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Waterproof barefoot shoes have gained popularity due to their convenience and flexibility. Unlike traditional rain boots that are not the best for your body alignment, waterproof barefoot shoes are perfect for improving your posture.

Along with enhancing your body alignment, waterproof barefoot shoes will also enable you to experience the freedom of natural movement.

You can wear them when hiking or going for any occasion to strengthen your feet.

If you are interested in waterproof barefoot shoes and are unsure which ones are the best, this article got you covered.

Below are the best 8 waterproof barefoot shoes for men and women that are excellent for your feet:

Best Waterproof Barefoot Shoes for Men & Women

Inov-8 Men’s Roclite G 350 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

If you are looking for waterproof barefoot shoes that offer outstanding protection, Inov-8 Men’s Roclite G-350 shoes are for you.

These barefoot shoes are designed with waterproof ballistic nylon on the upper side that actively repels water while still allowing maximum breathability.

Its graphene outsole is 50% stronger, elastic, and sturdier than standard outsoles.

The outsole combines durability and versatility as it provides an excellent grip on all surfaces.

For additional protection, Inov-8 Men’s Roclite G-350 has a flexible rock plate that aids agility on trails and offers unmatched underfoot protection.

It weighs only 350g to let you walk fast and comfortably with a dry-feet feeling.

Get the look: Inov-8 Men’s Roclite G 350 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Lems Water Proof Boulder Boot

The Lems Shoes Waterproof Boulder Boot is catching on for its unparalleled comfort and excellent construction.

While it comes with an added unique waterproof membrane, this boot still maintains the lightweight frame to let you walk fast as you want.

Its overall construction is modern, reinforced to be thicker, and stronger for extended durability.

The Boulder Boot is waterproof and breathable to keep your feet moisture-free.

It uses a pre-treated leather, but of course, you can re-apply the waterproofing wax or spray to maximize its water repellency.

Your feet will also remain comfortable and benefit from the extra protection offered by the gusseted tongue.

Get the look: Mens // Womens

Women’s Packable Tall Rain Boot

Looking for an ultra-lightweight pair of tall rain boots? Don’t worry, Women’s Packable Tall Rain Boots will match your needs.

This boot comes with a high-quality rubber sole and is extremely flexible and soft. You can easily fold it for packing in a small bag.

The adjustable collar prevents rain from dropping into the boot, and the durable textured outsole offers excellent grip when walking on any surface.

It’s designed with a flat heel for easy pulling on and off and helps you walk comfortably on the muddy ground.

Since it’s an ultra-lightweight option, Asgard Women’s Packable Rain Boots keep your feet dry and comfortable without weighing you down as you walk.

Get the look: Women’s Packable Tall Rain Boot

Inov-8 Men’s Roclite G-345 GTX Mid Waterproof

If you are searching for increased comfort and protection when running on various terrains, this barefoot shoe is for you.

The Inov-8 Men’s Roclite G-345 GTX gives you the confidence to walk in any terrain no matter how tough it gets.

You can walk for long in normal paths and trails, hard and rocky places, and the soft and muddy ground when wearing them.

The mid boot fit guarantees superb ankle support while the flexible outsole maintains a better gait on long hiking paths.

This mid-waterproof barefoot is designed with a POWERFLOW midsole that delivers 10% better shock absorption than standard midsoles for increased flexibility.

With multi-directional, claw-shaped cleats, Inov-8 Men’s Roclite G-345 GTX offers superior traction and quick debris release.

Get the look: Inov-8 Men’s Roclite G-345 GTX Mid Waterproof

Women’s Original Tall Snow Winter Waterproof Wellies

Women’s Original Tall Snow is designed to keep your feet warm when hiking in cold seasons. It’s made with a quality rubber sole that ensures excellent grip.

The shaft measures approximately 15.5 from the arch. This shoe is waterproof with a Quickdry textile lining to keep your feet moisture-free.

When it’s raining, you can wear them with skinny jeans, and they will look better than most average rain boots.

The best thing about this boot is that it’s comfy and very affordable. It’s also available in a range of attractive, fashionable shades like yellow, red, burgundy, and more.

Get the look: Women’s Original Tall Snow Winter Waterproof Wellies

Inov-8 Roclite 286 GTX Hiking Boot

When it comes to hiking, we all want to wear lightweight and comfortable shoes with the most flexibility.

Fortunately, you can wear this shoe to hike with confidence as its aggressive tread offers unparalleled traction in unpredictable terrain.

The Inov-8 Roclite 286 GTX is a peak level performance hiking boot that can last longer as it’s built for extended durability.

Its quality rubber outsole provides excellent grip, and the Meta-Shank II midfoot support keeps your body well-aligned.

This shoe will keep your feet comfortable and dry since it comes with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex Membrane.

The reinforced toe box will also ensure that your toes are free and comfortable as you walk.

Get the look: Inov-8 Roclite 286 GTX Hiking Boot

Xeroshoes Xcursion – Fully Waterproof Hiking Boot

Xcursion - Fully Waterproof Hiking Boot
Image credit: Xeroshoes

If you are the kind of a person who can hike any season, you need this fully waterproof shoe for the rainy seasons.

The Xcursion is well-designed with a gusseted tongue and a sealed waterproof inner liner to repel water and keep your feet dry.

It comes with an additional water-repellent membrane in the outer mesh and a sturdy toe cap for optimal feet protection.

This shoe is very light that you won’t remember if you are wearing them when hiking on long trails. Its low ground design ensures maximum balance and agility.

Get the look: Mens // Womens

Vivobarefoot Tracker FG

Tracker FG
Image Credit: Vivobarefoot

Tracker FG is a waterproof barefoot hiking boot made from premium leather.

It’s specifically designed for wild, rough, and rocky terrains, with a firm and high-quality ground sole.

With the multi-directional lugs, Tracker FG Men’s offers superior traction and unmatched durability.

This top-rated hiking boot comes with a water-repellent lining and thermal protection to ensure that your feet remain comfortable as you explore nature.

When hiking during winters, your feet will remain super warm and comfortable.

Tracker FG Men’s includes a removable thermal insole, making it a favorable and practical choice for many hikers.

It’s fully waterproof construction, and breathable membrane makes it an ideal boot for all seasons.

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