Best Minimalist Digital Watches That You’ll Love

Minimalist Digital Watches

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When it comes to finishing off a nice outfit, there are certain things that can be of great help. For instance, things such as clean, crisp, minimalist digital watches can do. That is because it shows some attention and effort to small details.

You may be surprised to learn that there are few timepieces that are versatile as compared to minimalist digital watches designed carefully and thoughtfully. Ideally, the design principles that apply to a nice suit equally apply to the well-crafted timepiece that looks sharp, limitless, and solid construction. Our top picks will have you covered as far as purchasing your minimalist digital watches is concerned.

Best Minimalist Digital Watches Reviewed

Casio Unisex F108WHC-7BCF Watch

This watch is the epitomy of the word “classic”. Simple design, stylish (especially in white) and does its job.

The watch wears good on smaller as well as medium-sized wrists, it has a couple holes left for room to spare. For those people who have large wrists, the watch might look a little small although it has 42 and a half millimeter diameter. It wears a little bit smaller than that due to the case shape it almost appears to be square.

This is a very slim and small watch. It has a 18 millimeter lock width and it’s only ten point four millimeters thick. This watch is probably one of the thinnest watches Casio makes so that looks really good on the wrist. The watch also very light, only 30 grams

The only thing I don’t like is the light button only works when you push it down, it doesn’t stay on for a few seconds like other watches.

The strap material is made of raisin and the finish on the case is shiny and reflective. The watch has 50 metres of water resistance that would be totally fine for everyday activities and short periods of recreational swimming.

Get the look: Casio Unisex F108WHC-7BCF Watch

ZIIIRO Watch – Eclipse

If you are looking for a minimalistic, beautiful, and stand-out wrist watch, then you should consider ZIIIRO watch. In fact, you will find it to be a stylish and unconventional digital watch. It boasts a unique design, which is rare to find with the conventional watches. Ziiro is known to make watches that are fascinating and stylish. Actually, you will find it to be relatively affordable than most designer brands.

The watch shows you time in a visually pleasing and elegant manner. That is because the technology used is quite simple. You will be glad to find a watch with great functionality and design. Moreover, it is simple enough to have features without unnecessary distractions. Ideally, the design is innovative and bold.

Another thing to note about this watch is its stainless steel strap that feels comfortable against your skin. This gives your watch a touch of uniqueness and elegance. Likewise, the bracelet is made of stainless steel and can comfortably fit any wrist. You will find it adjustable by shifting the position of the buckle on the bracelet.

Get the look: ZIIIRO watch

Apple Watch Series 3

If you love Series 5, but you want something minimalistic, then you should give Series 3 a thought. With the upgraded watchOS, it has a lot of features and available at a good value. Ideally, you can access the Apple Store, and you can find it in two variants (GPS plus cellular and GPS only).

Measuring 38 mm, it is smaller than their Series 4 and 5 equivalents. However, there are no major design changes from the earlier and later versions. That means if you have existing bands from other Apple Watch, they will fit.

Probably the most important feature of Apple Watch 3 is 4G connectivity in the GPS plus cellular version. With this, you do not have to carry your iPhone if you want to go for a run. The full 4G LTE antenna is hidden in the display and will kick into action whenever you get away from your iPhone. This watch uses eSIM technology. That means it will share the same number as the iPhone you own.

Although the design did not change, a lot of other things did. For instance, the watch is powered by a 3rd generation dual-core watch processor. This means you can enjoy excellent launch times and smoother graphics. Even connecting to Bluetooth devices is faster.

Notable features: Easy to make calls, Improved fitness features

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Casio Men’s FE10-1A Watch

If you are looking for classic minimalist digital watches, then look no further. This digital watch has a large screen that makes it simple to use and easy to read. Ideally, this timepiece is made with a durable black resin case, band, and silver-tone resin bezel. The durable mineral window helps shield the oval digital-gray dial face that features the digital time display.

You will find this timepiece perfect for everyday use. That is because it can withstand accidental splashes. However, that does not mean you swim or dive with it. Another thing you will like about it is the built-in 10-year battery that can provide you with a decade of use. Therefore, you do not have to change the batteries.

Overall, this is a super thin watch that is light and comfortable to wear. Its display provides large numbers so you can easily tell time at a glance. Moreover, the illumination button light up the display, and it can stay lit for two or three seconds.

