Top 9 Minimalist Alarm Clocks for Starting Your Day

minimalist alarm clock

About that minimalist life, less is more. Even your clock can sync with your minimalist decor. While it is true that all you need from a clock is its time telling ability, a timepiece with the right aesthetics is even better. The minimalist alarm clock is simple in design yet functional, providing everything you need and fitting into your home without drawing undue attention.

If you are into the minimalist lifestyle and are looking for a clock that is chic, simple, and longlasting, here is a list of worthy timepieces you should consider buying.

Top 9 minimalist alarm clock Reviews

Brayden Studio – Modern & Contemporary Digital Electric Alarm Tabletop Clock

Modern Contemporary Digital Electric Alarm Tabletop Clock

If you fancy an ordinary digital clock, then Brayden Studio’s electric digital clock is a must-have. It has a minimal, sleek design that fits on a bedside table or desk. The clock screen covers the entire side of the black casing. Information is conveyed in blue LED light over a black background. The clock shows time, date, and temperature with a tap or click of a finger.

This minimalist alarm clock is also light and sound sensitive. It turns on when it senses light or noise. Additionally, It has a built-in lithium battery chargeable with a USB cable. You can also use the clock as an alarm. You only get three snooze opportunities.

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Ebern Designs – Modern & Contemporary Digital Alarm Clock

For a simple, ordinary digital electric alarm clock, this is the best device. The time digits display is in red LED light. The clock has a plastic casing and must be plugged into a power socket to view the time. It also comes with a battery back up in case the electricity goes off.

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Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa – Black

Echo Spot’s device is for anyone who likes smart gadgets or has a smart home. The clock does more than tell time; It helps you manage your time and streamline your actions with the Alexa application. It is a compilation of applications that make it easy to maneuver through time-sensitive activities.

The Smart clock has a classy compact design with a screen and four microphones. The display screen shows time, temperature, weather, and traffic. The device has sensitive noise reduction technology enabling it to pick up your commands even when there is music playing in the background.

The Alexa application syncs with other smart gadgets in your home and automates tasks. You can manage your security cameras, light, and thermostat. You can also listen to audible books and music from all streaming applications with this device. Additionally, you can make video calls and send messages with Echo Spot on Skype, the Alexa app, and other Echo Spot applications.

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Howard Miller – Dexter Tabletop Alarm Clock

For a vintage timepiece with classic vibes, the Dexter Tabletop clock is the go-to choice. It has a round glass with a reflective edge casing that rests on an aluminum base. The piece is an exceptional decorative piece for a minimalist styled room.

The clock face only has four numbers on a white background and black clock hands. It is a small-sized clock for a bedside table or a decorative piece for a shelf. It functions as an alarm clock for waking up or plan your activities.

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RCA-Digital Alarm Clock

RCA’s digital alarm clock is for someone who wants a timepiece that is easy to use. It works like a traditional clock but looks like a contemporary timepiece. The device only has three buttons; two for turning the alarm clock on and off and one for regulating display brightness.

The clock has a black plastic casing and displays time in a red 1.4 inch LED light on a black background. There is no limit to the number of times you can snooze with this alarm clock. The device is AC powered and does not have a backup battery. In case there is no power, the alarm still goes off, but the display screen will not show the time.

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Ebern Designs – Analog Alarm Tabletop Clock

The Analog Alarm Tabletop clock is a plain contemporary timepiece. The clock is mounted on a case that comes in an array of colors from expresso, brown, red, orange to chartreuse night glow. The block has an arched top and a flat base. Its white face beautifully contrasts the colors of the case.

The timepiece is a traditional clock with an alarm setting. Although it is marketed as an alarm clock, it can also work as a decorative piece on a shelf. Its simple finishing makes it blend in any modest setting.

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Jensen – Modern & Contemporary Digital Electric Alarm Tabletop Clock in Black

Jensen’s digital clock is unique compared to other modern slab timepieces because of its fabric screen. The fabric skin gives the 12-inch digital LED display patterned aesthetics. The clock is also a radio. It has ten pre-set FM radio stations set for easy access. If you are into entertainment, you will enjoy having this electrical alarm clock.

The device has a switch to regulate brightness and a sleep mode for someone that prefers no lights at night. It comes with a USB cable and backup battery as well. The casing is black, giving the device that edgy look.

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Biegert & Funk – QLOCKTWO TOUCH Table Alarm Clock

The QLOCKTWO is an innovative alarm clock. It is one of a kind in the market. Instead of giving you numbers, this clock reads out the time. Time can be read in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French.

The device has an aluminum casing mounted on a magnetic stainless steel stand. It stands at 5.31 inches high and 5.31 inches wide. Its display uses an energy-efficient LED, and you can change the clock face color in five available colors.

Aside from its clock function, the device is also a reading lamp and an alarm clock that can be snoozed multiple times. The clock’s design and aesthetics are mind-blowing. It is both a statement piece and reads time with precision.

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Jensen- Digital Dual Projection Radio Tabletop Clock

Digital Dual Projection Radio Tabletop Clock

If you want to see your time on the wall or ceiling, then Jensen’s digital dual projection clock is your device. The timepiece has an adjustable casing that projects time on any surface. The projector displays the time in red LED light. The clock face has a black background, and the digits are displayed in white LED light.

The gadget also functions as an alarm clock with an unlimited snooze option. You can also use it to set time reminders for other activities. Additionally, this minimalist alarm clock is an FM radio for entertainment. It uses electricity and can be charged using a USB cable. It also has a backup battery.

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