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About that minimalist life, less is more. Even your clock can sync with your minimalist decor. While it is true that all you need from a clock is its time telling ability, a timepiece with the right aesthetics is even better. The minimalist alarm clock is simple in design yet functional, providing everything you need and fitting into your home without drawing undue attention.

If you are into the minimalist lifestyle and are looking for a clock that is chic, simple, and long-lasting, here is a list of worthy timepieces you should consider buying.

Top 17 minimalist alarm clock Reviews

Brayden Studio – Modern & Contemporary Digital Electric Alarm Tabletop Clock

Modern Contemporary Digital Electric Alarm Tabletop Clock

If you fancy an ordinary digital clock, then Brayden Studio’s electric digital clock is a must-have. It has a minimal, sleek design that fits on a bedside table or desk. The clock screen covers the entire side of the black casing. Information is conveyed in blue LED light over a black background. The clock shows time, date, and temperature with a tap or click of a finger.

This minimalist alarm clock is also light and sound sensitive. It turns on when it senses light or noise. Additionally, It has a built-in lithium battery chargeable with a USB cable. You can also use the clock as an alarm. You only get three snooze opportunities.

Get the look: Brayden Studio Alarm Tabletop Clock

Braun Classic Analogue Alarm Clock with Snooze and Light

For a simple, classic alarm clock, this is the best device. Its design is also inspired by the Braun concept of “less, but better”. The clock has a clean simplistic display and features luminous tipped hands and iconic yellow second hand. Its quartz movement is very quiet. This clock is ideal for deep sleepers as the beep alarm gets more frequent and louder. This helps you ensure that you wake up on time. The clock is very compact which makes it ideal for traveling too. Its minimal hinge makes it great for almost any table.

Get the look: Brayden Studio Alarm Tabletop Clock

Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa – Black

Echo Spot’s device is for anyone who likes smart gadgets or has a smart home. The clock does more than tell time; It helps you manage your time and streamline your actions with the Alexa application. It is a compilation of applications that make it easy to maneuver through time-sensitive activities.

The Smart clock has a classy compact design with a screen and four microphones. The display screen shows time, temperature, weather, and traffic. The device has sensitive noise reduction technology enabling it to pick up your commands even when there is music playing in the background.

The Alexa application syncs with other smart gadgets in your home and automates tasks. You can manage your security cameras, light, and thermostat. You can also listen to audible books and music from all streaming applications with this device. Additionally, you can make video calls and send messages with Echo Spot on Skype, the Alexa app, and other Echo Spot applications.

Get the look: Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock

RCA-Digital Alarm Clock

RCA’s digital alarm clock is for someone who wants a timepiece that is easy to use. It works like a traditional clock but looks like a contemporary timepiece. The device only has three buttons; two for turning the alarm clock on and off and one for regulating display brightness.

The clock has a black plastic casing and displays time in a red 1.4 inch LED light on a black background. There is no limit to the number of times you can snooze with this alarm clock. The device is AC powered and does not have a backup battery. In case there is no power, the alarm still goes off, but the display screen will not show the time.

Get the look: RCA-Digital Alarm Clock

Ebern Designs – Analog Alarm Tabletop Clock

The Analog Alarm Tabletop clock is a plain contemporary timepiece. The clock is mounted on a case that comes in an array of colors from expresso, brown, red, orange to chartreuse night glow. The block has an arched top and a flat base. Its white face beautifully contrasts the colors of the case.

The timepiece is a traditional clock with an alarm setting. Although it is marketed as an alarm clock, it can also work as a decorative piece on a shelf. Its simple finishing makes it blend in any modest setting.

Get the look: Analog Alarm Tabletop Clock

Jensen – Modern & Contemporary Digital Electric Alarm Tabletop Clock in Black

Jensen’s digital clock is unique compared to other modern slab timepieces because of its fabric screen. The fabric skin gives the 12-inch digital LED display patterned aesthetics. The clock is also a radio. It has ten pre-set FM radio stations set for easy access. If you are into entertainment, you will enjoy having this electrical alarm clock.

The device has a switch to regulate brightness and a sleep mode for someone that prefers no lights at night. It comes with a USB cable and backup battery as well. The casing is black, giving the device that edgy look.

