7 Minimalist Desk Clocks for Your Home Office



Minimalist Desk Clock

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Here’s a list of the best minimalist desk clock that is available online.

7 Best minimalist desk clocks

Micar Digital Clock

Don’t matter the kind of surrounding where you are because this minimalist desk clock will just fit in in any place that you will put it. You can look at it and think that it is just a clock, that’s not true, it can also work as a great decorating item that you can put in your room. It comes with adjustable brightness levels that can be set in 3 levels. That will give your eyes a better way of ensuring that you don’t suffer from eye problems. You can also set the clock in 3 groups at a time. It can wake you up in the morning and even take part in reminding you of important dates.

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JUSTUP 8 Inch Wood Clock

Some clocks will have your home disturbed with their quartz movement. But why get that when you can some total silent with this working clock. It is a battery-operated clock that will use an AA battery that can last up to a year. It has been designed with steel stents and makes it a better clock to place on the table. At the back, there is a hanging hole that will give you room to have it hanged at convenient places of your choice. The HD glass that it has been made with is the best as it ensures that you have easy readability at all times.

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Wooden clock 5th-anniversary Personalized

Image credit: Etsy
Image credit: Etsy

The stunning designs of this wooden desk clock will take your breath away. The craftsmanship is unbeatable and the cutting-edge manufacturing processes make this item a great gift idea. It will look perfect on your nightstand and the amazing detail is unbeatable. It is handmade of wood and walnut material for long-lasting use. It is covered with antique wax for a smooth and shiny appearance. You can personalize it by adding your company logo, text, or logo of your partner.

The clock wooden arrow is unique and it is adjustable. Everyone will love the quality and unique design of the clock. It is made to work silently and you’ll not experience annoying ticking noise. The eco-friendly materials used make this mini clock environmentally-friendly and ecologic. It is one of kind gifts for your family member, business partner, or your friend.

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Personalized wood clock

Personalized wood clock
Image credit: Etsy

Don’t even think of some clocks that have been made of plywood, this one hails from real wood. That means that it is there to serve you for a long time than plywood kind of watches. The finishing materials that it has been made with are also natural, that’s mineral oil and also beeswax. When you have a look at it, you will love the high-quality finish and look that it has. Natural alder wood is the one responsible for making this clock with the minute and hour hand being made from beech wood. The silent working ability of the clock also makes it a better one for home installation, even in the bedrooms.

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Cracked concrete square clock

Image credit: Etsy

This is a handmade desk clock that hails from the best and quality concrete type of color. The clock has been designed with a crack cover with a reindeer lichen that has is able to imitate the natural crevices of a wall. Reindeer lichen is a kind of crop that takes water from the air. The advantage part of this minimalist desk clock is that you will not have to water it for the rest of your life or its life. To make it better, it has also been designed with simple black color hands that make it shine elegantly on the wall.

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Lily’s Home Digital LED Desk Clock

Lily’s LED Clock is a real head-turner, and a truly minimalist design. You can choose to see a 12 hour or 24-hour visual display, made up only of large numbers which light up to show the current time. At 8.5” long and 3” tall, the large display can be clearly seen from across a large room and makes Lily’s Home Minimalist LED Clock ideal for anyone with less than perfect vision. Three light levels allow you to adjust the power if the light is distracting or too strong in a smaller space, and there is an automatic dimming feature that lowers the light level during the night.

The clock can stand alone on a desk or table, or hang from a wall by means of a screw and the small notch in the back. The clock is powered by a wall plug so does need to be placed within reach of a socket, even when wall mounted. A backup battery pack will take over during a power interruption or cut so that the clock will not need to be reset each time. This is a fantastic-looking and practical clock that will fit perfectly into a modern home environment.

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Desk clock

Image credit: Etsy

The unique and exclusive look of this clock is the one that makes it a wonderful one to have at your home. The great thing about is that it can be further personalized by the addition of your text on it, what you really what it displays. It has been made with a clock wooden arrow and has been adjusted to fit the clock system. It has been made with the use of environmentally friendly materials. The silent working of the clock also boosts it a great deal. It requires the use of AA batteries but you can be sure that it will use them for a long time. It has been designed and made by the use of CNC milling technology.

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Driini Modern Mid Century Desk and Table Analog Clock

It is time that I should present to you this modern mid-century clock that has been made with the use of stone-based polyresin, which gives it a sleek matte finish with a sturdy feel. You decide to use it as a desk clock in the office or in the bedroom. Never worry about it waking you up because it has been designed with a precision quartz sweep inner movement mechanism that makes it to be silent at all times. It requires just a single AA battery to operate.

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