Notable features: Lightweight and comfortable, Super thin, Waterproof, Large display

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Pulsar Men’s PQ2011 Digital Watch

This is a versatile watch that is easy to wear. The fact that the manufacturer takes care of details makes this watch precious from a technological point of view. In fact, their strengths consist of understanding and interpreting the current fashion trends and preserves high-quality standards.

The watch is characterized by innovative design. Its case is made of quality steel and plastic material. Ideally, this is a black ion-plated watch that features a round dial with world time, LCD display, and time for 39 cities. You also get the benefits of a quartz movement with the digital display mode.

The watch also features the buckle closure, countdown timer, stopwatch with the memory recall, and 14-character message display. You also will like the fact that this watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters. That means it is ideal for swimming, as well as snorkeling, but not diving.

Also, the dual-color LED backlight illuminates black dial, and it is protected by the mineral crystal and then finished with ion bezel. Moreover, it has a power-saving function.

Notable features: Included lithium batteries, Tougher, LED backlight, Nice LCD display, Eco-mode

Get the look: Pulsar Men’s PQ2011 Digital Watch

VOID Watch – V01

VOID Watch – V01 is an affordable digital watch that is fairly utilitarian or bland. You will find this watch to be visually appealing. From the design perspective, you have a segmented, rectangular display with a polarizing filter. The casing around the display is basic, and the strap is more than plastic.

You will also like the fact that the stainless-steel case is quite thin. This helps the case to slip under the cuff easily. In the end, you will enjoy your time with the VO1. That is because it gathers attention and remarks. Moreover, it works well throughout the day in its quiet way. You will find this watch available in three main color schemes.

Although it is a quartz digital, the materials used are a huge step up from the bargain bin. Remember that this is not a watch for every person, but for a class-oriented mind.

Get the look: VOID Watch – V01

Rip Curl Men’s Rifles Digital Tide Surf Watch

This men’s surf watch that keeps track of low, high, and future tides with the 500 pre-programmed locations. The casual sport watch is perfect for various outdoor activities such as skiing, swimming, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, and more. For instance, it is waterproof up to 100 meters deep. Therefore, this watch is not ideal for diving.

You will also like the fact that it is durable and waterproof. Thus, it can withstand weather and waves. Ideally, this is a multifunctional watch that is perfect for both outdoor and indoor sports. It is suitable for snorkeling and swimming, but not suitable for diving.

The digital watch has a lightweight feel. In fact, it is lightweight, sleek, and convenient. It is functional with a quartz movement that is designed to meet your surfing needs. You should note that this watch is made with polyurethane and plastic.

Some of the extra features this watch has to include alarm, timer, and stopwatch. You will find these features to be quite useful when you are out of water. Another thing you will like about this watch is its secure wrist watch.

The secure 41mm wristband with the locking keeper and stainless steel marine grade buckle, making it a timeless watch. Light and big numbers display are included to make it easy to see the date and time at any given time.

Notable features: Easy to read, Waterproof design

Note: Not suitable for diving

Get the look: Rip Curl Men’s Rifles Digital Tide Surf Watch

Garmin vívoactive

The Garmin vívoactive is designed not only to be a minimalist digital watch but also to help you take your sports and fitness to another level. Its built-in sports apps are meant to keep you active with smart notifications that allow you to stay in touch with pressing office matters. In this way, it helps keep your life in balance.

It has a color, touchscreen, high-resolution display that stays readable even in direct sunlight. That means you can view the stats whenever you stay out of the office for the run. Its ultra-thin profile is comfortable to wear all day, and it easily transitions from the office to the golf course. Moreover, you do not have to be concerned about this digital watch keeping up with your active times. For instance, its rechargeable battery means it can last you through all your activities for up to 3 weeks.

It does not matter whether you are training for competition or for general fitness; this running app uses the GPS to capture running data that include pace and distance. It has a wrist-based speed and accelerometer and cadence trackers that eliminate the need for another tracking device when running on a treadmill or when the GPS is not available.

Also, its built-in apps allow you to view the stats when you are away from the phone. You can also pair it with the smartphone to display alerts for incoming calls, emails, calendar items, and notifications from mobile apps and social media. Moreover, it allows you to customize with face designs, apps, and widgets.

