Best Minimalist Watches for Women

minimalist watches for women

There’s just something about using a high-performance watch with a design that’s as minimal as possible. There won’t be any excessive use of precious metals and materials, nor will there be any intricate design that’ll make it harder to read the watch. Instead, you’re met with a watch dial that has no other function than to display the time, with as little inconveniences as possible. To that, we’ve gone through the best minimalist watches for women on the market and we’ve compiled 15 top watches for you to check out. The fact that simplicity, in as much as it’s done right, can look good is just another huge plus.

Top 15 minimalist watches for women

Anne Klein Diamond Watch

Other than the fact that this can be a timeless gift (pun fully intended) to the right person—the Anne Klein Diamond Watch ticks the right boxes and none of the wrong ones. The watch comes in 3 functional colors, which are Fully Gold, Gold/Green, and Two Tone/Blue. Each features the same lithe 32 mm case, perfect for small wrists.

Nevertheless, the effects of all 3 colors can be seen in the watch’s dial—which is a take on simplicity. It’s home to a sun-ray design with the appropriate watch hands (second, minute, and hour) and gold strips depicting hours in an interval of 3. In the case of the 12-hour mark, a single white simulated diamond sits at the top—also representing the maker’s philosophy of ignoring attention for functions.

Calvin Klein Agile

This Calvin Klein watch definitely lives up to its reputation, considering the somewhat hefty price. Made in Switzerland from quality materials, this is a classy and minimal watch for the modern women. The watch comes in a considerable 43 mm stainless steel case with a condensed coating of platinum on top. It’s home to 2 things: the first is the unconventional 2-string bracelet, while the second is the sun-ray dial. Both indicate the minimalistic design chosen by the manufacturer.

The 2-string bracelet uses a push-button deployment clasp that measures 34 mm in width when connected. Despite its seemingly flimsy build, the bracelet holds up rather well and is quite comfortable. However, the clasp sometimes sticks, you may need help from another person.

When it comes to the dial, you’ll only find 2 hands here. One representing hours, while the smaller one nods off at the minutes. It’s kept as minimal as possible. The watch does also offer some water resistance at 3 Bar which is more than good enough to go against the occasional accidental splashes and rain. Overall, this Calvin Klein watch is very simple and sleek, making it a great choice for those who are looking for minimalist watches.

Opulence Women Watch from Timex

Showing their philosophy of ‘Simple is Always Enough’ the Women’s Crystal Opulence Watch starts off their design with a circular case showing just that. The company uses the usual sun-ray dial, but here, the use of the rough white fabric-like Swarovski crystals sets the watch aside from the competition. Especially when you consider the fact that it complements the 38 mm rose gold-plated brass case.

Now, on the part of the models available, each rivals the next due to the consistency and level of detail that’s shown. You can choose between White/Gold, Blue/Gold, and Black. The first one features a white leather band with a gold case. For the Blue/Gold-tone model, the dial is a mix of varying hues of blue, with a gold case, and a black leather band. Finally, the black version is completely black. The case, hands, bracelet, and even crown are pitch black.

ETEVON Women’s Quartz Watch

Like other watches on the list, this ETEVON Women’s Quartz Watch has its own formula for making unique watches. And what stands out the most here is the looped design that the bracelet adopts. It gives 2 advantages—the first being the major reduction in prices due to reduced need for materials when compared to others on the list. For the other half, the bracelet takes the comfortability up a notch. With each loop, the weight reduces, and this combined with a 32 mm case creates the ideal timepiece for small to medium-sized wrists.

Asides this, both the bracelet and case are shaped with steel and then colored Gold and Rose Gold to offer some variety. Gold and Rose Gold—with both having the same style in terms of dial elements –  3 hands representing hours, minutes, and seconds for solid readability and throughout, the color stays uniform.

Anne Klein Women’s Silicone Strap Watch

While you can pick between the 4 colors Red, Black, White, and Navy Blue with the AK Silicone Strap Watch, the highlight is the quality of the silicone band used. Each variation is lightweight with no subtract to the toughness, and at the same time, comfort is preserved. Representing the company’s taste in making simple watches, the dials of all the models are white (except the white version with a light blue dial) and the hands are colored black for enhanced readability. All of this is enveloped by a 38mm metal case that’s water-resistant enough to handle splashes and rain with no backlash. Now, consider the fact that you can personally put a nato strap on that, and it’s one of the best combos you can use.

Calvin Klein Aggregate

It’s a given to take an instant liking to the Calvin Klein Aggregate Watch due to its unique design. Making use of 2 concentric circles to form the watch’s gold-plated steel case, you’ll find a silver dial that’s home to only 2 hands on the inside. One stands for the hour while the other represents the minutes. Other than that, the inside fully adopts the minimalist theme that’s in play, with the complete absence of numbers representing the various hours. Combine that notion with the white leather bracelet attached to the outer circle and you can see why it was good enough to earn a review from us.

Timex Originals Leather Strap Watch

The blue leather band/strap and the 38 mm case entirely make up the Timex Originals Watch. For the former, a genuine leather band is used and it measures a sizeable 9 1⁄4 mm in length to accommodate different sizes. Add the use of polka dots in the right amount, size, and hue, and the design, though simple, is great aesthetic-wise.

