pre-mod), has extras such as a fan hub and LEDs, it’s just as well equipped for air cooling and it offers better water cooling support being the only mid-tower we know of that can accept a 360mm radiator in the front and/or top.

There aren’t any bays for externally-facing 5.25-inch drives but you can buy an external optical drive and connect via USB. By removing all bays, NZXT has created a clean unbroken exterior and takes “clean” to the next level.

Overall, Gabinete NZXT H440 is a pretty awesome case. It is fairly quiet as it features a lot of thick foam for vibrating and sound dampening. It is solid and durable. The panels are sturdy steels and plastics, the drive cages are metal sleds. The only con about this case is the side panel window has been constructed from plastic, not tempered glass. Cable management of this case is pretty simple.

Get the look: Gabinete nzxt h440 mid tower

Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 ATX Mid-Tower case

Type: Mid-Tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX | Maximum graphics card length: 410mm

Bold performance, clean modern look, and affordable price, the MasterBox NR600 mid-tower chassis is truly a great value, despite its no Type-C connector.

Available in only black color. The Cooler Master Masterbox NR600 is a medium-sized chassis that is made of steel, tempered-glass, plastic. It weighs just under 15 lbs. It measures 478 (L) x 209 (W) x 473 (H) mm, which is a bit smaller than average mid-tower ATX cases but still having room for all components. The right-hand edge of the top panel is home to a couple of USB 3.0 ports, the reset, and power buttons, as well as a headset-friendly 4 pole audio jack.

The front panel is made fully of mesh with a ventilated top for the best aeration. Filtration and airflow also are incorporated in the fine mesh front panel.

The side panel is made of tempered glass and fastened with thumbscrews on the rear panel. That is an indication that the side panel will always remain fastened. There is a graphic card support area that is up to 410mm, which is enough for all models currently available on the market. The generous clearance ensures support of the latest graphic cards.

Minimalist design, mesh front panel, and tempered-glass side gives this Mastercase a sleek and modern look that would be fit in almost any room. Despite the case’s minimal design, there’s plenty of space to fit many different system builds. The case supports up to standard ATX-size motherboards. It is covered by a two-year warranty.

Get the look: Cooler master master box mid-tower

In win 101 black atx mid tower gaming pc case

Type: Mid-Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX | Maximum graphics card length 305mm

What you are seeing here is something that is simple and clean with clean lines and sharp angles. It has a front panel designed with a striking led bezel. The entire panel is constructed of steel which has been painted black to match the rest of the case. While the detachable tempered glass side panel makes the chassis sleek and modern, the hexagonal mesh on the right adds interest to an otherwise plain panel.

Inside the panel, there is only the plastic cover for the LEDs and wires. Otherwise, the view is of steel. The side panel has been designed with a detachable glass panel that is easy to remove by just pressing a button.

The I/O is positioned at the top part to ensure easy access at all times. You will get the usual jacks embedded in the roof and dual USB 3.0 ports.

The special GPU holder that it has been made with also ensures that you get that extra support that other cases don’t have. Fitted with a top PSU chamber that will ensure that you are able to experience a better airflow. The In Win 101 has six 120mm fan mounts: one at the rear, two on the right side, three on the underside. Unfortunately, none of these fans are filled out of the box, so you’ll likely be using the PSU’s ability to exhaust air and the GPU’s ability to draw in air through the heavily ventilated lower section. This approach clearly helps In Win decrease costs, but this probably leads to lower performance of the chassis.

Overall, The In Win 101 is considered a capable mid-tower. Despite its ability to support ATX motherboards, it is affordable. Also, It’s worth noting that the motherboard tray has holes in it to support some E-ATX motherboards though it is advertised to support Mini-ITX, micro-ITX, ATX motherboards.

Get the look: In win 101 black atx mid tower gaming computer case

Corsair Carbide Series 678C Low Noise Tempered Glass ATX Case – Old School Cool

Type: Mid-Tower | Motherboard Support: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX | Maximum graphics card length: 350mm

If you are someone who values old-school RGB-freestyle and whisper-quiet operation, this version from Corsair could be just the chassis you’re looking for. The Carbide Series 678C case features a sophisticated design with a concealed external bay for front-panel devices.

Available in either black or white ( which is the subject of this review), both with tempered glass panel. The Carbide 678C is not a small chassis, it measures 549mm x 239mm x 497mm and weighs almost 29lbs.

Behind the door, you will find a single 5.25 inch-drive and a removable mesh filter covering the entire bottom of the case for quick and easy cleaning. The front-right edge of the top panel has a USB 3.1 Type C, two USB 3.0, an HDD LED, microphone and headphone 3.5mm jack, power and reset buttons.

