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It is rare to find trash cans that are attractive and pleasing to the eye. They can be obtrusive, noisy, and clunky, especially when they are made of tiny metal. That does not mean your typical trash can does not deserve to be displayed in your living space or kitchen. A lot of people like hiding the trash cans from sight. However, with the best minimalist trash can, this does not have to be the case. Moreover, there are modern and sleek trash cans that are perfect fits for contemporary minimalist homes.

After careful consideration and comparison, we’ve come up with the most comprehensive list of the best minimalist trash cans that you can buy today.

8 Best Minimalist Trash Cans

AmazonBasics Step Trash Can

The 30L trash can is designed to keep your waste properly contained. Moreover, it adds a touch of modern style to your space. This trash can fit effortlessly and matches the existing appliances and décor, with its clean, minimal look.

The soft-close lid has a manual foot level, so you can enjoy ease-of-use and hands-free convenience each day of the week. You can place this trash can in the bathroom, kitchen, office, or laundry room. Other than keeping the waste

This trash can is a great addition to your home or office. Ideally, it keeps waste properly enclosed. In addition, it helps stop odors from evading. In addition, the steel construction is smudge-resistant, fingerprint-proof, durable, and lightweight.

Notable features: Lightweight, Large capacity, Smudge and fingerprint-proof, Contemporary design, Soft-close lid minimizes noise, Hands-free convenience

Note: Dents quite easily

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Umbra Grand Trash Can

This is a modern, versatile trash can with a contemporary design and smooth curves. Ideally, it is designed to bring style into a functional household. You will find it easy to clean and nice looking for a garbage can.

The durable and sleek design means that you can place this unit anywhere in your home. You should note that this is a large trash can featuring a swing-top lid that you can easily open to throw the trash inside and swing it back into its place.

This trash can is easy to use because of the swing top lid that conceals the content inside. That makes throwing out trash effortless. The fact that it is made of durable polypropylene means it is easy to clean and strong.

Notable features: Easy to use and clean, Swing top lid, Commercial or domestic use, Durable construction, Contemporary design

Note: Manual operation

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KOHLER 13-Gallon Step Can

This trash can has excellent flush features and clean lines. Thus, you can place it against the cabinet or wall. Moreover, the rim lock and raised liner make bag changes quite easy, and its fingerprint-proof finish stays longer. For routine cleaning, it is advisable to use damp microfiber. Avoid using abrasives or cleaners.

This versatile trash can comes with a contemporary design. It is available in many sizes (from 2.5 to 13 gallon) which makes it perfect for both residential and commercial use.

You will also like the fact that this trash can is crafted with smart functionality. Thus, it can simplify your everyday life at home. It easily fits 13-gallon trash bags and opens with a sturdy foot pedal. In this way, it provides hands-free operation.

Notable features: Space-saving profile, Easy to clean, Silent close lid, Fingerprint-proof, Durable design

Note: A bit noisy

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TUBO Pedal Bin Wastepaper Basket

The TUBO pedal Bin Wastepaper Basket from Blomus has a simple and sleek shape which is meant to enhance any given home décor. It is made with high quality finger-resistant material. Therefore, your minimalist trash can look great throughout the year.

This trash can is equipped with the soft-close technology that makes for a quiet lid close. You will find this trash can to be easy to use and convenient. This is made possible with the removable plastic liner that holds the trash bag sturdy and in place. In addition, it prevents the bag from overhanging for a clean and neat appearance. You can use it with standard trash bags.

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iTouchless Touchless Sensor Trash Can

The iTouchless Touchless Sensor Trash Can is designed to be hygienic and convenient. It is easy to clean and dispose of trash in your office or home. You only need to move the hand towards the trash can’s lid, and it will open automatically. Also, when you are done, the lid will close automatically.

With this trash can, you can forget trash odors. That is because it has a filter that absorbs odors. Moreover, it comes with an activated carbon odor filter.

Notable features: Space efficient, Stops trash odors, 100% automatic, Fingerprint-proof, Easy to clean, Stylish design

Note: Requires only leak-proof bags

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MUTO Pedal Trash Can

The Blomus MUTO Pedal trash can is designed by Floz Design. It has a clean,minimal and modern design that coordinates beautifully with a range of home decors.

This trash can is designed to make you become more efficient at home. A strong foot pedal that is designed to last long and is very easy to use. The plastic liner is removable for easy emptying and cleaning.

Another thing you will like about the Blomus MUTO Pedal trash can is its “smart close” system that controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close without banging or loud noises.

This minimalist trash can is made of high-quality polished stainless steel plus solid engineering to ensure it lasts long. For instance, the dent-proof plastic lid will not reveal fingerprints or dirt.

Notable features: Durable, Silent close lid, Easy to clean, Looks great

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iTouchless SoftStep Trash Can

The iTouchless SoftStep Trash Can is one of the most sophisticated, smoothest trash cans currently on the market. The trash can is easy to operate and requires minimal force to operate. You can easily replace the air damper to get many years of great performance.

It is easy to empty the trash can. Ideally, the process is quick and mess-free. That is because the removable inner bucket slides smoothly, and it is lightweight. The enhanced design means that you only require minimal pressure to open and close it.

Since the body is made of brushed stainless steel, it means this trash can is smudge-resistant, easy to clean, and fingerprint-proof. Moreover, this trash can is built to last thanks to the tough steel pedal that can last over 200,000 steps.

Notable features: Elegant, Stops trash odors, Silent lid close, Built to last, Smudge-proof

Note: Power adapter sold separately

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Bath Pedal Bin

The Bath Pedal Bin is designed by Norm Architects in 2018 for Menu. It has a refined minimalist style with a form of solf and clean lines.

This compact trash can is a perfect choice for any bathroom, whether at home or office. The round shape means it can fit in corners. Thus, you can place it against the wall, or anywhere else you deem it fit. Its strong steel pedal is designed to last long and its lid closes slowly and quietly.

The fingerprint-proof coating protects the trash can from fingerprints and helps keep outside of the garbage looking shiny and spotless. Ideally, this trash can takes your rubbish experience to another level with a plaster liner that locks bags in place for easy disposal.

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