10 Best Minimalist Everyday Shoes Reviews 2020

Minimalist Everyday Shoes

It is often said that you should invest in a good pair of shoes and good mattresses because you spend most of your time in them. Forget the mattress; let us talk about what a good pair shoes can to do to your overall wellbeing. If you have tried on a pair of minimalist shoes then you can relate to the goodness that I am talking about.

Minimalist shoes, or barefoot shoes as popularly known, have gained the attention of most people owing to their versatility. The fact that they strengthen your feet with every single step that you make is a very huge advantage for you. One of the most important elements of a good pair of minimalist pair of shoes is that it offers you the much-desired comfort as you walk around all day.

Not every minimalist shoe will appeal to you, which is why I went searching for what you will find to be absolutely appealing and befitting to your everyday movement needs.

Let’s dive right into the list of the best minimalist everyday shoes:

10 Best Minimalist Everyday Shoes

Minimalist Everyday Shoes for Men

Inov-8 Bare XF 210 V2 – Barefoot Minimalist Shoes


The Bare-XF 210 V2 is built to bring your foot closer to the ground to give you a more natural walking feel. This is one of the key things that you most likely looking for in any minimalist shoe. The deal gets better with the natural adaptative fit that is offered by these shoes. If you get the right size of these shoes, you will be guaranteed the much-needed ease of movement that comes from having a perfectly fitting shoes that are also very lightweight.

The materials used to make these shoes offer breathability. Smelly feet are deal-breakers and will make you lose more than just your self-esteem. The Bare-XF 210 V2 shoes are here to help you avoid such situations.

I, also, cannot fail to mention that these shoes are best known for their flexibility. The entire shoe is manufactured using Meta-flex technology, which allows for the natural flexing of your forefoot. You do not have to wait until get home to take off your shoes to relieve your toes off the pressure with these shoes.

On the same note, you will benefit a great deal from the adapter web cradle lacing system that is meant to hold your feet in a secure position. You will find this feature quite beneficial in the way your shoes move easily with your foot. With most shoes that do not have this feature, you are likely to feel your shoes slipping off with every step that you take.

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Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather Sneaker


Here is another perfect minimalist shoe that is made of 100% genuine leather. Simply put, I am talking about a minimal look with maximum performance. To begin with, the black leather upper makes these shoes suitable for the office work environment. This comes as a very perfect solution to all those who would like to be walking around in comfortable shoes, without having to sneak in neon running shoes to the office.

The one thing I think the manufacturers did an excellent job with is the creation of the sock-like design, which gives you a perfect locked-down fit. If your description involves moving around a lot, then the last thing you will be worrying about is your shoes slipping off if you are wearing the Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather Sneaker. The manufacturer’s meticulousness in the manufacture of shoes is also evident in manner in which they include the soft full-grain leather upper, which gives your foot the right molding.

These minimalist everyday shoes also have a Vibram TC5+ sole that absorbs any unnecessary tension to enable you to move around without straining your feet. This coupled up with the tail protect pad fitted on these shoes always does an excellent job at offering protection for your underfoot.

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Oberm Men’s Trail Running Shoes Minimalist Wide Toe Box Barefoot Trainers Water Shoes


Oberm’s excellence as a shoe manufacturer is brought out in the design and features of these shoes. Let us begin by having a look at the sole. This shoe has a true rubber sole that offers great protection for your feet. Sharp objects barely have a chance at making their way to your underfoot through this sole. This does not mean that the rubber sole is overly hard. In fact, it gives you the most accurate ground feedback.

I am always out for minimalist shoes that give a barefoot feeling, and I can affirm with a lot of certainty that these shoes fall into this category. With the removable sock liners fitted in them, you are bound to walk around feeling as if you are walking barefoot.

The wide toe box is also an excellent feature in these minimalist shoes. Your toes can easily slip into this toe box and relax in the same manner as how they would if you had no shoes on. What more comfort would you be looking for?

All in all, I must admit that these shoes tick off all my boxes in as far as strength, balance, posture and reflexology are concerned. These are some of the most positive features that you can rely on to support the healthy growth of your feet, as a person who has to be in shoes for a significant portion of your day.

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Astral Men’s Loyak Everyday Outdoor Minimalist Sneakers


How does a 6.35-ounce shoe feel on your foot? Super comfortable! This is exactly what the Astral Men’s Loyak Everyday Outdoor Minimalist Sneakers aim to achieve. To begin with, you can wear them when traveling, for casual occasions, during boat rides and when walking in areas that have water. This versatility is made possible by the presence of the upper hydrophobic canvas. This water resistant upper shields your feet from any sort of wetness, thus making sure that they remain dry at all times.

This does not mean that your feet will begin stinking from the lack of ventilation. In fact, they are bound to remain fresh all day with the stretchy air mesh positioned at the vamp and at the tongue of these shoes.

My other favorite aspect about these shoes is that they have two sets of water resistant laces. Who doesn’t like an extra pair of anything anyway?

The foot to ground distance of these shoes’ soles is 12 mm. Such a sole only gives you a natural feel as you walk on any type of surface, and you do not have struggle with posture or balance since it is all flat.

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Minimalist Everyday Shoes for Women

Vivobarefoot Primus Lux Women’s Everyday Trainer Shoe Sneaker


Vivobarefoot presents an exemplary design minimalist shoe whose benefits you can look forward to enjoying. For starters, these shoes are made of 100% genuine leather which is durable enough to protect your upper foot from possible damage when you are walking around in any sort of terrain. The manufacturers of this shoe coupled up this with a rubber sole that also bears protective properties.

