Top 10 Minimalist Wall Clocks that Don’t Compromise On Style



Minimalist wall Clock

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Every home needs a good quality clock or two, but choosing a design to fit in with your décor is not always an easy task. We all know how a clock works and there really is no need for a multitude of extra features or an overly complex design. Two or three hands-on a round surface, or a simple digital display of the time and date, are all that is really required. After all, clocks are a significant part of your space. It is only logical that they blend in with your style.

A good clock should last you many years so choosing one which fits in anywhere is a great investment. If you decide to change your color scheme then there is a good chance your clock will still be suitable. Here we will look at 15 minimalist wall clock that can complement any interior design scheme.

Reviews of the Best Minimalist Wall Clock

Blackout Red Circle Metal Wall Clock

This 23” round wall clock has a simple plain black face with hour, minute, and second hands to show the time. Even the sound of this clock is pleasingly minimal, there is no tick-tock to disturb the peace, just a silent sweeping action as the hands move around the hours.

The easy wipe-clean surface means that it would be well suited to kitchen use, and its basic hanging bracket means that it can be fixed easily to a simple screw or hook around the house. Even better, the Blackout Red Circle Metal Wall Clock is made right here in the USA and comes with a lifetime parts warranty, so you can be sure of its quality.

Simple, sleek, and modern, this clock does not display any numbers, just the three basic hands which come in a choice of six bright colors: black, blue, green, orange, red or white. It fits perfectly into any modern home and will complement any decor.

Arospa Luxury Modern Wall Clock

The Arospa Wall Clock is an attractive timepiece with a luxury look. The simple two-hand design shows an accurate time on a background marked with dividing lines in place of numbers. This minimal display works really well with the marbled fave and rose gold colored frame, which all come together to make a really nice looking clock.

The understated design of the Arospa is also reflected in the silent function. There is no ticking or other sounds to offer a distraction or annoyance. If you prefer to sit or work in silence so it’s ideal for use in a home office or lounge room. With a diameter of 12”, it’s a really good standard size which will fit nicely on nearly any wall and remain clearly visible without taking up too much space.

The wall fastening is a small slot which means that the clock can hang easily on any nail or screw around the house. The plain colors meant that it should fit well into any room, adding a touch of luxury with its gold-colored accents.

Modern Minimalist Wood on White Silent Wall Clock

A large, square wall clock with two hands, the modern minimalist wall clock from Stephanie Imports Store has a pleasingly clean minimal look. Its white glass background provides the ideal setting for the large silver colored numbers which mark the hours, and it feels satisfyingly heavy in your hands. The weight means that it will require a pretty sturdy hook or nail to hang from but also provides a nice feeling of quality and sturdiness.

At 11.4” across, this wall clock is a good size for most rooms and its no-fuss presentation means that it will fit nicely into most houses. The wide clean glass surface makes it a great choice for the kitchen or bathroom, though it will also add a touch of class to a sitting or lounge area. The attractive shape is not strictly square: the corners are rounded, making it appear softer than it otherwise might. Altogether, this is an eye-catching and unusual clock, it’s likely to draw attention and compliments from guests and visitors.

Modern White Wall Clock

The most minimal of minimalist clocks, this stunning wall clock comes with a clean white face and thick white frame. It is made of ceramic so is quite heavy and feels like a good quality product and arrives packaged in a smart gift box which only adds to the luxury feel; the smart presentation means that it would make a great gift.

Two gold hands stand out sharply against the cool white background and add a touch of class to the clock’s appearance. There are no numbers on the face, the time is marked off in minutes with subtle grooves in the surface. Powered by a single AA battery, the clock shows the time accurately and with a completely silent motion which will not disturb even the quietest house.

The clock is 10 inches across and would fit equally well into a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. The wall attachment on the back makes hanging it easy, even for the least experienced DIYers among us!

hito Silent Wall Clock Bold

Bold and eye-catching, this clock is made with a stunning wood effect face and a chunky frame in a contrasting white or black. Its striking appearance makes it a great choice for the kitchen, lounge or dining areas as it will draw attention even from across the room. At 12” in diameter, this clock is a good size: big enough to be seen easily and small enough to fit nicely on any available wall space.

The ‘numbers’ are marked by simple white lines, giving the clock a minimalist look, and the second, minute and hour hands are also white and very noticeable against the dark background. The contrasting colors mean that the time is always easily visible, even from a distance.