This mid-tower ATX case supports up to E-ATX motherboards. The extra width is good since the motherboard tray is a bit recessed. This means that most high-end enthusiasts boards will fit well. It’s good to know that Corsair moved the motherboard down a bit from the top which makes interference by top-mounted cooling a little less of an issue. The case can house up to six 3.5” drives and three 2.5” ones.

The Carbide Series 678C has many cooling options, with up to nine 120mm or eight 140mm cooling fans depending on your preference. It features dust filters installed on the top, on the front, and in the bottom.

Overall, the Carbide Series 678C is a mid-tower chassis case with a minimalist design and serious versatility. Sound damping roof, front, side panels ensure silent computing. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Get the look: Corsair Carbide Series 678C Low Noise Tempered Glass ATX Case

Mid-Tower PC Case with Tempered Glass

The mid-tower case is an excellent pick, with a generous space capacity for your 360mm AIOs and any other premium components. This unit is well-equipped with easy-to-build-in features of the compact H510 case series.

With the cable management bar, you can rest assured that the edges will reduce any pressure resulting from the cable connection. This will, in turn, increase the bending radius of patch cables. The bar further forms an essential component of rack cable management and helps in tidy and efficient cable routing.

Take the guesswork out of installing internally-routed cables and wires with the help of the handy cable routing kit. This kit comes with pre-installed straps and channels to make your work easier and effective.

The solid and uninterrupted tempered glass side panel showcases unique RGB builds. What’s more, the removable bracket is versatile and well-designed for radiators up to 360mm.

And when you want to keep the filter under the PSU free from sucking in dust, the removable filter and 2 Aer F120mm fans on the PSU intake have got you covered! They will prevent the dust amount that flows into your PC.

Razer Tomahawk ATX and Mini-ITX—gaming chassis

Building the ultimate gaming desktop begins with finding a frame that can support the incredible performance within. That is where the Razer Tomahawk ATX and Mini-ITX—gaming chassis!

This mini-ITX gaming case exudes both function and form. It comes equipped with higher-end features for any streamlined and minimalist setups.

Whether you are using an AIO or custom liquid cooler, the case comes ready to offer generous room to support up to 240mm radiators, and the ATX will fit up to 360mm. There has never been a better way of maximising your rig’s cooling capabilities.

Like Mid-Tower Case, this gaming chassis also boasts built-in cable management that does not compromise on performance. And if you’re looking to push your PC’s power a little further, the cable management will provide ample room for expandability. It supports liquid cooling and full-size graphics cards, giving you the versatility you’ve been longing for!

This gaming case is powered by the Razer Chroma™ RGB, the world’s largest RGB lighting ecosystem. The dust filters and ventilated top panel assures air intake and prevents dust from entering the internal components of your device.

Its tough, tempered glass comes in handy in offering perfect protection to internal components. This glass will also show off the performance and power versed in the Chroma-enabled.

NZXT H510 Elite – Editor’s Choice

Image Credit: NZXT

Type: Mid -Tower ATX | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX | I/O Ports: 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A 1 x Headset Audio Jack

Last but not least, the H510 Elite, might just be a thing of beauty. The case has a clean matte black/white-box design with a glass panel which allows you to look at the PC’s components white it runs. The tempered glass is solid that didn’t come with any scratches.

The case’s front panel features a minimalist design with a small logo. While the design may be minimal, the functionality isn’t. This white minimalist pc case provides ample space and a cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps so you can have more organized and tiny space.

The H510 Elite includes 2 120mm exhaust fans in the top one in the rear, the top can be changed for 140mm. The case has one rear radiator support of up to 120mm and a front radiator slot of up to 280mm. Also note that, unlike normal PC cases, this case works on negative airflow pressure.

These are cases that are known to be both stunning and also with excellent value to your CPU installation units. If you want a small footprint of an ATX case, you will find it useful and also perfect and it does not sacrifice any features. It has been designed with a removable bracket for radiators, and a flash tempered glass window, and also some multiple fan filters.

The design improvements that it has been made with comes with an improved design of an SSD tray, a flash tempered glass, and other numerous adjustments. That means that you will have the best smarter with build experience.

The only main drawback of this case is that it can be difficult to disassemble to add more PC components. You might need multiple tools to get the job done.

Overall, this minimalist pc case will be worth it. It looks amazing and cable management is good. There are up to 7 extension slots. It also comes with a USB 3.1 gen 2 which ensures easy and quick transmission speeds between your PC and other devices. It is available in 3 colors to choose from.

Get the look: NZXT H510 Elite – Premium Mid-Tower ATX Case


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