Get the look: Jensen Digital Electric Alarm Tabletop Clock

Jensen- Digital Dual Projection Radio Tabletop Clock

Digital Dual Projection Radio Tabletop Clock

If you want to see your time on the wall or ceiling, then Jensen’s digital dual projection clock is your device. The timepiece has an adjustable casing that projects time on any surface. The projector displays the time in red LED light. The clock face has a black background, and the digits are displayed in white LED light.

The gadget also functions as an alarm clock with an unlimited snooze option. You can also use it to set time reminders for other activities. Additionally, this minimalist alarm clock is an FM radio for entertainment. It uses electricity and can be charged using a USB cable. It also has a backup battery.

Get the look: Jensen Digital Dual Projection Radio Tabletop Clock

Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock

Unlike other alarm clocks we recommended, this clock from Philips will wake you up with light that mimics a sunrise, and with sound as a backup. It offers a kinder, gentler wake-up than any other alarm on our list. It has five natural-themed tones, but you could also opt to wake up to a built-in FM tuner.

With this clock, you can easily snooze by tapping anywhere on the light and can choose how bright you want the light to go. You can use this alarm clock as a lamp.

The only major drawback of this alarm is it has no battery back up, so in case the power goes out, all settings and times are lost.

All in all, this kind of alarm clock is ideal for anyone who hates being woken abruptly. Also note that if you sleep facing away from this alarm clock, that the amount of light it produces might not be enough to wake you up.

Get the look: Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock

OCT17 Wooden Alarm Clock

A small, neat clock is ideal for use in the bedroom. The OCT17 Wooden Alarm Clock has a smart-looking light wood finish with no buttons located on the front and four sides of the clock for a clean modern look. Plus, only the time is displayed on its surface which even makes it minimal. Its triangular prism shape means that it will stand alone on a bedside table or cabinet surface and its black color means that it will not look out of place in any room.

Three levels of brightness allow you to adjust it to show the display clearly, even in full daylight, or to soften it to use in the bedroom at night. The clock is powered by USB, a charging cable is included and compatible with all USB chargers.

The clock also has a voice control function which allows it to go into standby mode after idle for 10 seconds. Simply press the Down button to activate or deactivate this function.

At just 4.5” long and 3” tall, the clock will fit neatly into a small space and sit unobtrusively on a bedside cabinet. It is also handy for traveling, and small and portable enough to move around the house to wherever you need to use it.

Get the look: OCT17 Wooden Alarm Clock

MUJI Cuckoo Alarm Clock – Standard Size

Looking for an ideal gift for Christmas? Look no more as Muji Cuckoo Standard Size Alarm Clock makes a great present.

The Cuckoo alarm clock, with a sleek design and white color, matches perfectly with any bedroom décor at home.

The alarm clock has a light sensor and it shut down automatically in the darkness. It is something that makes this clock stand out from others in the market.

It comes along with a manual written in both Japanese and English. Hence, setting up the clock at home is simple and easy.

The most exciting thing is that this minimalist clock is a durable battery. It guarantees a one-year of service before replacement.

Get the look: MUJI Cuckoo Alarm Clock, Standard Size

Brandstand CubieBlue Alarm Clock

The Brandstand CubieBlue clock is an excellent minimalist alarm clock for hotel guests and homes. The nightstand companion comes in white and black color to match any décor.

The user-friendly interface makes it convenient to set the alarm, play music, and charge your phone without facing any challenges.

The alarm clock is made from high-quality material that guarantees a longer lifespan. The durability feature is one of the things behind the gradual growth in popularity.

Another great advantage is the surge protection ability. The device ensures the safety of your accessories in case of an electrical surge.

The pass-through plug allows an individual to plug another device in the same wall outlet used by the CubieBlue clock.

Get the look: Brandstand CubieBlue Alarm Clock

Seiko Sussex Alarm Clock

The Seiko Sussex Clock represents minimalism in the purest form. It comes with user-friendly features that make its operation easy.

Sussex clocks also come in an extensive selection of colors to allow individuals to pick an option that suits their tastes and match the décor of their homes.

One of my favorite features is the quiet sweep second hand. The feature allows an individual to experience a sound sleep at night.

