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minimalist pencil case

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Sometimes having to dig through the bag or purse just to find a pencil can be frustrating. Fortunately, a pencil case can save you the hassle of clutter and bring order to your stationery collection. You can also bring it with you on any occasion and have your pencils ready on the go. In this guide, we’ll be focused on the minimalist pencil case with compact, practical, and minimal design.

8 Minimalist Pencil Cases

Handmade Genuine Leather Pen Case

If you want something affordable to keep just a couple of pens secure in your back pocket, look no further. This leather pen holder is handy for bringing two pens with you in a convenient and hassle-free way. You can use this case to store pencils, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens, or fountain pens.

This pen case takes simplicity to a whole new level. It is more like a pen sleeve that can hold your pens in a true minimal way. The leather is durable and soft that won’t scratch the pens or pencils within.

As the pen case doesn’t come with any cover, it is easy and quickly to access your pens. So it can save you some time if you need to access your pens frequently. However, you need to store it upright to prevent pens from falling out.

Pen Pouch for Travelers Notebook

The pencil case gives a simple yet elegant touch to your working space while storing your pens securely. With a capacity of 8 writing instruments, this is a great addition for your traveler’s notebook. With simple, one-compartment design, this pen case is great for other items, like tech accessories or cosmetics.

This convenient and lightweight pen case can fit into any business case, making it easy to take with you anywhere. Additionally, the case comes with a leather loop that enables you to pull it out of a backpack or carry on its own. This pen case is recommended as a light and compact option for any traveler.

Leather pencil case roll

This minimalist pencil case roll may look simple but it doesn’t sacrifice any functionality. It has two main compartments for pens or pencils (around 12 pens) and two small pockets for erasers or paper clips. The case is made from durable tactile leather that gives the case a vintage appearance and will age beautifully over time. The pen case can be initially tight and difficult to roll and button but after using it a few times, the leather will soften and it can even fit more pens on one side. The case is compact when rolled, so you can take it wherever you go.

Pencil case with snap closure

This pen case comes in a variety of colors to best suit your personal style. Not only does it look cute, it has a great capacity for your writing instruments. Made of full grain leather, the case is durable and made to last a long time. Unlike the zippered pencil case, this case has a snap closure. This makes it even quicker to access your pens. With this slim pencil case, you can go around doing your work and stay hassle-free. Its minimalist and sleek design makes it fit in seamlessly with any room style.

Cosmos Pencil Case

The Cosmos pencil case can hold up to 12 writing instruments that you can carry all of your necessities. It has a nice weight, and the soft neoprene material is durable and washable. This simple pencil case is ideal for those who want to quickly put their pens in the case.

The durable neoprene material protects the content inside and the cylinder-shaped design is conveniently compact,  making it easy to carry around. The case features one compartment with a zip closure that you can store all your items in one place securely.

Zippered 5 slot pen case

Minimal looking yet highly versatile. This pencil case is the great option if you want to store your pens cleanly and separately but still keep things minimal. It’s shaped like a medium-sized book and fits nicely into any bag or backpack. The case has five elastic pen loops and one compartment for a slim notebook.

This wallet style pencil case is relatively low capacity but offers the best visibility. It has wide openings that stay open on their own, making it easy to use and navigate. With this pen case, you will never have to sort through clutter to find a pen again.

Simple two slot pen case

If you just want something to carry around a couple of pens to meetings, this minimalist pencil case will do the job well. The pen case has the ability to carry 2 pens, a marker and a pencil. It is made of full grain leather which is soft and durable. Due to its slim design, you can slip it into any laptop bag or purse and carry your pens around. The sophisticated look of the case is ideal for working professionals. It’s available in seven pleasant colors that will blend seamlessly in any office room.

Leather Pencil Case Pocket with Belt Loop

This pencil case dominated by minimalism can also be a secret carrier of your pens that you can attach with your belt or put inside a pocket. The case is made from full grain leather, German-engineered pull fastener and German-made single filament polyester thread. It comes with an optional belt loop, making it easy to attach on a belt. The case is also very slim and easy to slip into a business bag. Despite its small size, the case can hold wooden pencils. For those who need to carry around 4 pens or pencils, this handmade writing utensil pocket is highly recommended. The case comes in neutral black, brown, natural, making it suitable for every user.