POV Circle Vase / Candle holder

POV Circle Vase

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Accent the room with your delicate stems in a unique way with the POV circle vase by Menu. The POV vase is designed by Note Design Studio – a Stockholm-based design studio founded in 2008. Note work covers various fields including architecture, interiors, products, graphic design, and design strategy.

They have collaborated with the likes of Menu, Örsjö Belysning, and Zero Interiör. The Studio was named after their goal: get noted. By looking into what is unique for each project, and by emphasizing that, they manage to do just that. They said “ We want to put a smile on the user’s face, and for there to be a friendly and welcoming sensation that follows through the whole experience of the product. We want to affect people in a positive way.”

The POV Circle Vase is a delicate and playful vase that presents itself as a real eye-catcher despite its minimalist design. POV is short for point of view. Depending on the point of view of the person, the POV’s appearance changes, as well as the ways things interpreted.  When facing the vase, its slender geometrical frame looks like a flat graphical drawing. When you move around them, suddenly the graphic frame float in mid-air. The vase can be attached to the wall with screws or nails. It comes with a wall-mounted metal hoop fitted with a small bud vase which is perfect for placing a delicate stem.

Designed by Note Design Studio

Manufacturer: Menu

All photos © Menu

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