The minimalist alarm clock has a snooze button. It helps to prevent making noise for your sleeping room-mates. Hence, encourage peaceful coexistence in the house.

The dial light and luminous hand features are exciting. This alarm clock can be an option for the bedroom of school-going kids.

Get the look: Seiko Sussex Alarm Clock

Driini Modern Mid Century Analog Clock

Whether you need a minimalist alarm clock for the office, bedroom, bathroom counter, or living room mantle, the Driini Modern Mid Century Analog clock is a great option for you.

This minimalist clock has a precise, quiet, and non-ticking mechanism that guarantees sound sleep or peace while busy working.

It also has a sleek design that helps to improve the appearance of your space. Besides that, it is crafted using premium material to instill durability features.

Another exciting thing is the ease to read the clock. The markings are quite visible and you can easily read the time from any angle.

The only shortcoming of this classy and elegant alarm clock is the battery. It implies that this minimalist’s clock serves for a shorter lifespan when compared to others.

Get the look: Driini Modern Mid Century Analog Clock

MUJI Cuckoo Alarm Clock – Large Size

If you are searching for a minimalist alarm with a simple design, Muji Cuckoo’s large size clock is a great deal for you.

The clock has an attractive appearance and the white color can fit in any décor at home. It is something that made the demand of this clock to escalate.

One of my favorite features of this clock is the ability to hang it on the wall and put it on the office desk. It reduces the costs and hassle of purchasing other accessories to support their fitting.

The light sensor features usually shut down the clock automatically in a dark room. There is no need to reset after the clock shuts off since it comes with a daylight update feature.

The Japanese and English manual makes it easier to set up the clock regardless of your region. But you need to be conversant with these two languages.

Get the look: MUJI Cuckoo Alarm Clock Large Size

Mesqool Alarm Clock

With the soothing night light of seven different colors, this alarm clock perfectly suits a children’s bedroom without the need to turn on the lamp. Just click the night light button and the colored lights will alternate throughout the night for your child’s company. But if you prefer to sleep in darkness this clock will still serve you well.

Its 7-inch large screen displays the time clearly to give you a good view from a distance even without any visual aid. For individuals with poor eyesight including elders, this is the alarm clock to go for as it allows you to select display brightness levels appropriate for you.

This user-friendly alarm clock has elevated ‘Pause Alarm’ and ‘Snooze’ buttons that make it easy to turn off or snooze if you want to get some more sleep without opening your eyes.
The Mesqool alarm clock has an adjustable volume reaching a maximum of 80 decibels. It starts ringing softly and slowly then increases gradually to wake up even the heaviest sleeper without excessive noise.

Besides working to help you get up on time, this unit has 2 USB ports that you can use to charge your phone or tablet.

Digital Travel Alarm Clock

Are you looking for a simple alarm clock to keep you company during your travel? This dedicated digital clock lacks the extras of a timer, calendar, thermometer, and the likes that make the operation of most travel alarm clocks complicated especially for newbies.

Designed with simplicity, the alarm has an intuitive interface that allows adults, children, and the elderly alike to use it with ease. The clock has a clear display and a screen light that appears for 5 seconds to help you see the time at night.

The alarm button allows you to set the waking up time with limited presses and should you need to take a few more minutes in bed, just hit the snooze button. You can also switch off the alarm clock while traveling to extend your battery life using the ON/OFF button. Turning off the clock does not interfere with time so you don’t need to reset it when you turn it on again.

All-New Echo Dot with Clock

Sleek and compact, this smart Echo Dot speaker comes with additional features including a clock alarm, smart home, and Alexa compatibility.

This gadget has full-proof sound with well-balanced bass and clear vocals so that your alarm remains gentle on your ears.

The all-new 4th gen echo dot is a perfect match for your nightstand. You can see set alarms, timers, and time simultaneously on the LED display, and with a tap on the top of the speaker, you can snooze the alarm. Alexa helps you set the alarm and timers hands-free so you don’t need to long press and press as you would do with other alarm clocks.

Besides ensuring you get up on time, this speaker allows you to adjust thermostats, control lights, and lock doors without touching a button. You can also play music, check the weather, or watch the news by simply asking Alexa everything.


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