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Minimalist Queen Bed Frame

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In most bedrooms, a bed is the biggest furniture, which means, that it can impact the entire look of the bedroom. That said, you will want to select the best bed frame when looking forward to adding a bed into your bedroom so that you can get the support that is needed for a restful night’s sleep without sacrificing the look of your bedroom. With a variety of bed frames to choose from, selecting the right bed frame isn’t easy, the reason I have put together a list of the top 15 best minimalist queen bed frames in 2020. Read on and rest assured to spend your money on the right product after choosing one of the reviewed products.

Top 15 best minimalist queen bed frames in 2020

Hanley Heavy Duty Bed Frame

Hanley Heavy Duty Bed Frame

One of the best innovations from Alwyn Home is the Hanley Heavy Duty Bed Frame. It features clean and simple edges so that it can create a modern design.

This is a heavy-duty platform bed designed to provide sturdy support for various mattresses. Better, the bed frame includes a sturdy steel Matte black structure. The structure comprises wood slots designed to prevent sagging and increase the mattress life.

Benefit from heavy-duty support all-night-long once you get Hanley Heavy Duty Bed Frame. The bed frame features a matte black color which means that you can expect it to act as a simple and elegant addition to different bedrooms

You can use this minimalist queen bed frame with or without a box spring, which allows the user to personalize the mattress height. Also, the wood slats feature a non-slip tape designed to protect the mattress from moving. The Hanley Heavy Duty Bed Frame arrives in a narrow box, making it easy to move through narrow hallways and upstairs. The bed frame assembles in minutes, which means that you can use it within minutes after arrival. It also comes with a 5-Year limited warranty.

Get the look: Hanley Heavy Duty Bed Frame

Amelia Platform Bed


Amelia bed frame is an all-wooden build bed with no headboard and upper sideboards provisions. Its unique build is ideal for any classical, modern, and even vintage room, thanks to its minimalist design. The frame is sturdy enough to hoist the mattress and prevent it from slipping and sliding. It is more or less a perfect fit for the right sized mattress.

It is quite plain: just a reinforced center and a sturdy slatted base to support the mattress. The bed frame can offer 8.46″ under-bed storage space, making it easy for you to organize your space. It comes in different colors, which you can choose depending on which will best match your bedroom theme.

Once the bed has been shipped to your home, assembling it is quick and easy. You do not require any tools as they are provided. The assembling instructions are easy to read and understand. With the pictorial representation, it makes your work easier.

Get the look: Amelia Platform Bed

Aliyah Queen Platform Bed

Infuse contemporary appeal and modern style to your bedroom with the help of Aliyah Queen Platform Bed. This is a queen bed frame that features wooden slats so that it can deliver reliable support to different types of mattresses. The bed frame includes a European-style footboard and headboard, making it one of the most beautiful and practical furniture designed for different bedrooms. Adding to that, the bed frame includes an upgraded structure. This structure allows you to embed the mattress into the frame to protect the mattress from sliding for a sound sleeping environment.

The main drawbacks of this bed frame are its warranty length is only 6 months and it requires Screw Driver and Hammer.

Also, it has an 800 pounds weight capacity making it a great choice for a bed frame that can accommodate users of different weights. The bed frame features a 9.75″ clearance that can provide sufficient under-bed storage and protect the mattress from sagging. It is manufactured in two different colors namely, Castanho and Scandinavian Oak.

Get the look: Aliyah Queen Platform Bed

Modway Corinne Bed Frame

If you are looking for the best minimalist queen bed frame for use in studio apartments, modern rooms, loft living rooms, or master suites, you can be sure that Modeway Corinne Bed Frame Platform Bed can act as a perfect choice.

This frame leaves plenty of room for storage underneath so it is a great option where space is tight. It features a solid steel construction assuring you of getting a durable bed frame. Further, it is made using poplar wood slats designed to protect the mattress from sagging and increase the life of the mattress.

Get a comfortable night sleep without compromising style once you acquire Modway Corinne Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame. The bed frame features a coated steel construction to enhance durability. Adding to that, it features a wood slat designed to support a 1300lbs weight capacity. The bed frame can support latex mattresses, memory foams, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. With it, you can be sure to add a stylish look to different decors because of the clean lines and minimalist design. The bed frame includes footpads, which means, you don’t have to worry about it damaging the floors.

