Minimalist Wall Shelves for Adding a Bit of Personality to Your Walls



Minimalist Wall Shelves

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Here is a collection of the best minimalist wall shelves, designed to display the books that make you, you.

Best Minimalist Wall Shelves

Americanflat black floating shelves – wall mounted

They have been designed as a set of 3 black floating shelves that have various dimensions. With them installed, you can be sure that you will be able to showcase your favorite collectibles and keepsakes in the finest manner. They have been made of sturdy wood composite and great care is always taken into account when they are being manufactured.

The best part is that they come with instructions and all the screws that you will need when you are doing an installation. If you want to create an additional storage space, look no further than buying these great shelves.

Abbott stackable long box 2 piece wall shelf set

What makes me really love these minimalist wall shelves is their ability to enable you to show off what you have in the best manner possible. They come as a set of 2 rustic shelves that are the best pick in any small space that you have. They have been designed with clean lines.

They have also been crafted from solid alder wood. To make them better, they have been finished with a light walnut look. That means that they are able to highlight those natural knots, grains, and also their character in the best manner possible.

Brusly floating shelf (set of 2)

What you will get here is a modern design that is able to meet all the everyday functionality that you have. There is no one that does not want his or her house to feel like a good and better home. It is something that you can easily say but doing it becomes one great challenge.

That never happens when you have set your eyes on this platform. This is an ultra-slim floating shelve that will ensure that you don’t choose between practicality and also style. It’s one of the thinnest shelves that you can find or get on the market.

Milner wall shelf

Your favorite books, photos, decorative accents and much more can now be shown off in style with the use of this shelve. It is furniture that has been designed to ensure that you are able to organize your space without having to tackle much of your square footage.

It has been made from manufactured wood and with a u-shaped design that features a raised rim that will ensure your items are kept well and they don’t rollover. The natural finish also blends in well with the diverse décor of the room. It also comes with all the mounting hardware that you will need in a variety of décor and also styles.

Wooden ledge shelf – Minimalist floating shelves

If you want to visualize, create, and even organize your home to have a beautiful look, then you need to think of having this kind of shelf. It is one of the easiest items that you have for installation. It does not matter where you want to have it located, it can be able to work well in both minimal spaces or even some industrial working spaces. Have your place look charming with cottage looks. It is a high-quality product that has been made for sustainable principles. If you are one of those people that want a better interior home, make it simple yet unique with the use of this shelve.

Danya b bm13614 decorative h-shaped wall shelf

With decorative items, you can be sure that you need to have them displayed in style and also a touch of elegance. Just have them placed where they can be seen well with the wall shelf that we have here for you.

It has been designed with 3 display spaces that make it to be a perfect combination of either large or small decorative items. It has been finished with an espresso look and you can be sure that it will have to match pretty well with the kind of décor that it will have. Installing it is easy and there are no connectors or hanging hardware that will be out there to be seen.

Nursery shelves | floating shelf for nursery

A new style of making shelves is taking the market by a storm. This has been designed with the use of premium veg-tanned leather straps that have been given a white ass and some detailed woodworking.

For those that have modern nurseries, you cannot miss finding this installed in them for use. At the front side, you will find a bullnose profile that will have the straps wrapping around them. The mounting guide that you will need is shipped or packed with the item.

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