Best Minimalist Water Shoes for Men & Women 2020

Minimalist Water Shoes

It does not matter whether you are going for a dive, hike, kayaking, or strolling the beach; you need the protection and comfort of the footwear. Ideally, it will have a significant impact on your experience. There are many other reasons you need the best minimalist water shoes.

Whenever you are close to water, you need the right pair of water shoes. Whether it is playing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming, you are bound to love them. Besides being designed to protect the feet, they are also great for the comfort of your feet.

No matter the activity you love, whether it is kayaking, trekking, boating, or scuba diving, there is a perfect pair of minimalist water shoes for you.

Best Minimalist Water Shoes for Men & Women 2020

Body Glove Men’s 3T Barefoot Max Water Shoe

This is a premium performance water shoe that delivers comfort both on and off the water. At the same time, it provides innovative features that keep you at your best when kayaking, sailing, fishing, paddling, and rafting.

These shoes are designed to maximize the articulation of toes while minimizing injuries and offering protection. It has a 3-toe pocket system that maximizes performance while minimizing the potential for injury to your toes.

An important feature of this shoe is the integrated drainage system that allows water to get from the upper to the outsole. Moreover, it helps improve air circulation. This feature delivers a more breathable shoe and increases airflow for quick drying.

Notable features: Stretch upper, Ultra-grip soles, Elastic shock lace design, Great fit

FitKicks Original Women’s Water Shoes

This water shoe is designed to provide the full movement with unique ergonomic fit and minimalist design. In fact, it has excellent slip-on comfort with water-ready and total breathability. The convenient pull tabs, signature grip strap, and protective toe guard make the shoe stylish.

One of the notable features of this water shoe is the durable FlexForm sole that naturally contours to the foot to offer a free range of motion. This shoe is great for yoga, traveling, exercising, high heel relief, just lounging, running errands, and at the beach.

The shoe is made of spandex blend interweaved material that is known to last long. Also, its Peg Matrix Systems ensures that it adheres to the sole to cushioned insole to offer fold-and-go transport.

Notable features: Comfortable style, Enhanced mobility, Foldable shoe, Versatile

SIMARI Mens Womens Water Shoes

If you are looking for comfortable and outstanding water shoes for your beach trip, you should give these a try. These shoes are available in a wide range of designs and styles.

These water shoes feature a comfortable fabric. Ideally, the upper part is made of stretchable material. Thus, it acts like socks that snug the skin softly and guarantee a quick-dry and breathable experience.

You should note that the design of these water shoes is based on ergonomic principles. For instance, the sole has eight holes that ensure there is adequate drainage to keep the feet from feeling cooler.

These water shoes are convenient to wear because of the elastic shoelace with the locking mechanism. Thus, you can easily adjust them. Moreover, they have an elastic neckline, which allows you to put them on and take off easily.

You should note that the sole is made of rubber materials. In addition, it has a unique bump texture design that keeps balance in place and protects the feet from sharp rock and hot beach.

These shoes are perfect for water games such as kite surfing, sailing, swimming, beach volleyball, and kayaking. Thus, they are a must-carry for family outings.

Notable features: Super comfortable, Lightweight, Sturdy and flexible, Provide adequate protection

Body Glove Men’s 3T Barefoot Cinch Water Shoe

This shoe is designed to allow you to enjoy the feel of being barefoot while protecting the feet. You will find this water shoe perfect for everything from trail running to watersports and anything in between.

These shoes have been designed to improve articulation of the toes, whilst providing adequate protection and reducing the potential to injuries. With the integrated drainage system (IDS), the water can flow from the upper through the outsole and improve air circulation. In fact, it delivers a more breathable shoe out of the water and increases the airflow for quick drying time.

These shoes have reduced sole heights. This is necessary to create a natural balance and grip of being barefoot while offering protection from these elements. Also, the lower profile sole means you can wear your shoes even in restrictive areas, such as in a kayak.

Notable features: Comfortable to wear, Versatile shoes, Natural balance, Prevents injuries

Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

The Surfwalker Pro 3.0 is designed to take you from the ocean to the shore in ultimate comfort. For instance, it has a stretchy pull-on upper with the mesh inserts for a secure fit and quick-dry breathability.

On the inside, the cushioned insole offers great impact protection. The outsole streams water away from shoe to enhance direct surface for better slip resistance and better traction. You will find this to be relaxed lifestyle footwear for the waters. Its athletic design means you can wear this all day.

Notable features: Breathable, Grip on bottom, Comfortable

Xero Shoes Colorado Water-Ready & Trail-Friendly

If you need the shoe that can handle your active lifestyle, you should give Colorado a perfect option. The shoe is trail-friendly and water-ready.

The good thing about this shoe is that it is lightweight and flexible. In fact, you will like the comfort that comes from neoprene lining, BareFoam, and wide toe box.

These shoes are so light that you may forget you are wearing them. Also, they are made from animal products. These shoes have a rubber sole that provides the needed protection and gives feedback to the brain to ensure your body moves optimally.

Another thing you will like about this shoe is it offers natural motion. Ideally, it is flexible enough to let the feet move, bend, and flex the way. In this way, it offers proper posture, and it is built low to the ground for adequate agility and balance.

Notable features: Natural fit, Lightweight, Natural motion and feel, Vegan-friendly materials

Body Glove Women’s 3T Barefoot Cinch Water

This shoe allows you to feel being barefoot and still protecting your feet. Being a minimalist shoe that is perfect for watersports and at the beach, you will also find it great for everyday use.

The good thing about this shoe is that it helps maximize the articulation of toes while providing adequate protection and even minimizing injuries. The integrated drainage system makes this shoe to be more breathable when out of water. Also, it increases airflow for quick drying time.

Its stretchy fabric upper ensures your skin is cool, and it is friendly to the skin. You can easily adjust the fit of the shoes quickly and maximize your overall performance.

Another thing you will like is its ultra-grip sole. Ideally, the sole adds stability and traction to the wet surfaces to allow you to take on any given adventure.

Notable features: Lightweight, Nice looking, Comfortable, Durable