Bradley Mesh Silver Watch

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Eone created the Bradley Mesh Silver Watch as a fascinating minimalist timepiece. It’s a battery-powered watch with Swiss made parts, so you know that it’s a quality piece inside and out. The entire 40 mm watch face and case is made from titanium, and the strap is a matching stainless steel mesh.

The most unique thing about the Bradley Mesh Silver Watch is the design. It’s tactile in nature, with raised hour markers you could feel as well as see. The “hands” are actually magnetized ball bearings that travel in two separate tracks around the watch.

There is one inside the center of the watch to track the minutes. The watch marks the hours with the ball bearing making its way around the edge of the watch face. You might think that makes the watch fragile, but the construction is solid. It’s even water resistant, although it’s meant for everyday work situations.

Eone designed the watch with their mission in mind. The company uses their proceeds to help blind children in Africa. That’s one of the reasons the watch has the beautiful raised details and ball bearings.

It’s a beautiful timepiece that looks great on your wrist and helps a good cause.

Designed by Eone

All photos © Eone

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