7 Vegan Barefoot Shoes That Are Comfortable & Animal-friendly



Vegan Barefoot Shoes

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Vegan barefoot shoes are the perfect shoes for those committed to being friendly to our planet and sparing animals.

These shoes are suitable for nature, and they allow you to do any exercise without having to walk away from your ethical choices.

You can also wear vegan barefoot shoes at home or when going out for special events.

Unfortunately, it’s usually hard to find vegan-friendly shoes since most minimalist barefoot shoes are not vegan-friendly.

That’s why I’ve prepared a list of the best vegan barefoot shoes from reputable brands to help you narrow down your choices.

Best Vegan Barefoot Shoes

Xeroshoes TerraFlex Trail Running and Hiking Shoe

TerraFlex Trail Hiking Shoe
Image credit: XeroShoes

If you are looking for the best lightweight vegan barefoot shoes, the TerraFlex Trail Running and Hiking Shoe is for you.

You can take this shoe on the trail as it’s a high performance, real minimalist hiking shoe.

The TerraFlex comes with a hauled sole for superior grip and more traction when hiking on different terrains.

With a wide toe box, TerraFlex allows your toes to relax and spread freely for a natural fit.

The XERO-drop low to the ground design facilitates proper posture, balance, and agility.

No animal products are used in TerraFlex to ensure that the shoes are vegan-friendly. They use a Huarache-inspired design to promote optimal functionality.

The two removable insoles let you feel nature while adventuring with a more barefoot feeling. You can wear them with or without socks.

Get the look: Men’s TerraFlex Shoe || Women’s TerraFlex Shoe


Image Credit: Vivobarefoot

The PRIMUS TRAIL II FG is known for its simple yet distinctive design. It’s made from recycled high-performance materials that make it vegan-friendly and highly breathable.

These shoes are super light and a true minimalist barefoot shoe that puts your feet in perfect control while walking, running, or even working out.

It has the Firm Ground Sole that offers excellent grip and more traction on rocky and rough, rural or urban terrain.

Get the look: Men’s PRIMUS TRAIL II FG || Women’s PRIMUS TRAIL II FG

HFS – Lightweight Road Running Shoe

Image Credit: XeroShoes

The HSF is a well-designed and lightweight shoe made from vegan-friendly materials. It comes with a highly flexible sole that allows your foot to move freely and naturally.

This shoe is one of the most lightweight options you can find in the market. It has a low-to-ground design for more balance and agility.

The 5K miles sole warranty guarantees that the shoe is high-quality and will last longer.

You will also love the natural fit offered by the generous toe box to your toes, allowing them to spread and relax as you walk down the streets.

Get the look: Men’s HFS Shoe || Women’s HFS Shoe

Lemsshoes Boulder Boot Vegan

barefoot vegan boot
Image Credit: Lems Shoes

Are you looking for a vegan barefoot boot that combines a stylish design and more flexibility?

If so, look no more as the Boulder Boot Vegan is a perfect match for your needs. The best part of this boot is that it’s completely animal-friendly.

They are ultra-lightweight, that you won’t even feel like you are wearing anything at all.

The zero-drop design incorporated in these boots enhances your posture by aligning your spine and allowing mid-foot strike.

A wide toe box keeps your toes comfortable and free as you move around.

Get the look: Men’s Boulder Boot Vegan || Women’s Boulder Boot Vegan

Xeroshoes Prio Running and Fitness Shoe

Image Credit: XeroShoes

The Prio Running and Fitness shoe is highly versatile, and it offers a combination of freedom and protection to your feet.

Whether you want to hit the trail, go to the gym or walk to the grocery, this shoe will protect your feet while still ensuring a barefoot feeling.

They use a 5.5mm FeelTrue rubber that ensures maximum protection to your feet.

The removable 2mm insole provides you with two options of having more or less of a barefoot feel as you walk.

This shoe is also lightweight and is made from 100% vegan-friendly materials to offer superior performance.

Get the look: Men’s Prio Shoe || Women’s Prio Shoe

Oswego – High Performance Casual Comfort

Image Credit: Xeroshoes

The Oswego is designed to provide the ultimate freedom your feet need while moving around.

This shoe is made from 100% vegan-friendly materials for more flexibility and breathability.

This shoe is a perfect option for hitting the trail or doing exercises as it offers the needed protection to your feet.

As you walk down your favorite roads, you will love the barefoot feel that the Oswego provides to your feet.

The Oswego features a removable 2mm insole, which you can remove for more barefoot feeling.

Its hexagonal-textured rubber sole offers an ideal grip and more traction. This makes it a perfect shoe for everyday use as you won’t experience any walking hindrance.

Get the look: Men’s Oswego || Women’s Oswego

Lemsshoes Chukka Canvas

Image Credit: Lems Shoes

The Chukka Canvas shoes are 100% vegan-friendly as they use recycled materials from lining to laces.

They feature a roomy toe box to ensure that your toes are not squished while you walk. It’s wide enough to let your toes move freely and breathe well.

Like most minimalist barefoot shoes, the Chukka Canvas comes with a zero-drop design for an extra barefoot feeling.

On the upper side is 100% organic canvas, and the lining is made from fully recycled polyester.

The outsole is thin to allow you to feel the ground as you move around. It also provides perfect grip, so that you can walk on various surfaces.

Get the look: Men’s Chukka Canvas || Women’s Chukka Canvas

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