Get the look: Modway Corinne Bed Frame

Zinus Tricia Platform Bed

From Zinus is this Tricia Platform Bed. This is a strong and durable bed frame designed to offer reliable support to any mattress. The frame is made using sturdy wood and metal, enabling it to provide stable support to spring mattresses, memory foams, and latex mattresses.  Asides that, it features non-slip tape on the wooden slats that hold the mattress in place to protect it from sliding, slipping, and wobbling. The bed frame doesn’t require additional tools during assembly, which makes it easy to set up.

Get the look: Zinus Tricia Platform Bed

Bates Upholstered Platform Bed

Bates Upholstered Platform Bed has been designed to give a timeless appeal, thanks to its modern-chic style that infuses well in any contemporary room. The queen-size version of the Bates Upholstered Platform Bed has a dimension of 32” H x 71” W x 90” L.

As for the color variations, the bed frame is available in four color options. That is White Eco Leather, Pearl Gray Eco Leather, Eiffel Tower Eco Leather and Castle Gray Eco Leather. Materials used in its production are eco-friendly, which entail certified environmental laminated particle panels.

The Bates Upholstered Platform Bedsits quite low to the ground in order to take a box spring and mattress. This means that there is not a lot of space for storage underneath it so it might not be the best choice for small rooms. If you need to make the most of every inch of space and prefer to store boxes underneath then you might prefer a higher bed such as Ferdinand Platform Bed.

Get the look: Bates Upholstered Platform Bed

Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed

Strong and reliable support for any mattress is Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed. The bed features an updated styling, steel frame, and strong wood slat. Because of this, you can get it as an answer to an attractive and durable bed frame. Another addition is the foam-padded tape and non-slip tape. The foam-padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use while the non-slip tape is based on the wooden slats to protect the mattress from slipping.

Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed can support memory foam, spring mattress, hybrid mattress, or latex foam because of the strong and reliable wood slat support. Besides that, the mattress blends any city and country because of the rustic wood and sleek steel frame. The bed frame ships in one carton, making it easy to assemble and carry.

This minimalist bed frame is ideal for children or teens who want a stylish looking bed. It will match their changing tastes in bedroom decoration.

Get the look: Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed

Kira Low Profile Platform Bed

This is a sturdy Metal Platform Bed with a metal interior. It features strong reliable wood slats so that it can provide steady support for you and the mattress so no box spring is needed. Adding to that, it includes legs designed to increase the points of contact to the floor to enhance stability.

The bed frame is designed to contribute to the organization of the bedroom since it offers over 6” under-bed storage space so that it can offer sufficient space for the organization. The bed frame can accommodate sleepers up to 700 pounds, which allows you to use even a latex mattress.

The bed frame is a perfect choice for minimalists because of the clean and simple edges designed to create a modern design. Since it doesn’t require extra tools -everything should be in the box, you can set up the bed frame easily.

Get the look: Kira Low Profile Platform Bed

ZIYOO Bed Frame

This is a 14″ bed frame from Ziyoo. The frame comprises twenty wooden slats, nine-strong legs, and a center support bar designed to provide excellent stability to a foam mattress. Another addition of the bed frame is a silent cushioning gasket. The gasket provides for noise-free use assuring you of getting a bed frame that doesn’t squeak and one that is comfortable to sleep on.

This bed frame is easy to assemble, including tools and main parts. You can use the bed frame when looking for a queen bed frame that offers enough under-bed storage, thanks to the 11.5″ under-bed clearance designed to let you store quilts, suitcases, and clothes. The frame features a non-slip design, which means that you can get it with an assurance of protecting the mattress against sliding and sagging.

ZIYOO Bed Frame might not be the most attractive piece of furniture, though this won’t matter once the bed is made up on top of it. And what it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in functionality. The ZIYOO Bed Frame might be minimal but the comfort you will get from it is definitely not.

Get the look: ZIYOO Bed Frame

Modu-licious Bed: Minimalist bed frame with storage

Modu-licious Bed is the perfect embodiment of style, functionality, and comfort. The bed frame is manufactured with powder-coated steel drawers that are huge enough to hold quite a lot of stuff such as clothes and extra beddings.

