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You have to love the minimalist coffee makers. Their simplicity and convenience are just a marvel. At times, you may want to make a quick cup of instant coffee.

That is where the minimalist coffee maker comes in. They are easy to use and do not take long since you are only making a few cups of coffee.

In addition, they are elegant looking hence add aesthetic beauty.

A minimalist coffee maker in simple terms is just a smaller and simpler version of a coffee maker. They can make anything from a single cup to eight cups of coffee.

Let us now review some of the minimalist coffee makers that are popular among coffee lovers.

Here are some of the best minimalist coffee maker in the market

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

It is a classic looking coffee maker made in a teapot like shape. It has a sturdy and durable borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures. It is also heat resistant, so you will not feel the heat when you touch the outer side.

They also made the body with durability in mind. The collection, plunger, and lid are all made of stainless steel. It has a four-cup capacity and is simplistic and easy to use. It has a beautiful shape, and you can easily use it to serve the coffee.

This coffee maker is easy to clean, and the parts can be taken apart for dishwashing. Assembly is also straightforward.

You will need some time to get used to the plunger, but after some time, you get used to it.

Get the look: Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart DDC -450BK

It can make four cups and brews rich-tasting coffee. It is suitable for someone who considers himself an expert coffee maker.

The carafe material is made of stainless steel with the handle, and the top coffee ground is made of plastic. It also has an auto-off feature, so you do not have to worry about spilling or over brewing in addition to saving energy.

The dripless spout ensures you do not mess your table when pouring. It is compact, so takes very little space.

The minimalist coffee maker looks elegant. It looks like someone built the regular coffee maker then shrank it with a shrinking machine.

By combining plastic and stainless steel makes it easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. The only problem is that you will not be able to see your coffee as it is brewing.

Get the look: The Cuisinart DDC -450BK

Sivaphe Bamboo French Press


Fresh press coffee makers seem to be the go-to coffee makers when it comes to minimalists. However, this brand went a step farther when it comes to design and convenience. The bamboo wood handle and its lid are merely stunning and out of this world.

The combination of shining stainless steel, glass, and bamboo complements its design seamlessly. It gives it an expensive and classy look. It is no wonder that it is a mainstay in many home offices.

The metal frame is natural to remove when you want to clean the glass reservoir. It comes with a super fine mesh to filter your coffee and give you a wholly ground free cup of coffee.
On average, this coffee maker can brew about a liter of coffee. It is hard to point out any wrongs on this coffee maker in terms of looks and performance.

Nevertheless, you have to get used to cleaning it by hand since it, not a dishwasher friendly product.

Get the look: Sivaphe Bamboo French Press

The Farberware Yosemite Coffee Percolator


It has a gorgeous design and is made up of a beautiful stainless steel exterior. This is complemented by the charismatic stubby silhouette look that is pleasing and easy to the eye.

On top is a transparent glass knob that is stylish. It is open not just for beauty purposes but to also act to enable you have a clear view of the contents inside.

The polished stainless steel exterior adds a classy look. The interior layer is made up of a non – reactive material. As time goes, you may notice that some coffee reservoirs start having a funny taste and odors. This non- responsive material prevents that from happening.

Your coffee will have its natural flavor and smell even after using this coffee maker for a while.

Holding the coffee maker is a non-heating synthetic handle. No matter how hot the coffee maker is, this handle will not heat up. You can comfortably hold it at any time.

You can choose from two options when it comes to its capacity. The smaller version can brew eight cups, or you can opt for the bigger version, which has a capacity of twelve cups.

Lastly, it comes with a permanent filter — no more paper filters, which can be messy at times.

This simple and elegant design makes the Farberware an excellent Livingroom coffee maker. You can place it on the table as you talk to your friend, who just came over for a chat.

Get the look: The Farberware Yosemite Coffee Percolator

Matimatic EHC – 2022


It is an ideal coffee maker for people with small countertop since it is compact and takes very little space.

In addition to this, it also makes a lovely coffee. It is a relatively quicker coffee maker as compared to other types in the same category.

Like the Mr. Coffee above, it comes with a stop and pause function that lets you have a quick taste while your coffee is still brewing.