Precise timekeeping is the most important feature of any clock and the hito is no exception; its three hands always keep accurate time. An AA battery powers the silent action (no ticking) of the hito Wall Clock; it’s a perfect fit for classrooms, offices and other spaces where a quiet atmosphere is valued.

Modern Home Minimalist LED Digital

This minimalist wall clock is simple in appearance. The display is made up of digital style numbers, joined in the center with a plain backplate, which lights up with LED lights to show the time. The brightness can be adjusted manually. There are four levels to choose from. Alternatively, a sensor controls the brightness automatically to ensure that the numbers are always visible. It might be too bright for a bedroom, although it could double up as a nightlight, but is a good choice for anywhere where a clear timepiece is needed.

The display itself is large: over 15” long and 5” tall. This makes it a good choice for very big rooms or areas where you might want to see the time from a reasonably long distance away. It is wired, so does need to be within reach of a wall socket, but is powered by remote control so, once it is hung, it can be left in place. The time can be shown in a 12 or 24-hour layout, depending on your preference. A temperature display is optional and there are three alarm settings.

The Modern Home Minimalist Wall Clock has a cool, futuristic design which will look great in any modern looking home and makes a fantastic gift for college students.

Seiko Wall Clock

Seiko should need no introduction: it has been a leading brand in timekeeping for well over 100 years and has gained a fantastic reputation as a quality and trustworthy name. This smart minimalist looking wall clock is just another example of their usual quality and excellence. Three hands move silently around the metallic looking face and, powered by two AA batteries, keep the time accurately and reliably.

The center of the clock face is a silver circle, with numbers shown around the edge of it. A second, outer circle is marked with lines to show the hours, making the clock easier to read if your sight is poor. This section is transparent so the background color of the wall will show through it, it cannot fail to match your room colors! The outer frame of the clock is black, giving the whole thing a striking, modern appearance.

Compared to cheaper clocks, this one is built very well and feels sturdy and solid to hold. At 11” wide, it is a well-sized clock for use around the house and the colors and style of the frame make it an adaptable piece which should fit nicely into almost any room or area.

Simple Modern White Wooden

The clean and simple design of this plain white wall clock means that it is an ideal choice for those who want a no-fuss timekeeping piece which will blend effortlessly into their home. The 11” round face is simple and modern: a white surface with no frame. The numbers are carved into the surface, making them stand out strikingly against the white background, and the two wooden hands are a clearly visible brown color. Powered by an AA battery, the clock works silently, making it a perfect choice for homes and workspaces where silence is valued.

The overall appearance of this clock is elegant and modern, with no frame to detract from the simple design. Clear numbers stand out and make the time easy to read, even from a distance. The wood finish looks classy and expensive and the plain colors mean that it will blend nicely into most rooms and décor styles, from the modern to the rustic.

Thehaki Decorative

This 9” round clock is made with a non-ticking quartz design which means that it works silently and will not disturb your work or activities. There is no glass or frame; the clock is extremely light and, at just 0.4lbs, it can be hung from almost any small screw, or positioned to suit you with the self-adhesive hook which is included in the package.

The leather effect finish to the face of the clock gives it an expensive and elegant appearance and the selection of available colors mean that you can make the best selection to complement your existing furnishings. It is also a great clock to give as a gift. The stylish appearance and silent action mean that it is sure to be appreciated by anyone who values function and beauty in their home.

The structure of the clock means that it might not be as sturdy as others but it looks really nice and, once it’s hanging on a wall, there should be no reason to suppose it will sustain any damage. This is a lovely choice for people who want a minimalist clock with a little extra color.

Sierra Wood 12″ Wall Clock 

The Sierra Wood 12″ Wall Clock is a lovely minimalist timepiece with a classic look. At 12” in diameter, this round wall clock is a good size and the white vinyl face is a great look. It will look great against most color schemes and fits especially well in dining and lounge areas. Against the dark background, the two hands in the light colored metal stand out well and make the clock easy to read, even from a distance.

The numbers are ‘cut out’ and look like they have been carved into the clock surface, giving the lovely minimalist design an attractive rustic look. When light shines on the clock the numbers show on the shadow cast behind the clock. This can only be seen from the correct angle but is an interesting and quirky feature which will be a talking point amongst guests. The Sierra Wood 12″ Wall Clock is powered by one AA battery and features a Precise Quartz movement (soft ticking sound), making it the ideal choice of the clock for a quiet work environment.

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