Best Minimalist Bed Frames

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Sleep is an important part of your day. To get quality sleep, you need to have the right tools, such that when you wake up, you are well rested. Just as you pay attention to the best pillow or mattress you need; I believe you also need to be that particular when it comes to choosing a bed frame.

Minimalist bed frames, in general, come in handy in situations where you are limited on space and storage. Needless say, if you do not want to break the bank buying a bed frame, going for a minimalist bed frame will be a good save on your pocket. Much importantly, you can still find a sturdy bed frame that is stylish and accordant with your taste.

The bed is a safe haven to most people, and being honest, it is the epitome of your bedroom. Although you want to save here and there when it comes to buying a bed frame, you would not want to compromise on quality, right?

With that in mind, let us look at some of the best minimalist king bed frames out in the market.

6 Minimalist Bed Frames

Zinus Tuscan Metal & Wood Platform Bed

This stunning bed frame is made with black steel and light wood. The elements blend to create a modern, minimalist look which fits equally well with modern city living or country themed décor. The light colored wooden headboard softens the appearance of the bed, making it suitable for a calm and relaxing environment.

The frame is sturdy steel and fitted with padded tape to ensure that the bed is noise free. Simple to assemble, this bed can be put together by just one person and makes very quick work for two. The slats are wood, with a non-slip surface to prevent any mattress movement. An open space underneath the bed can be used for storage or left clear to achieve a truly minimalist feel.

Zinus Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

This bed frame is made to support a box spring and mattress. It has nine legs to ensure that it remains stable and sturdy and keeps the mattress supported in all the right places. It is extremely simple to construct and requires no tools; everything you need to put it together comes in the box. The clever ‘quick lock’ system means that it is assembled in just four steps: it really is very easy! There are also convenient holes to attach a headboard if you need one.

In Style Furnishings Modern Minimalist Low Profile Lunar Platform Bed

A low bed with a modern feel, this minimalist frame from In Style Furnishings makes a great bedroom centerpiece.

There are just four corner legs along the edges, and two support legs underneath. This gives the bed a very simple appearance; it will blend nicely into a room where the other furniture is the focus or stand alone in a more uncluttered space. The curved edges are forgiving and give the bed a soft, luxurious appearance. They are also a practical feature which takes away the worry of small children injuring themselves (or the chance of stubbed toes in the night).

Despite its simplicity, this bed has a very modern air. Available in cool grey, clean white or basic black, it will sit well with pastel, neutral or bright colors. It’s easy to assemble, with wide sturdy slats, and best of all it comes with a guarantee of quality from the manufacturers.

Platform Bed Frame

This frame is as simple as they come. There is no headboard; this is just a very sturdy bed base. Available in a choice of six sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King), this is a very basic bed frame, with legs at the corners edges and a simple slat mattress support. Plain black in color, it is quick and easy to assemble and fits any standard mattress of the appropriate size. The side of the frame sits slightly above the lower edge of the mattress to stop it sliding or moving about.

If you need a bed which really will fit into any room then this is a good option. The very basic style has no headboard, drawers, or bedposts. It really is very minimalist and unobtrusive and ideal for small rooms where it will to emphasize the space around the furniture.

VECELO Metal Platform Bed Frame

From Vecelo, we have this Metal Platform Bed Frame. The frame features a strong metal structure, centre support slats and solid legs designed to offer reliable support to different types of mattress. Adding to that, the bed frame features a stylish design and comes with a footboard and headboard. As a result, you don’t have to make an extra purchase before setting up the bed. You can get the bed frame when looking for a minimalist queen bed frame that is easy to assemble because of the included detailed instructions. Furthermore, the bed frame is a great choice for one that is designed to offer extra storage because of the 12″ under-bed clearance that is practical enough for storing different stuff.

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat

This is an 18″ tall, heavy-duty steel slat. The 18″ high profile allows you to use it thoroughly so that you can take advantage of the under-bed storage. Also, the bed frame features a unique sturdy design. Specifically, the frame encloses the mattress, protecting it from slipping. You can expect the bed frame to come with the required hardware and tools. As a result, this is one of the best choices when looking for the best minimalist bed frame that is easy to assemble.

GreenForest Twin Metal Bed Frame

If you are looking for a smaller minimalist bed with added style then this is a great option. Six sturdy legs support a very simple frame, with metal slats to hold up the mattress. Everything required to assemble the bed frame comes in the box with it and putting it together is a simple job. If you need a little extra help then the manufacturer offers picture and video instructions to show you how to assemble it correctly.

The GreenForest bed frame is designed to be used without a box spring; just pop your mattress on top of the slats and you’re ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Simple lines give this black metal bed a sleek and modern look. Suitable for a child or teen’s bedroom, it is plain enough to appeal to everyone and will fit nicely into any modern room. A headboard and footboard add a little interest and serve to keep the mattress in place.

Bed frame Buying Guide | Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bed Frame

Choosing a beautiful bed frame is easy but before you make your final selection there are a few things to think about. You need to make sure that your bed fits into your space and fits the overall theme of your décor. Once you’ve chosen your ideal bed then you’ll want to hang on to it for as long as possible to make sure it’s well built and sturdy enough to last.

Types of Bed Frame

Many modern bed frames and mattresses are supportive enough to work without the addition of box spring. All of the beds in this list are suitable for use with just a mattress, though some of the lower frames allow for the addition of a box spring if you prefer it.

Size & Height

This will depend largely on who the bed is meant for and the space you have available. A large Queen or King sized bed is perfect for families with children. Couples with less space can make do with a full sized double; this is also a great choice for a guest room if you have space. Twin or single beds are ideal for children’s rooms and smaller guest rooms, or student accommodation.

Height is another important factor, especially if your rooms are small. Under bed storage is a great advantage if space is limited; toys, games, seasonal clothing and spare bedding can all be boxed up tucked out of sight. Storage boxes can be purchased in most sizes and you should be able to find some that fit. However, if you plan to store large suitcases or already own taller boxes, double check the height of your new frame before ordering it.


A simple, minimalist bed frame serves its purpose without drawing attention to itself. It fits neatly into your bedroom and will still look great even when you completely change your color scheme. Most minimalist bed frames have a very simple design with sturdy legs and plain edges, in grey, black or white. If they have a headboard it is a simple one; two or three bars or a solid wood pillow support. When you choose a minimalist bed, it will blend into your décor and help you create an uncluttered bedroom atmosphere.


Most beds are made from wood, metal, or a combination of both. Metal frames are often elegant in shape and fit well into a modern room. Wooden frames look warmer and more solid and suit a rustic, country style.

Headboard/Footboard Option

The simplest beds on our list come with no headboard or footboard at all. These are well suited to rooms where space is limited; their very simple design creates the illusion of more space around them. Many have the option to add a headboard if you want to, giving you the best of both worlds and the option to change your mind in the future.

If you are certain that you want a headboard, consider the type. Some minimalist beds offer a solid, supportive board to prop your pillows against. Others have a few simple bars, added more to enhance the appearance of the bed than for any practical use.

A good bed frame is a solid investment which should last for many years. Take the time to consider your present and future needs before making the purchase and you’ll be a lot more confident in your choice. The right bedframe will enhance both the appearance of your room and the quality of your sleep so it’s definitely worth getting right first time!