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Minimalist Clocks

Every home needs a good quality clock or two, but choosing a design to fit in with your décor is not always an easy task. We all know how a clock works and there really is no need for a multitude of extra features or an overly complex design. Two or three hands on a round surface, or a simple digital display of the time and date, are all that is really required. Minimalist clocks come with a simple appearance and basic functionality, providing everything you need and fitting into your home without drawing undue attention.

A good clock should last you many years so choosing one which fits in anywhere is a great investment. If you decide to change your color scheme then there is a good chance your clock will still be suitable. Here we will look at 15 minimalist clocks which can complement any interior design scheme.

Top 5 minimalist alarm clock Reviews

Blackout Red Circle Metal Wall Clock

This 23” round wall clock has a simple plain black face with hour, minute and second hands to show the time. Even the sound of this clock is pleasingly minimal, there is no tick-tock to disturb the peace, just a silent sweeping action as the hands move around the hours.

The easy wipe-clean surface means that it would be well suited to kitchen use, and its basic hanging bracket means that it can be fixed easily to a simple screw or hook around the house. Even better, the Blackout Red Circle Metal Wall Clock is made right here in the USA and comes with a lifetime parts warranty, so you can be sure of its quality.

Simple, sleek and modern, this clock does not display any numbers, just the three basic hands which come in a choice of six bright colors: black, blue, green, orange, red or white. It fits perfectly into any modern home and will complement any decor.

Warmhoming Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

A small, neat clock which is ideal for use in the bedroom, the Warmhoming Wooden Digital Alarm Clock has a smart looking light wood finish on which the time is displayed, along with the day, date and temperature. Its triangular prism shape means that it will stand alone on a bedside table or cabinet surface.

Seven levels of brightness can be manually selected which makes this clock ideal for use in the bedroom; the muted lighting on the softest setting won’t bother your eyes and the brightest level can be used to make the clock easily visible in daylight. The clock is powered by USB or batteries, which is handy if you prefer a wireless alarm clock or don’t have a convenient power source. There is also a power saving option which turns the display off after fifteen seconds – a sound or tap will turn it back on – so energy use is minimal.

At just 6.5” long and 3.3” tall, the clock will fit neatly into a small space and sit unobtrusively on a bedside cabinet. It is also handy for traveling, and small and portable enough to move around the house to wherever you need to use it.

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Here we have another minimal looking wooden clock, this time in a sleek black finish. The minimalist display has two options: it either shows the time, humidity and temperature or alternates between showing the time and the date, with the humidity and temperature displayed alongside. Three levels of brightness allow you to adjust it to show the display clearly, even in full daylight, or to soften it to use in the bedroom at night. A power saving mode causes the display to vanish after five seconds of inactivity; a loud noise or tap on the surface will wake it up again.

The alarm function of the clock has multiple settings which allow you to set three alarms; ideal if you are a heavy sleeper or in the habit of switching off your alarm and going back to sleep!

This clock is ideal for use in small spaces and its black color means that it will not look out of place in any room. It’s a great choice if you have limited space or just want a small, portable clock for the bedroom.

Stylish Digital Alarm Clock

This ultra-sleek and stylish alarm clock come with a large LED display which shows the time in big, bold numbers. The brightness is adjustable and can be set to change at different times of the day so it will not disturb you as you sleep unless you want it to! The alarm function can be set to repeat at intervals to make absolutely sure you get up when you intend to.

The clock is powered via a USB port, and a second port allows you to simultaneously charge another device, such as your mobile phone, while you sleep. The super slim design makes this clock ideal for travel and a small removable stand is used to prop it in place when you set it up.

With its simple oversized display, this stylish unfussy clock is a great choice for anyone with poor vision. It shows nothing but the current time, making it clear, easy to read and truly minimalist.

Digital FM Radio Alarm Clock

This is a clock for those of you who want to know a little more than the time. The Digital FM Radio Alarm Clock has an inbuilt radio with 16 sound levels and a sleep timer, so you never need to worry about dozing off while listening to your favorite music. The radio also acts as an alarm, waking you slowly to the sound of your chosen morning radio show or music. As an alternative, a buzzer alarm is also available, gradually increasing in volume to wake you gently and continuing for a whole nine minutes if not stopped or snoozed, to ensure that it wakes even the heaviest sleeper.

In addition to the radio, the Radio Alarm Clock has a large clock display which shows the time in a 12-hour format, with AM/PM indicators alongside, in large white LED numbers with adjustable brightness. Nine large buttons sit on top of the clock, all clearly labeled to show their functions. The clock itself is in the shape of a small and simple black box, which measures just over 4.5”. This makes it a fantastic option for small or cluttered spaces; it really is very small. It is also smart, stylish and practical and will sit neatly on a bedside cabinet or side table in any room in the house.