If you like the bed frame with the minimalist look, but still love to customize things, this bed frame would be a great option. The frame is available in 3 colors including Walnut, Maple, and Graphite on Oak. The drawer comes in various appealing colors (Robins Egg Blue, FLW Red, Grey Blue, Ivory, Slate, White). These options allow you to choose one which will best match your bedroom theme.

The best feature of this minimalist king bed frame other than its spacious side drawers is the finishing of the bed frame. It entails rich and clean contemporary lines that give your room a sophisticated yet trendy feel. All in all, Modu-licious Bed has a great build, is minimal, and has extra storage drawers for your clothes, beddings, and even books.

Get the look: Modu-licious Bed

Ferdinand Platform Bed

An all solid wood frame makes the Ferdinand bed a solid and sturdy choice for minimalist fans. It has a simple but sleek design that will look equally nice in a modern home or rustic, traditional style bedroom.

If you love space beneath your bed, this is a great pick for you. Regardless of whether you want to store anything or not, there is ample of space underneath the bed frame and you can utilize it as you wish. At 12” (30 cm) of clearance, this frame leaves plenty of room for storage underneath so it is a great option where space is tight. The bed frame has been manufactured with an easy to assemble and disassemble build and requires no additional tools.

Get the look: Ferdinand Platform Bed

Zinus White Canopy Four Poster Bed

You can sleep like fairytale royalty in this unfussy canopy bed. Made with a very plain and simple white metal frame, it will fit effortlessly into most rooms and complement any décor. Nine sturdy legs give it strength and steel slats support the mattress and prevent sagging.

The height of this bed is 73” (183 cm) so there is plenty of clearance for getting in and out. Curtains or drapes can hang from the top and you can change or adjust them to match the color of the room. When you want to change the color scheme you simply buy new drapes. It’s also a great option for a bedsit or room share; the hanging drapes can act as a small barrier to keep the bed as a private area. 13” (33 cm) of clearance under the slats also allows adequate space for under bed storage: another great advantage for those with limited space.

This bed can be as minimalist or decorative as you like. Add simple curtains or decorate with drapes and ruffles; you can adapt the look to suit your own personal style.

Get the look: Zinus White Canopy Four Poster Bed

Hank Platform Bed

Hank Platform Bed

The Hank bed frame is a cool bed frame with minimal style features, it is a great fit in any modern environment. It can deliver a stylish look designed to suit different decors because of the clean, simple lines. The sturdy slats hold the mattress firmly in place and help to prevent sagging as it ages.

The frame includes eight tapered legs to help improve durability and stability. Also, it includes a simple headboard designed to maintain the mattress in place. It is easy to assemble and everything you need to build it comes in the box.

Get the look: Hank Platform Bed

Harney Solid Wood Low Profile Platform Bed

Another incredibly simple bed, this bed is perfect for smaller spaces or child’s rooms. Simple to assemble, the bed frame comes in a complete package with all the tools you need to put it together. Three center legs provide plenty of support. The bed frame supports a 500lbs weight capacity which makes it an excellent choice for average-weight individuals.

In terms of build and quality, the Harney bed frame is made from 3.5” thick solid wood that has a strong and long-lasting build and offers solid support for your mattress. The frame of the bed in particular offers an even-body distribution, which enhances the lifespan of your mattress and offers comfort while you sleep. In addition to that, for quality sleep, the bed frame prevents the mattress from sliding and slipping up and down.

Overall, Harney bed is one of the nicest looking frames on this list, it’s simple but elegant and will look equally nice in the main bedroom or guest room. The lack of a headboard or bedposts gives the illusion of space around the bed, making it look even smaller than it is. It features a low profile which makes it an excellent addition to various bedroom decors. It comes in 3 colors: Natural, Cherry, and Antique Espresso. It is backed by a five-year warranty.

Get the look: Harney Solid Wood Low Profile Platform Bed

Newt Low Profile Platform Bed

Newt bed features a low profile foundation designed to support spring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. It fits well in small spaces, such as one-bedroom and spacious studio apartments. Better, the frame encloses the mattress, which is a design that prevents slipping.