These shoes are wide, thin and flexible. This helps with ensuring that you do not get exhausted dragging around your feet all day long. The wideness is meant to facilitate the wide surface of your feet, for them to fit in comfortably and for your toes to relax. The flexibility aspect of these minimalist shoes is meant to let you bend your entire foot as you so please without any limitations.

These premium minimalist everyday shoes are designed to hold on to your feet naturally so that you can move around uninhibited.

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Vivobarefoot Women’s Stealth 2 Walk Shoe


Vivobarefoot also combined attractiveness, durability and functionality and put it into one shoe known as the Women’s Stealth 2 Walk Shoe.

This shoe is perfect for jogging and as everyday wear to work. It has a durable hex-mesh upper that is intended to withstand harsh conditions. This upper is made with support and stretch zones that effectively hold your foot in place. The inclusion of these zones also assures responsive foot control.

This model of walk shoes also features a 3mm sole that presents optimal sensory feedback for your feet. This is the reason these shoes are suitable for different terrains and occasions. Owing to the fact that it is an 8.5-ounce shoe, it happens to be one of the lightest shoes in the minimalist shoe category.

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Xero Shoes Hana Women’s Casual Canvas Barefoot-Inspired Minimalist Lightweight Zero-Drop Shoe

Minimalist Lightweight Zero-Drop Shoe


These are some of the best lightweight shoes to walk around in. They feature a Barefoot-inspired sole which is made rubber. I would, in particular, applaud the manufacturers of these shoes for the excellent natural foot design that easily accommodates the large toe. The toe box is big enough to let every single toe in and to have them relax as you go about your daily activities.

Another detail that is almost hard not to notice is the lacing system that is identical to what you see in huarache sandals. The laces hold your foot in place, in a low-to-the-ground position that works to give you the balance you need as you tread on any type of surface.

What’s more? These shoes are made of a casual canvas upper. Again, this molds your foot and lets it grow stronger, as opposed to limiting its growth.

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Xero Shoes Pacifica – Women’s Minimalist Wool Shoe – Barefoot Inspired, Zero Drop Sole – Charcoal

Xero Shoes Pacifica


If you’ve been on the Internet at all in the last few years, you’ve seen wool sneakers.

More companies are using wool to create the upper parts of their sneakers. They do this because wool is moisture wicking, good for insulation, and vegan. Wool also has anti-microbial features that help protect against foot odor.

Wool is also super light, which makes it the perfect material for minimalist shoes. That’s what Xero Shoes had in mind when they created their casual wool sneaker, the Pacifica.

Pacifica is one of the few minimalist wool shoes on the market (although they might not be for long). Beyond the great benefits of wool, it’s also a well-constructed minimalist casual shoes.

Like other minimalist shoes, Xero simulates the barefoot experience with their thin FeelTrue sole. The sole is only 5.5 mm thick and protects your feet while letting you “feel the world.”

It also has a cool v-strap system that lets you adjust the heel and midsole tightness of your shoes. This allows for a perfect fit, even if you’re new to the minimalist shoe scene. Xero Shoes’ Pacifica also has the wide toe box and zero-drop sole that are a staple of a minimalist shoe.

If you’re curious to try out the wool shoe trend but don’t want to sacrifice foot feel, the Pacifica should be your next buy.

You can see the product on the Xeroshoes site here. Or check it on Amazon below.

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Vivobarefoot Women’s Jing Jing Slip-On


Are you ready to take your minimalist shoes into your everyday routines? Then you need Vivobarefoot Women’s Jing Jing Slip-Ons.

These 100% leather slip-ons have a synthetic sole like Vivobarefoot’s Stealth Running Shoe. They’re made for work, as well as after-work activities like dancing or walking.

The heel measures about 0.25”, and has the same technology as other minimalist shoes. The wide toes and thin outsole means you can still enjoy the feeling of not wearing any shoes while you’re at the office. The sole is a honeycomb pattern for gripping on everyday surfaces. The top line has elastic to make it easy to slip on and off.

Vivobarefoot recommends that you size up when you buy one of these shoes. The elastic on top is tight to keep the shoe on your foot better. If you don’t get the right size, you’ll have a problem with the elastic cutting into your foot.

The Jing-Jing’s come in black leather and brown suede, so they’ll match any outfit you pair them with. Vivobarefoot has other work-friendly street shoes. They have the same barefoot comfort as their trainers.

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Xero Shoes Boaty – Women’s Slip On Boat Shoe


What is more minimalist than boat shoes? The convenience that boat shoes offers is quite unbeatable. Xero steps in to prove this with the boat-shoe barefoot inspired shoes that are quite classy. The barefoot-inspired design is meant to give you a natural fit. This is also enhanced by the presence of a wide toe box gives room for all toes.

The non-elevated heel that is low to the ground is designed that way to allow you to have the right posture when you stand or you walk around. They also facilitate the right balance and agility. These shoes feel super comfortable and flexible enough to allow your foot to bend as you walk around naturally.

Breathability is also taken care of with the inclusion of the brushed cotton canvas upper. It is held in place by a silky smooth wicking lining that adds to the classy look of these shoes. The end result is that you end looking cool, and having happy feet.

This naturally durable pair of shoes is vegan-friendly and serves those who wear it for quite a long period. The FeelTrue rubber soles on these shoes usually have a 5,000-mile warranty from the manufacturer, so you can only begin to imagine the length of time these shoes will serve you. You can see the product on the Xeroshoes site here. Or check it on Amazon below.

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In conclusion

Having the right minimalist everyday shoes on your feet can help them grow as they should be and can enhance your movement significantly. The list presented above is a collection of some of the best shoes of this kind that you can come across. All the best in choosing your new perfect minimalist shoes.

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