It has a filter compartment that swings out for easier refilling. In it, there is a washable, reusable, and removable filter that is built in to save on cost minimize unnecessary waste. This compartment can also be washed in a dishwasher for an easy clean.

The lid is plastic to avoid overheating by the hot steam, which can lead to scalding. To cap up is a reservoir that is almost transparent to enable a secure brewing experience.

Get the look: Matimatic EHC – 2022

Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker


It is an all-steel exterior minimalist coffee maker. It has a beautiful, sophisticated look that makes it elegant and easy on the eye.

Today we shall have it as our No. 1 pick since it is the most popular on this list.

The double layers of stainless steel act as a flask to keep your coffee warm for a long time while the exterior part stays cool. Therefore, it does not scald you in case you hold it.

Since it is made only of steel, it is easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. In addition, the steel makes it quite durable and free from rusting.

It has a unique two-screen sieving system that ensures your coffee will be completely free of any coffee grounds.

Get the look: Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker

The Bodum 11055


This is the second quality coffee maker made by Bodum to appear on this list. There is a good reason for that.

The coffee maker is made for easy brewing and is a proven quick fixing coffee maker.

It still retains the trademark teapot looking design that gives it a comfortable look, which makes it fit seamlessly wherever it is placed. Whether it is on the kitchen countertop or your table, it will not look out of place.

The beaker is double-walled for durability to enable it last long coupled with a plunger that is also stainless steel. This coffee maker can keep your coffee temperature hot for up to two hours. Do not be in any rush, relax and enjoy your coffee.

It comes with a permanent mesh filter, so there is no loss of flavors as when paper filters are used. It also saves you the costs and hustles of having to change the screen each time you want to make yourself a cup of coffee.

It has a nice long handle that is comfortable to hold. This coffee maker is dishwasher friendly. You can take it apart when cleaning then assemble it later without any hitches.

Get the look: The Bodum 11055

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe


The Precision Breville Brewer is not your average drip coffee maker. It’s overkill for drip drinkers and you will love its impressive level of control. It lets you customize water temperature, flow rate and length of presoak. If you like to keep things simple, there are a number of 6 presets (Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced and Cold Brew). All you need to do is press a button.

The delicious and delicate coffee starts with water at the optimum temperature. And this Breville Precision Brewer has a PID temperature control that is incredibly accurate. This function allows you to brew your coffee quickly with robotic consistency. The coffee maker accepts both cone and flat-bottom filters.

The unit has a water reservoir constructed of clear plastic. While it’s not removable, it has water level markings for full carafes, 8-cup pots and single cups.

In terms of design, this coffee maker looks minimal, elegant and sturdy. It has a brushed stainless steel and plastic finish. On the downside, this unit is a bit larger than other models so make sure you have enough room on your countertop to place it.

Overall, if you have no desire to make your delicate and tasty joe quickly, this unit is overkill. It has a ton of options while remaining simple to use.

Get the look: Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

CHEMEX Classic Series Coffeemaker

Chemex classic series is the most popular coffee maker of all classes. It is made of non-porous Borosilicate glass that enables you to see your coffee as it brews to avoid spillage and overflows.

Its design is part simple, part modern, yet 100% functional, oozes minimalist utilitarianism. But Chemex is more than decorative – it can make smooth yet full of flavor coffee.

The Chemex Classic series comes with a wooden collar tied around its waist by a leather cord. The combination of wood, leather, glass is what makes Chemex Classic series such a classic.

Just as with the Hario V60, one of the pour over coffee’s most famous coffee makers, at the base of the dripper cone is large opening. This is one of the biggest reasons the Chemex produces some of the most delicious coffee your tongue has ever had the privilege to meet.

Some pour over coffee makers have certain barriers to restrict water flow but the Chemex Classic series has no such barriers. Its wide opening places more emphasis on other variables like pouring and grind size to control water flow. This function also give the coffee maker more flexibility. However, the Chemex is a bit kind of challenge for novices to the pour over game as it takes some pratice and experimentation to perfect your brewing.

Get the look: CHEMEX Classic Series Coffeemaker

Minimalist Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Advantages and disadvantages of minimalist coffee makers


Coffee makers have traditionally been bulky and big machines. The advent of technology and the need to save space have led to people turning to smaller coffee makers.

