7 Minimalist Floor Lamps That Always Deserve The Spotlight

minimalist floor lamp

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A lamp is a functional and often essential addition to your home. It can be a great feature, an ornamental lamp makes a great centerpiece and adds a decorative touch to an otherwise plain room. But sometimes it is preferable to have a lamp which blends in rather than stands out. Minimalist floor lamps combine simple structures with clear lighting and make it easy to match a lamp with your furnishings.

Here is a few of the best minimalist floor lamps on the market.

7 Minimalist Floor Lamps

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

A simple black and silver stand with a slim, disc-shaped base and uplighter, this sleek lamp fits perfectly into corners or small spaces. The base is small enough to slide partly under a table or couch so you can slip it between or behind furniture if space is limited. Its simple appearance means it will look great wherever you put it.

While the lamp is minimalist, the light from it is certainly not. It is bright enough to light an entire room and can be adjusted with the built-in dimmer when you need a softer light. The flat head can pivot to change the direction of the light as needed. With an LED light which does not heat up, it can be handled easily at any time, even if the light is switched on.

This is a great choice of the lamp if you have limited floor space.  The sturdy, wobble-free base is heavy enough to withstand accidental nudges without toppling. This makes it a safe option for a family home with small children or pets.

VAVA Dimmable LED Reading Lamp

50,000 hours of LED light mean that this lamp will be with you for a very long time, so the simple black design is a great advantage. It will complement most types of decor and fit in with changing fashions over the years.

This adjustable reading lamp can be assembled as a tall, floor standing lamp or a short desk lamp with a head which can be tilted to suit you. Four brass look rings show the detachable sections and add a touch of class to the appearance of the lamp. It looks simple but has some great features, including a choice of five color ‘temperatures’ and five levels of brightness.

A touch control pad on the lamp’s stand gives you an easy way to control the brightness, along with an ON/OFF switch. A one-hour timer means that the VAVA lamp is a good choice if you are prone to falling asleep with a book in your hands. The base is small but heavy enough to make the lamp sturdy and stable. Altogether, this is a really good lamp if you like the minimalist look but want the handy extra functions.

Brightech SkyLite Torchiere Floor Lamp

The SkyLite Torchiere Floor Lamp is another floor lamp from Brightech which is bright enough to act as the only light in the room. At five and a half feet tall, it will stand unobtrusively in a corner or behind furniture. If you need to place it in a more central location then the heavy base will hold it firmly in place. It comes with a five-foot electric cord so proximity to sockets needn’t be a problem.

This is  one of the best minimalist floor lamps on the market. Ideal for use in a lounge, bedroom or conservatory, the lamp itself is a bowl-shaped uplighter set atop a plain black pole. A handy dimmer control is set at a convenient height on the stem. It comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind but the 20-year lifespan of the bulb should mean that you won’t need to worry about changing it for a very long time!

Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp

The Sparq Arc lamp  has a quirky and unusual design which is guaranteed to turn heads and attract comments. If you love a cool, minimalist look then you’ll appreciate the crescent design of this light; it curves gently overhead and casts a soft light below.

Perfect for situating behind a couch or next to a bed, the Sparq stands 66” (168 cm) tall, rising from the base in an arc which extends around 45” (114 cm) outwards. The final section of the slender stem gives way to the curved arc of the light which cast light onto everything below it. It is operated with a foot switch, attached to the power cord. This allows you to choose from three different levels of brightness and switch the light on or off without effort.

The lamp comes in subtle silver and black, so should fit nicely into most homes. Its unusual shape is bound to attract positive attention from guests and visitors; it really is a nice looking piece. It’s also a great multi-purpose light. Whether are reading on the couch, crafting at the kitchen table, or working at a desk, this lamp will cast light exactly where you need it.

PHIVE Floor Lamp

This tall standing lamp is as simple as they come. A plain black base and stand end in a flexible gooseneck which means that the lamp can be adjusted to point in any direction. Light comes in four shades: cool white, white, warm yellow, and yellow. An adjustable dimmer also allows you to choose from five light levels. The settings are controlled from a simple touchpad on the stand.

Functional and classy, the Phive floor lamp is a useful item which can be used for working, reading or even playing musical instruments. Whatever your activity, a direct beam of light is focused exactly where you need it. It makes an excellent minimalist bedside lamp as the adjustable direction and brightness mean that it can be used at any time of night, without the worry of disturbing a partner or sleeping child.

If you are looking for a minimalist light which fits neatly into your home without drawing attention to itself then this could be it. It’s also super quick and easy to assemble out of the box, so no DIY skills are needed!

Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

As one of the best minimalist floor lamps, this lamp from Brightech is a real conversation starter. The unusual double circle shape gives it a funky, modern art look and a long-stemmed stand adds a touch of elegance. It is certain to attract positive remarks from anyone who sees it.

The functional part of the lamp is made up of two rings (one inside the other) which can both rotate independently. This lets you control the light angle precisely. A soft light is emitted in a choice of three light levels, controlled by a dimmer switch which is built into the pole. Be warned – the brightest setting on this lamp is very, very bright!

The only real negative of this lamp is the single-use nature of it: the way the heads are built means that the LED is built in and cannot be replaced. However, the company suggests that the Eclipse lamp has a lifespan of 15-10 years, so you really won’t need to worry about changing it for a very long time.

This really is a nice looking lamp and the unique style makes it really adaptable. It will fit well into a truly minimalist home, or add a touch of the modern to a more traditional setting.

Brightech Twist Living Room Floor Lamp

From the sleek and minimalist to the truly unusual – this gorgeous floor lamp really is something out of the ordinary. Two simple stems swirl up from the base, separating to twist gently around each other before meeting again at the top. The full length of both stems is lit up with eco-friendly LED strips, providing cool white light in all directions.

The Twist lamp cannot be used with wall plug dimmers or timers; it is controlled by its own floor switch which is attached to the power cord near the base. A built-in dimmer allows you to quickly reduce the light to 50% of its full power; another tap reduces it to 30%. At only 43” (109 cm) high, this lamp is shorter than many floor lamps. It also has a subtler, softer light than others, emitting a gentle glow to illuminate its surroundings, rather than a focused spotlight. This means that it would not be practical to use as the only light in a large room. It is, however, perfect as an attractive light source in a TV room or dining area, where its stunning design will add a touch of minimalist class.

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