As for the slats, they are 12 in number, which offer great stability as well as adequate airflow for cool nights. The bed frame comes with the required set-up hardware and tools assuring you of getting a bed frame that is easy to assemble.

Just over 7” (18cm) clearance under the bed provides adequate space for storage so boxes of clothes can be tidied away out of sight. Small rooms will also benefit from the space-saving construction.

As an affordable minimalist bed frame, this one is a winner. The very simple high design helps to create the illusion of extra space around it and the lack of a head or footboard means that it has a very smooth and uncluttered look. It also boasts a ‘noise-free’ construction. This makes it a great choice for homes or flats where the walls are thin, and even the smallest sound travels through them.

Get the look: Newt Low Profile Platform Bed

Queen Charcoal Hateya Full / Double Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed

If you’re looking for the perfect bed frame to complete your room, it’s time you checked out the Queen Charcoal Hateya!

This Upholstered Platform Bed is designed with slats to keep it standing stably. But if you do not prefer the free-standing design, the slats will still come in handy in allowing you to attach any of its upholstered headboards before use!

You will love the linen-like finish that guarantees a distinctive, minimalist look. With such an aesthetic appeal, the bed frame can go with just about anything, adding flair to your space.

Do not worry about stability; the sturdy wooden legs have got you covered! The slats and legs of the frame are well set into place to provide consistent support for any mattress, thus eliminating the need for a box spring.

Assembly is a breeze! All you need is a Phillips-Head screwdriver to quickly and easily assemble this bed frame, and you’ll be done in no time!


  • Dimension of slats; 1/2″ T, 2.25’’ W, and 3.5’’ apart
  • Twin-size Interior Dimensions: 76″ L x 39.4″ W
  • Interior Dimensions: 61.5” W x 81.5” L


  • Classic look
  • Timeless feel
  • Sturdy design
  • Provides the style and support you need
  • Easy assembly

Queen Grey Wash Rovel Low Profile Platform Bed

There has never been a better time to set your bedroom and make it stunningly attractive! The gorgeous artistry portrayed in this Queen Grey Wash Rovel Low Profile Platform Bed will do the trick!

The frame is solidly built from sturdy materials like a sturdy, tubular steel base and genuine, solid wood. Included is non-slip tape to prevent the frame from squeaking and also keep the mattress in place as you toss and turn during your good night’s sleep.

The wood gives the frame a natural grain pattern, beautifully merged with the black-painted metal framework. In addition, the steel base ensures the bed remains stable even when supporting its maximum weight capacity (up to 700 lbs.).

You will love the wide, closely spaced wooden slats that give outstanding mattress support, extending your mattress’ life without demanding the need for a box spring.

The manufacturer includes all the assembly tools and a step-by-step instruction manual to make the assembly process painless.


  • Supports up to 700 lbs
  • 5-year warranty
  • Wood Type: Plywood/Laminate Board
  • Frame Materials: Pinewood; steel; plywood
  • Recommended Mattress Thickness: 10”


  • Most refined quality artistry and materials
  • Built to last
  • Easy assembly
  • It does not require a box spring

Reclaimed Barnwood Abdon Queen Low Profile Platform Bed

The Reclaimed Barnwood Abdon Queen Low Profile Platform Bed is simple, functional and overly outstanding.

This low-profile bed frame is what you’ll find in rustic-industrial bedrooms and cosy lodges, but you can now take it to the heart of your home – your bedroom!

The frame is beautifully crafted from manufactured steel and wood panels. It bears a recommended mattress thickness capacity of 12” and remains reliably stable when supporting its maximum weight.

The powder-coated metal and rustic wood panels give this piece of furniture an industrial influence, leaving you comfortable all night long! And the rivet details are visibly present for a rugged finishing touch.

Unlike the first three bed frames that did not require a box spring, this low-profile platform uses a box spring, which you’ll purchase aside.


  • Recommended mattress thickness capacity 12”
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Number of Slats Included: 4
  • Distance between the Slats: 12
  • Requires a box spring


  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy frame material
  • Quality construction
  • Minimalistic design
  • Functional


If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to elevate your mattress, I would recommend that you buy one of the reviewed minimalist queen bed frames. So, avoid the confusion of the range of products available for you to choose from but buy one of these and get the desired support, both for you and the mattress.




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