Let us look at some of the benefits they have brought


  • They are by far more mobile and conveniently be moved from place to place.
  • They save a lot of space since they only require a small space to set up and operate.
  • They are cheaper to buy and maintain them
  • Most of the minimalist coffee makers can multi-task. You can brew coffee in them, use it as a storage flask to keep your coffee hot, and still use it as a serving pot.
  • They brew coffee in record time, saving you so much time.
  • They are convenient since you will not have to brew an entire coffee pot to have one cup.
  • They are fancy looking and trendy, adding an aesthetic value to your kitchen or Livingroom.

Their cons

  • To begin with, they will not have your back when you have a few guests around; they only make a few cups of coffee.

The benefits, by far outweigh the cons. The only edge the normal-sized coffee makers have over the minimalist ones is size.

Factors to consider when buying a minimalist coffee maker

Gravity or electric powered

These are the two main types of minimalist coffee makers.

Electric coffee makers are more comfortable to operate since it is just plugged and go. You can also use them to heat water or tea.

Gravity powered, on the other hand, uses gravitational force and pressure to percolate water and extract coffee. They are popular among coffee lovers who like camping.

Use of k- cups

The invention of k-cups was a game-changer for coffee lovers. Brewed coffee was much more consistent, and you could regulate the flavor you liked. It became much easier to make coffee

However, k-cups do not give the same quality coffee as whole beans. After weighing the pros and cons and learning a few things, you can decide on the best coffee maker for you.

Capsule versus the pods

You need to decide whether to go for a coffee maker that uses pods or one that uses tablets. At times, these terms are interchangeably used, but they are quite different.

Pods resemble tea bags but are more prominent. Mostly, they come in biodegradable packs and are compatible with several machines.

They tend to love flavor at a quicker rate due to the exposure of coffee grounds to air

Capsules are coffee grounds in a cup-like capsule. Most coffee lovers prefer them to pods this in part due to popularity of K-cups.

The coffee grounds are in a sealed small cup. The coffee makes the cup and hot water passes through it. Their flavor lasts longer since they are sealed.

The capacity of your coffee maker

Though minimalist coffee makers are meant to make a few cups, you still have a few options to consider.

Depending on the amount of coffee consumed, you can choose from a range of capacities. Minimalist coffee maker’s capacities vary from single cup to a maximum of around eight cups.

The easiest way to determine the capacity is by looking at the water tank size.

Time is taken to brew

Most small coffee machines take at most five minutes to brew the coffee. The ideal brewing time would be two to five minutes.

It will be beneficial when you are in a rush, and you need a quick caffeine shot to stimulate your body.

Ease of use

The whole point of minimalist coffee makers is simplicity. It should be easy to assemble if required.

Brewing your coffee should also be a straightforward affair. Other things like filling the water reservoir and coffee grounds should also be simple.

The cost of acquiring it

Minimalist coffee makers are relatively cheaper. Still, budgeting is an important aspect when it comes to shopping for anything.

Analyze the cost-benefit of your machine to get the best deal. Expensive does not always mean good quality.

Check for functionalities like speed and capacity. The ideal product would be one that offers several functions at an optimal price.

How it looks

It is not an essential factor but why not. You do not have to buy something that does not please your eye just for convenience.

Look for a trendy and fancy coffee maker that you will be proud to show your friends.

Speed and convenience should be the norm when it comes to the minimalist coffee maker. Be sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to settling on the one you want to buy.


Over the years, advancements in technology have been characterized by efficiency, better looks, and reduction in size. Smaller seems to be better whether it is smartphones or computers.

Now coffeemakers have followed, gotten the cue, and continued the trend.

Minimalist coffee makers have been a lifesaver in so many ways. Preparing coffee no longer has to be an expensive and time-consuming process and felt like rocket science.

A process that used to take as much as fifteen minutes now takes no more than five minutes.

In addition, it has been simplified and is easy for everyone.

We hope that after reviewing these products, you will be able to make an informed choice when choosing your preferred type.

When it comes to minimalist coffee maker, you have an array of choices. Just look for one that suits your needs best. Compare among the brands and find the one with the most functionality but at a reasonable price.



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