No living room can ever look complete without a coffee table at the center of its design. But gone are the days of fussy, vintage-traditional typical centerpieces. This is the era of minimalism, and minimalist coffee table is reigning the global aesthetic. In this article, we’ll be looking at 12 amazing minimalist coffee tables that could suit any and all living room designs.

The 12 Best Minimalist Coffee Table Reviews

1. Household Essentials 8079-1 Ashwood Round Coffee Table

Emulating the best of simplicity and grace, the Household Essentials features a very casual design. Its main attraction is the round table top that has a gorgeous distressed ash-wood grey finish. It contrasts nicely with the metal X-frame legs. The combination of the grey and black looks highly charismatic and can make any kind of décor or accompanying furniture seem charming. In fact, the achromatic color scheme of this table contributes to its sleek, modernist appeal quite nicely. What’s better is that the plain designing requires minimal maintenance – all you’ll need is a fine sweep of a feather duster or a cloth.

2. TANGKULA Glass Coffee Table

The TANGKULA Glass Coffee Table is the holy grail of small-style living. It has a transparent, flowing, and homogenous design that can provide the perfect resting surface for essentials while remaining transparent at the same time. It is constructed from high-quality tempered glass that can support the weight of large accessories like laptops, books, décor, and more. Since it has no clear color tone, it can easily complement any kind of furniture. The rectangular U-shape is perfectly pragmatic and designed to fit within all types of living room layouts – whether large or small. The smooth lines help camouflage this table within the interior design. Reviewers also complement its easy maintenance, and the fact that it needs no assembly.

3. Mango Steam Metro Glass Coffee Table

The effortless elegance of minimalism and style blend seamlessly in the design of this coffee table. It’s neat, clean, and trendy design is partially understated and partially bold. It has an inwardly inclining X-frame base with a stainless-steel finish, and a round tempered glass tabletop. The sleek, shininess of the base contrasts nicely with the transparency of the top frame. The 33-inch diameter is perfect for featuring statement décor, or even everyday accessories. The base frame is planted with levelers for better stability, and the clean design is easy to maintain. Moreover, the minimalist sophistication of this table can be easily matched with a variety of diverse interior designs.

4. Safavieh Home Collection Wesley White and Black Coffee Table

Featuring a classic square-based design, this minimalist coffee table enjoys an iconic design. It is made from manufactured wood and has a high threshold for durability. But better than that, it has a design that instantly attracts the eye. While the geometry of its overall looks is very simple and understated, the use of achromatic colors imbues it with a lot of charisma. But what stands out, even more, is the black open-shelf quarter at one of the corners. It can be used to hold a number of everyday essentials, as well as decorative accessories. It contrasts with the white parts beautifully, and give this simple yet modern table the potential to be the perfect accent piece in any living room.

5. WE Furniture AZF36ALCTDWG Wood Coffee Table

Stylistic and full of bold appeal, this coffee table attracts the eye because of its uncanny material combination. While the combination of X-frame base and round tabletop is not uncommon, what sets this table apart is its creative use of textures. The base features a gold paint which pleasantly contrasts with the laminated wood-textured top. The warm hues have an inviting quality that makes this table visually versatile and easy to match with most interior designs. Consumers also complement its easy assembly, trouble-free maintenance, and excellent durability.

6. Sauder 420275 North Avenue Coffee Table

Unconventional but easy on the eyes, this minimalist coffee table is a primed for both aesthetics and pragmatics. It comprises of 2 tiers and has a rectangular shape. The top frame can be used for embellishment and accessorizing, while the bottom one is designed more like a shelf of sorts which can be used for storage. This table is made from the engineered wood of the highest quality, which pairs nicely with the durable black metal frame. The charter oak finish of the horizontal surfaces is visually flexible, which means that this table can easily be paired with all sorts of living room interior designs. It’s simple design also ensures that it is highly easy to clean and maintain.

7. Sauder 414970 Harvey Park Coffee Table

Wiry, delicate, and highly charismatic, this minimalist coffee table features a very sophisticated design. It is constructed from metal and comprises of 2 circular top and bottom frames connected by 4 equally placed vertical metal rods. The top frame is installed with a tempered glass and is safe for heavy accessorizing and child-oriented ambiances. The bottom frame has a more decorative capacity and provides stability to the whole table. It is beautifully finished on all sides and evokes an elegant and graceful look. The metal construction makes it highly durable and ensures longevity.

8. C-Hopetree Coffee Table

The C-Hopetree coffee table is all stylish visuals and angular designing. It comprises of a matte black tubular steel frame arranged in a rectangular shape. The table top itself has a vintage wood finish that complements the black finish of the metal base nicely. The careful combination of both materials and finishes is very attractive, and the minimal aesthetic is instantly eye-catching. The effortlessly graceful looks of this table are also very flexible and integrate seamlessly in most interior design settings. It is also incredibly easy to maintain and assemble.

9. DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table

Featuring a warm, cozy, and homely look, the DHP Parsons modern coffee table has a very cozy vibe. It consists of a simple rectangular top frame that neatly segues into tall, slender legs. It has a very compact stature which is complemented by the clean, straight edges. It also has a hollow-core construction carried by the highest grade MDF (Medium Density Fiber). The congenial wood finish is very durable and long-lasting, while the casually simple aesthetic ensures that this table can be matched with all sorts of interior design styles. It also has a versatile look, so contrasting accessorizing and décor only enhance its appeal. Consumers are also impressed by its extremely easy assembly.

10. SUNCOO Coffee End Side Table

Minimalism and stylistic looks go hand-in-hand within the design of this unique coffee table. It has an atypical oval form, which is easy to pair up with most living room layouts. The base comprises of a sculptural gloss-plated form that gives the whole design a trendy edge. The tabletop is balanced on the bottom frame with the help of a stainless-steel stopper. The careful blend of glass and gloss has an artistic appeal that complements the modern looks of this table. The overall look of the SUNCOOCoffee table is quite fashion-forward, but not unpragmatic. In fact, consumers have been raving about its easy assembly, maintenance, and artsy looks.

11. SoutheastFlorida Acrylic Coffee Table

This minimalist table from Southeastflorida literally embodies the concept of transparency in its sleek, flowing design. Its design has been carefully crafted to eradicate all sense of clutter from the space. Its purely radical form is rectangular, 32″ long, and seamlessly folds into a U-shaped frame. The sleek lining and premium material choice make this table both functionally and visually versatile. It is transparent so it can highlight the design of the underlying area rug and carpet. There’s a lot of aesthetic potential in its design. Moreover, it needs no assembly and requires minimal maintenance.

12. Krei Hejmo Solid Wood Coffee Table

The soft Scandinavian style designing of this minimalist coffee table evokes a trendy yet elegant appeal. It comprises of a rectangular table top with rounded, child-safe edges and four outwardly inclining legs. The rugged, light-hued, finish gives the whole design a comfortable look, which is complemented by the solid rubber-wood construction. This coffee table is multipurpose and has a lot of decorative potentials. Consumers have also complemented its classic design and easy assembly.

Coffee Table Buying Guide

Selecting the design of the coffee table is only the first step of the entire process. There are a lot of other details that you need to consider before actually deciding to buy it. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to remember before locking a particular coffee table as your final choice.

Respecting the layout

First and foremost, the coffee table needs to respect the layout of your living room. Since there are a number of living room layouts that are designed according to the theme of a home, there are a lot of ways you can place your coffee table. It can be the centerpiece in a U-shaped couch formation. It can be the focal point in an L-shaped couch formation. It can be set up in front of a single statement couch in a small-style living room, and more.


The trick is to find the coffee table that can respect the size and scale of your space. You cannot place a tiny coffee table in a large living room, no matter how stylish its design. Similarly, putting a large statement coffee table in a small living room as it would totally cramp the style of the space. It’s imperative that you select the piece that suits the dimensions of your room.

The second thing to remember in this regard is to make sure there is a standardized amount of space between the coffee table edges and the couch. The minimum standard for that is 18″ (around 1′-6″) but even that is pushing it. If you can spare some space, then 2′ to 2′-6″ is a reasonable amount of area. It can allow you a lot more leeway to spread your legs in front of the couch without hitting your knees on the edges of your coffee table.

Matching the style

The right coffee table should match the style of your interior design, or you’ll end up with an odd, mismatched living room ambiance. Since the coffee table is the veritable center of your living areas, it cannot be too common. But at the same time, its design should have a unique quality that instantly attracts the eye while complementing the surrounding furniture pieces. Most minimalist coffee tables already have an inherent ability to do so.


The material of your coffee table has to contrast as well as complement the surroundings – especially the sofa upholstery. If the material matches the color of the upholstery, the coffee table can end up merging into the backdrop instead of standing out as the centerpiece. On the other hand, don’t select a piece that is so dissimilar in materials that it ends up clashing with the sofa. Find the perfect balance of complementary and contrasting to get the best looks.

Don’t undermine functionality

One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying your coffee table is to keep the functional aspects in mind. Here, this question arises: what exactly do you need the coffee table for? The answer may vary from person to person, but the general consensus is that you need it for decoration, to stow away small living room essentials, and to create a holistic look in your living rooms. So, make sure the coffee table you’re considering checks out all of these aspects and more.

Complimentary area rug

Some say that coffee tables and area rugs go hand in hand, and it may not be completely true, but it’s not totally false either. The area rug not only provides contrast to the coffee table material, but it also enhances its visuals. So, the area rug texture and patterns should uplift the looks of your coffee table instead of undermining them. Understated natural fiber rugs, neutral-hued shags, and hand-tufted rugs are a good choice to complement elegant minimalist coffee tables.