Minimalist Wallets For Women: Functionality Meets Style



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If you are a person who likes her accessories with elements pared down to bare minimum then minimalist wallets for women are the right choice for you. You can simply invest in a wallet that is skinny, small yet stylish. Either you are someone whose work environment is rather relaxed or a businesswoman who cannot compromise on her accessories, we have lots of minimalist wallet variations.

Now you can easily break free from your heavy purse if you are heading out with friends as you can slip in the minimalist wallet in your jeans or simply carry it in your hand. Check out these minimalist wallets for women and pick the one that suits your style:

18 Minimalist Wallets for Women

Leather zip around wallet

This wallet has a clean, minimal exterior. It can store the barest of necessities. It features 2 main compartments for bills, notes or phone, one zip pocket for coins or valuable items, and 4 small pockets for credit cards.The simple design will ensure that you take out your cards with ease and they aren’t stuck when you are in a hurry. Overall, this wallet is something that you can call a wise investment that will bring true simplicity to your style. It is offered in a lot of hues and you can pick the one that tickles your fancy the most.

Get the look: Leather zip around wallet

Handmade Minimalist wallet

This might be small in appearance but it can store lots of cards and keep your cash safe. Crafted with fine quality Turkish and Mongolian leather and 0.45mm thread, this wallet is durable and high quality. It can accommodate up to 12 cards. You can store your cash, important and random loyalty cards all at one place in this simple wallet. Its thread is available in 6 colors (white, black, light green, light orange, brown) that you can choose when ordering. All in all, this wallet is very slim and fully handmade.

Get the look: Handmade minimalist wallet

Dante Women’s RFID Blocking Small Compact Bifold Leather Pocket Wallet

This wallet features a cool color blocking design. It is fashioned from good quality leather and has a bi-fold envelope-like design. It comes with no less than 6 card slots and a pocket that can keep the cash and coins along with some folded bills. The upper flap has a zipper trim that makes it even more trendy along with the color combinations. If you have got a thing for cute accessories that are at the same time chic then this one is to go for. It also provides a shield against data theft and blocks RFID signals effectively.

Get the look: Dante Women’s RFID Blocking Compact Leather Pocket Wallet

GH GOLD HORSE Minimalist Leather Front Pocket Wallet for Women

This wallet has a tiny size but a big function. It can hold your basic necessities to carry that are cards and cash and you can easily drop it in your pocket and move around carefree while it takes care of your possessions. From feminine pink to classy black, and every color in between, this wallet comes in a multitude of colors. You can even invest in more than one if you are into colors. It is so slim and thin that you won’t even notice you are carrying a wallet and continue your activities hassle-free and with ease. It features a see-through pocket as well for keeping the ID in easy and quick access. There is something very cool and thoughtful provided in this tiny wallet. It has RFID blocking material used that will ensure the security of your credit card.

Get the look: GH GOLD HORSE Minimalist Leather Wallet

Bellroy Card Sleeve, slim leather wallet (Max. 8 cards and bills)

This wallet takes minimalism to a whole new level. It is more like a pocket that can store your cards, some cash and folded bills. It features a front and a rear pocket and a pocket in the middle. This super thin wallet is provided with a pull tab so that you can easily pop out your cards whenever needed. Just keep the most used cards in the front and back slots and you are good to go. It is manufactured with fine quality leather sewn into a sleeve eliminating zips and buttons for smooth use.

Get the look: Bellroy Card Sleeve

Slim Minimalist Wallet

This one is a credit card holder case with 3 slots. This wallet dominated by minimalism can also be a secret carrier of your cards that you can attach with your belt or put inside a pocket. It has an ability to prevent data theft with RFID blocking technology to ensure that your credit cards, debit cards, passport and driver’s license are safe and protected.

Get the look: Slim Minimalist Wallet

BIG SALE-AINIMOER Women’s RFID Blocking Leather Small Compact Bifold Pocket Wallet

This wallet is ideal for a lot of occasions such as work, shopping, and other outdoor activities. It is offered in a wide range of colors. The design is bi-fold which means when it opens up it provides double the space compared to a single pocket wallet. This mini purse comes with six card slots and is made out of RFID blocking material that guarantees the protection of your cards. It is also provided with a zipper pocket at the back that punctuates it so stylishly. This wallet can make a beautiful gift too because it has so many color options and you can choose the color that your friend likes the most.

Get the look: BIG SALE-AINIMOER Women’s Wallet

YALUXE Women’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Multi Card Organizer Wallet

If you are that fashionista who has a busy life that comes with a lot of things to manage such as a big stash of cards then this wallet is the one for you. This wallet is perhaps the best way to keep a lot of cards organized that can easily create a hotchpotch in no time and resulting in rummaging every time you need the desired card. It can house 20 cards at a time and one flap has a zipper pocket that you can use to store some cash or even a cell phone.

Get the look: YALUXE Women’s Wallet

Itslife Women’s Rfid Blocking Small Compact Bifold Leather Pocket Wallet

This leather wallet has a generous amount of card storage slots. The design is bifold which makes it a minimalist accessory you can add to your outfit assemble. The back has a zipper pocket for storing cash and coins. It is offered in a lot of colors including glamorous metallic colors. The design is timeless and you can carry it without a handbag too. Its compact design will make your life far easier and you can manage all your cards and cash without any worry.

Get the look: Itslife Womens Wallet

HISCOW Metal Zipper Slim Sector Wallet – Italian Calfskin

Available in black, brown and wine red, this compact wallet can easily accentuate your look with its elegant and simple design. There is a zip closure to it and has an internal pocket with a divider for pesky coins so that they won’t scratch your cards or fall out as you take out cards or cash. The material is leather that will add a touch of class to your look. With the convenient and lightweight wallet, you can go around doing your work or run errands and stay hassle-free.