On the other hand, the case is made from stainless steel and then painted bright gold. Inside, there’s the quartz movement which is the industry best for accurate time-keeping, 3 hands representing the hour, minute, and seconds and a 2-tone dial.

Calvin Klein Rise Watch

Rather than using the cumulative effort of both the build and looks, the Calvin Klein 2-Needle Rise Watch earns its place mainly because of the latter. A circular silver colored case greets you. Right behind that, a 2-tone dial is set inside with a clear boundary created where the colors meet.

One half is white in color, while the other adopts a bluish wood grain scheme. Together, they accentuate the simplicity.  And with the design choice of using only 2 watch hands and nothing else (no number for hours), this is a watch that’ll fit in easily in a minimalist woman’s collection.

Anne Klein Women’s Black Ceramic Watch

This Anne Klein Women’s Black Ceramic Diamond Watch has one thing that all other watches on the list lack, the inclusion of ceramic as a primary material. The watch strictly makes use of black ceramic for the bracelet, and as expected, that drastically increases the comfort.

After that, there’s the 30 mm brass case to consider. You’ll find 3 hands and 4-hour markers inside it—with the former representing the second, minute, and hour—while the latter makes use of gold strips and a simulated diamond at the 12-hour mark. Follow that up with the addition of a gold accent in the form of the lug and hour marker, and the watch performs really well in terms of looks and build quality. Hence, it’s easy to include in all outfits for different settings.

Abart FA36-012 Watch

Here, the sun-ray dial makes a remarkable comeback with the Abart FA36-012 Watch. The timepiece comes in 2 models, though here the color isn’t the topic of the day. Instead, one model comes with a black leather band while the other ships with the standard metal bracelet.

Now, the fun spin here is that you can choose any, and still expect a dark blue dial with 2 gold hands and a second display just beneath both of them. On the outside, the bezel, lug, and crown are gold in color. This, combined with the fact that the watch is round, creates a modern design that’ll stay in vogue for quite some time. Just like clockwork, they use an already proven formula.

Timex Women’s Easy Reader Expansion Watch

Albeit it slightly resembles a Rolex, it’s necessary to give it props for the build and looks. That is, the stainless steel watch is 2-toned, with the colors gold and silver white. The amalgamation of both, when added to the rather modest build of the timepiece, creates a prime long-term option that you should consider making an investment.

Add readability and the inclusion of the Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial to that long list of features, and you only need a glance to tell the time, while the last part allows you to tell the time in the dark. Essentially, this is a watch that can go anywhere with you—night and day.

Anne Klein Women’s AK/1931SVTT

At this point, we think we should be getting bored of seeing timepieces with circular faces, but that’s only if they’re not done right. With the Anne Klein Women’s AK/1931SVTT Diamond-Accented Watch, you get a thick bezel created out of gold-plated steel which is perfect for women who value bold and chic designs. Inside, the dial is simple and hence, the time, accurate as a result of using a quartz battery is very easy to read. All of this is then complemented by a2-tone steel bracelet that holds everything together. If you like watches with a simple design that can be applied to both simple and social callings, here’s one you should take a look at.

Timex TW2R36100 Metropolitan Gold-Tone Watch

By attaching a mesh bracelet to a 34 mm case, Timex has probably just created a classic, that’s literally fit for wrists of all different sizes. In other words, you’re not excluded from using the Women’s Metropolitan Watch due to its use of a simple approach. The watch represents timeless use with the help of a quartz movement while the feminine vibe that’s already present is enhanced by using a textured dial.

The only thing you have to do now is select your favorite color. So pick amongst various models with different mixtures of the colors black, gold, navy, blush, rose gold, and white. Happy hunting!

Anne Klein Goldtone Diamond-dial Watch

The Women’s Goldtone Diamond Dial Watch from Anne Klein spots the same signature round bezel design with a sunray dial. Though, what sets it apart from the rest is the basic use of white and gold hues to create a template unique enough to stand the test of time in terms of flexibility.

You’ll literally be able to combine this with any outfit you have in mind—while at the same time, the time is just a glance away with the help of a quartz movement running things smoothly. This is definitely a keeper, so it’s a try at the very least considering the fact that it comes with the right attitude.

Anne Klein Silver-toned Watch

Anne Klein takes a very different approach with the Women’s Silver Tone Watch. As the name implies, the watch comes in a silvery-white color—which means the dial, bracelet, and even the hands telling the time are all uniform in color. Appeal-wise and in terms of performance in your wardrobe, this is one of the best time-telling options that you should consider.

Similarly, it’s important to say that under the hood, you’ll find a Japanese quartz movement accurately keeping the time in any situation you’ll be wearing it. Though, we recommend that you try to avoid contact with water since the watch doesn’t play well with liquids.

Our Final Thoughts

As you’ll notice above, all of the minimalist watches for women reviewed, make use of extremely unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else. This can make it a bit challenging to choose one, so we recommend just going for any out of your list of preferred options. Although, try to mind the price since there are some with hefty tags.