24 Inspiring Minimalist Small Kitchen Designs



Minimalist Small Kitchen Designs

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Hosts often view kitchens, big or small, as places where memories are made. Even so, sky-high bills require tighter living space, a reason why minimalism has grown to be popular. Small and uncluttered kitchens are the perfect solution to saving money and space. With the current minimalist trend, residents will benefit from an organized and streamlined living experience.

A busy evening preparing dinner will be less hectic as utensils, food, and eating space are more readily accessible. Minimalist designs serve for aesthetic pleasure, as well. A variety of colors and patterns can be utilized, debunking the myth that minimalism adheres only to black and white. These kitchen designs display a diversity of minimalist design ideas for your small kitchen.

small kitchen by Jan Paolo Rivadeneira
Jan Paolo Rivadeneira

This kitchen gives off a light and airy feel, with a black countertop that adds a little edge. There aren’t many colors here, but if simplicity is the priority, then this is for you.

minimalist small kitchen by ELLE Decor
ELLE Decor

This all-silver aesthetic gives off a steely but elegant vibe. The kitchen here looks more formal than cozy, but guests will be impressed with the professional-looking space.

minimalist small kitchen designs

The light blue-themed kitchen and dining room are combined flawlessly. There is the ample space that minimalism promises, with an elegant chandelier that flaunts a timeless beauty.

minimalist small kitchen design by stepbystep.home

The wooden countertop here adds a homey feel to an otherwise white monochrome theme. Glass cabinets make the tiny kitchen seem more open and light up the space with the window’s reflection.


This small kitchen looks so much larger with the high ceiling and pendant lights. Stacking the microwave and oven on top of each other is a smart way to save space. Everything here has its little niche, which is convenient during the usual dinner rush.

minimalist small kitchen by Amy

This small kitchen utilizes earthy colors to create a family-friendly look (complete with the family dog). Small drawers, a place to hang cooking utensils on the wall, and a rack to collect washed cups do well in maximizing use of minimal space. The rug adds a much-appreciated bohemian vibe.

minimalist kitchen by Jessica
J E S S I C A – L Y N

This design is brilliant because three walls are used to spread out the kitchen’s features without taking up any significant portion of the residence. The windows open up the space, since the light from outside reflects off the refrigerator and white counters.

minimalist small kitchen 𝔻𝕖𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕒𝕤
Designing Ideas

High ceilings are always elegant and never make a tight room appear to be its actual size. This feminine layout is gorgeous, while the unique light catches the guest’s attention quickly. The silver art piece to the right completes the overall look with a futuristic vibe.

small kitchen by Kitchens by Design
Kitchens by Design

A tight space, but, oh, how exotic! For starters, the arched doorway transports the guest’s mind to a Mediterranean neighborhood, while the wallpaper over the stove is exquisite.

modern minimalist kitchen by Oakstone Homes
Oakstone Homes

The typical minimalist theme of white and light brown is not dull, thanks to the low black lanterns and white chairs. The shelves between the cabinets use the space wisely also. When many colors are not desired, decor is usually the right fix.

minimalist-themed kitchen by Sarah

There is the usual white decor of a minimalist-themed kitchen, but the colored lights add an unexpected vibrance.

minimalist small kitchen by Kitchen Magz
Kitchen Magz

The all-black walls and drawers make the space look serious while being softened only a little by the light wood counter and cabinets in the center. This kitchen seems perfect for an apartment with a masculine vibe.

small kitchen by Karen

This family-friendly space is sunny and homely with the wood rungs on the ceiling and the earthy-colored kitchen utensils. The “Gather” sign does a fantastic job of making all feel welcome.

tiny kitchen by jenny le
Jenny Le

The unique lighting, slanted ceiling, and polished wooden floor are all key elements to making the combined tiny kitchen and dining space cozy.

small kitchen by InsideWright

This tiny kitchen is classy and retro, thanks to the intricate wall art. Minimalism does not always call for a blank canvas.

tiny kitchen by InsideWright

This tiny kitchen is unique in its own right, because the countertop matches the inner wall between the white cabinets. This saves the space from becoming overwashed in white. A good design tip is to include different shades to avoid a dull appearance.

minimalist kitchen by VeronikaS_Design

This minimalist kitchen may seem spacious here, but it only takes up the walls, forming a block of gray accentuated with soft lights. Painting the cabinets and drawers monochrome can complement the colors of furniture in other parts of your residence.

minimalist small kitchen by Igrekmag

This sandy look is perfect for a vacation home or to be just a piece of paradise in your city apartment. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets are perfect for storage, while the sleek faucet directs the overall look to a minimalistic theme.

small kitchen by Maison d'Etoiles
Maison d’Etoiles

This small kitchen is stylish and fashion-forward due to its use of sculpture art, light pieces, and sleek chairs.

modern minimalist small kitchen by John Rogers Renovations
John Rogers Renovations

This kitchen space combines modern with classic. The silver appliances and white cabinets against a brick wall provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

tiny kitchen by Nobiliera

This tiny kitchen is cozy precisely because the dark wallpaper makes the space seem more closed. This is in direct contrast with the all-white decor that reflects natural light and makes an area more open.

small kitchen by KitchenDesignNetWork

The skylight automatically makes this kitchen bright and spacious. The mixture of blues and whites on the wall and countertops give off a laid back vibe, akin to that of a beach house or some other getaway spot. Cooking in this space will make you feel relaxed and put your guests at ease.

tiny kitchen by Butik Evler Sapanca
Butik Evler Sapanca

This kitchen is right next to the door, which may not be a good idea when cooking a hot dish and family members burst in. The teal-ish color of the cabinets and the black color of the bottom drawers ensure that there are dark hues without overdoing the black. Diversity is key.

Inspiring Minimalist Small Kitchen
Oakstone Homes

Finally, the same concept of simple color aided by unique design is present in this kitchen, as well. While the chairs have a basic “goes with anything design” and the lights sleek and modern, the high cabinets exude subtle elegance.

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