Get the look: HISCOW Metal Zipper Slim Sector Wallet

Big Skinny Women’s Taxicat Bi-Fold Slim Wallet

This wallet has some geometric inspiration included in its design as you can see it is rectangular but the button enclosure side is rather curved giving it a look that will make it stand out for sure. The design is bi-fold with enough space for your cards and cash. It is offered in some exciting colors too such as fuschia and purple along with tones such as black and gray. You can buy more than one too so that you can mix and match them with your outfits. It has one hidden large pocket where you can tuck in your cash neatly.

Get the look: Big Skinny Women’s Taxicat Bi-Fold Slim Wallet

RFID Blocking Wallet Women’s Small Compact Front Pocket Mini Wallet

This bi-fold wallet features a textured leather design with 6 card slots, one slot for a photograph and a coin and a bill pocket. It comes with a security feature that keeps your data guarded while you go about your day. Due to its affordability compared to the quality provided, you can purchase more than one wallet so that you can have a variation and pick the one that suits your outfit or mood that day. Because some days we like to carry something mysterious like black and then there are days when we want to flaunt a wallet in an attention-grabbing color such as yellow or rose red.

Get the look: RFID Blocking Wallet Women’s Wallet

SERMAN BRANDS – Blocking Credit Card Holder Slim Minimalist Wristlet Wallet

Now, this is something we can call as a complete package. It has a very neat design with card slots at the back and a zipper pocket. While it comes with RFID blocking safety feature it also has a sling so that you can keep it in your hand easily. It is available in baby blue, burgundy, fuschia, blush, nude, stone gray, emerald, noir black and poppy. All the colors are tremendous and perfectly classy. Either you have a personality that likes subtle and muted tones or a person who is wild at heart, there is a color available to suit everyone’s taste.

Get the look: SERMAN BRANDS Wallet

Bellroy Leather Card Pocket Wallet

This wallet might seem small but it packs a punch. With a width of only 4 inches, this wallet can accommodate up to 15 cards so you won’t have to skip all those loyalty cards that you don’t use on everyday basis yet want to carry them along. It comes in three color options that are black, alabaster stone and steel blue. Each color has its own charm and sophistication. The material used is leather and if you aren’t into the shiny type of leather then this one is meant for you. It also outfits a pocket where you can keep your coins and receipts away from the cards.

Get the look: Bellroy Leather Card Pocket Wallet

Leather zip around small wallet

This wallet is made from vegetable tanned calf leather that will age beautifully with everyday use, giving the wallet character and a life-story that is as unique as you are.

In this wallet, you get the option of 7 card slots including 4 credit cards slots, 2 long pocets for notes, one zip pocket for storing cash and 3 accordion-type open pockets. Due to its compact design, you can either carry it as it is or you can drop it in your handbag and keep on doing your activities carefree.

Overall, this is practical, simple and durable wallet. The leather is eco-friendly without any chemicals, only from natural materials including natural oils and beeswax. Its leather is dyed by hand so the tone and texture are different for each wallet.

Get the look: Leather zip around small wallet

Womens Slim Wallet

If you are thinking of downsizing your bag as you sometimes don’t feel the need to carry or simply want something super skinny and lightweight instead, this wallet might be the right fit for you. Easy to use yet in high style. The color selection features 7 colors (Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, Black, Cognac, Red). The wallet is made from genuine leather so it can show some texture imperfections.

This wallet offers convenience and has a highly practical design. Especially, it does not take up much space so it is ideal for any handbag. Inside there are two small pockets for cards and two long compartments for bills, notes or even a phone.

Get the look: Womens slim wallet

Mango Quilted Knot Cosmetic Bag

Image Credit: Mango

The black quilted mango cosmetic bag is a pack of beauty made from polyester that helps you keep every makeup necessity organized. Its small size allows you to toss this bag into your purse and travel with your basic cosmetic items a zipper away.

Made of 100 percent polyester material, this bag is strong enough to carry your makeup, house and car keys, beauty products, cash as well as eyeglasses. The lining of the mango quilted knot cosmetic bag is also purely polyester. These impart both durability and water resistance making it your best companion even during rainy seasons.

The quilted design gives this bag an ultimate look while it costs much lower than other makeup bags.

To maintain the quality of this wallet, you are advised not to wash the bag nor bleach it. Dry cleaning, tumble drying, and ironing are also not recommended.

Within 60 days of purchase, you can make a free return of the commodity and also get free standard shipping if you buy items costing more than $50.

This quilted knot cosmetic bag will serve you for years!

Get the look: Mango Quilted Knot Cosmetic Bag

Rains Wallet

Image Credit: Rains

The Rains wallet features four slots where you can keep your cards including business, identification, and credit cards. The also has four compartments that you can use to keep receipts and cash.

Additional space is offered by the internal zip-up compartment where you can keep loose change.

Designed for wet-weather conditions, this premium quality wallet features the Rains’ water-resistant fabric that consists of polyester and polyurethane in the ratio of 1:1. The lining on the other hand is made purely of polyester.

The fabric is also able to repel up to 8000mm/cm2 of water column pressure. The zip is made of stainless steel and long-lasting rubber trimmings that are also waterproof. Your cards and other items housed in the wallet, therefore, remain protected even in a heavy downpour.

Measuring 7.5 x 4.1 x 0.8 inches, this wallet accommodates several items despite its compact size.

Get the look: Rains wallet


Image credit: Bellroy, Etsy

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