Notable features: Rechargeable battery, Touchscreen, Easy to use, GPS

Get the look: Garmin vívoactive

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

This is a powerful multisport watch for the experienced endurance athletes who want to progress. It features a long-lasting color touch screen, practical wrist HR monitor, 12 hours of battery life, and 100-meter water resistance. Thus, you will find this watch to be perfect for racing, cycling, running, and training. According to Suunto, you only need to define your fitness goals, and it will help you to achieve them.

This is a perfect watch designed for outdoors. For instance, it uses a modern color touch screen with a wide viewing angle that provides great visibility. You can operate the watch during exercise. With 100 m water resistance, steel bezel, and sapphire glass, this watch is ready for any adventure and take the beating.

The watch accurately measures speed, distance, altitude, calories, heart rate, and pace. Therefore, it provides you with much-needed support for cycling and running power. When swimming, it tracks pace and distance.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR comes with 80 pre-installed sports modes. Therefore, it is ready to go for any type of activity right when you open it from the box. Ideally, it provides you with up to 12 hours of training with GPS. That means you can easily control the battery life by adjusting GPS tracking frequency.

Notable features: Excellent battery life, GPS route navigation, Sport-specific training modes

Note: Not suitable for swimming

Get the look: Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

Braun Men’s BN0106BKBKG Prestige Digital Watch

This is a high functioning and sturdy watch that can complete any man’s collection. A subtle and sleek case coupled with a multifunctional display makes the watch an ideal combination of function and form. The modern technology is reflected through its cutting-edge design and encapsulates the manufacturer’s values of aesthetics, quality, and functionality.

One of the notable features of this watch is its LCD screen with LED-backlit. In fact, this type of screen is common with high-end timepieces. Its background is black, and the numerals are pale green. This system uses numerals that appear to be elegant and more rounded as compared to what you will see on most LCD screens.

This watch features a digital quartz movement. It has a full calendar, countdown timer, chronograph, alarm, and time zones. Its case is water-resistant up to 99 feet. This makes it perfect for outdoor use. Also, it can withstand splashes of water and rain. However, that does not mean submersion or showering. Therefore, this watch is not ideal for bathing or swimming.

Notable features: Water-resistant, LCD screen, Supports five international languages, Easy to read display, Adjustable strap

Get the look: Braun Men’s BN0106BKBKG Prestige Digital Watch

Normal Timepieces’ Digital Grande

This is a digital watch in the analog body. It has a case that is identical to that of the predecessor. You will find its design quite simple, and it has two features. You will also like the fact that it is distinctive among digital watches. It has a custom display that combines the contrast LCD screen with the innovative construction techniques that eliminate all the glare. That enables the digits to pop out on the uniform blackface.

Also, it has a second pusher switch with the duel function. You can activate the backlight by pressing half-way. In this way, you can access the date, seconds, time modes. Remember that this watch does not have a 12-hour system. Instead, it displays the 24-hour time.

Other things you will like about this watch is its Japanese movement and tempered mineral glass and premium leather. It has a water resistance of up to 100 ft. This makes it perfect for swimming.

Get the look: Normal Timepieces’ Digital Grande

CKE Men’s Digital Sports Watch

This minimalist watch is ideal for all kinds of sports and everyday wear. It is attractive with a silicone rubber mirror strap that comfortably secures with the buckle clasp. Its white numerals and black dial contrast perfectly, to create a clean and classic look. The watch features a large dial, numbers with light, so you can see the time clearly in the dark. Use import EL lamp, the watch will show time clear in the dark.

The band is well-made and features half-links that allow for precision sizing. It has a Silicone Rubber case and can be used as an alarm clock. Plus, the watch provides excellent shock resistance, making it an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor sports, such as running, climbing, fishing, etc.

With 164 Ft / 50 M water resist, feel free to wear the watch when you wash hand, take a shower or get wet in the rain, just keep in mind that do not press any buttons underwater. If you want to wear your watch to swim, consider this model instead.

Overall, this Japanese watch is not only well-made but also sleek, minimal, and tightly constructed. Its blacked-out display is easy to read and adjust. Despite being unique and modern, it is nevertheless simple and conservative. This makes it a perfect watch you can gift or wear daily.

Notable features: Clean and sleek, Well-made, intuitive display, extra functions

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