Top Minimalist Table Lamps: Minimal, Clean Designs

Minimalist Table Lamp

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A table lamp is an essential accessory of any interior space. It not only lights up a room but also serves as a timeless ornament for your living area, bedroom, or other space you want to place it. With the minimalism trend, modern homeowners are accentuating their spaces with minimalist accessories, too, including table lamps.

Homeowners can now create a mood using lightweight and functional table lamps without using heavy fixtures that are often overbearing. From brass-detailed lighting to sconces to outdoor lighting to illuminate your entryway, we look at 25 minimalist table lamps:

Best Minimalist Table Lamps

Globe Electric 67776 SoHo Table Lamp

Breathe new life into your house decor with this modern table lamp that depicts the minimalist style.

The Globe Electric 67776 SoHo Table Lamp is made exclusively from Novogratz x Globe. It combines classic minimalist lines with a matter brass upscale finish and a stylish rectangular shade.

With a white linen shade, this lamp table offers a bright but diffused light and brings a vintage element to any space. It also gives you the option of a warmer and or colder look, depending on the bulb color and temperature you prefer.

What’s more, this table lamp is truly versatile to compliment all décor styles, and its metallic styling elevates your home.

Minimalism LED Table Lamp

This LED table lamp represents minimalism in its purest form. All its elements highlight minimalism’s core aspects of achieving a balance between form and function.

The Minimalism LED table lamp comes with a steel frame that offers an elegant fabric shade and creates a geometric appearance from any angle. Its fabric shade counters the sleekness of the steel with a creamy intensity-filled form.

The light filters through the seductive shade in a fascinating ambient radiance. Moreover, the table lamp has a limited warranty of 7 years, a great assurance for high-quality and durability.

Modern Contemporary LED Lamp

Looking for an ideal gift idea for a Birthday? Look no more as the Modern Contemporary LED lamp makes a great present.

The lamp is gorgeous and well-made in a compact design to create a unique ambiance at any home.

This modern LED lamp is made of environmentally-friendly materials like wood and acryl, and it’s very decorative when turned on. Acryl used is an impact-resistant material ‘Plexiglas’ and is completely transparent to provide enough warm lighting.

The Modern Contemporary LED lamp is illuminated by LEDs to guarantee energy efficiency and save at labor.

Tube Top Table Lamp

The Tube Top Table Lamp is an excellent lamp made for fun and functionality. It’s a part of the modern line of lamps that deliver bold design vibes.

A lustrous base provides an illusion that the lamp is floating on the table, while its textile shade stabilizes the look. To maintain its modern aesthetic, the lamp comes with a full-range dimmer and a harmonizing power cord.

It allows various lighting options, including small, medium, and large options. The small option includes one 60-watt Candelabra Base Incandescent lamp and has a base diameter of 4.5 inches.

Medium lighting option includes two 53-watt Medium base Halogen lamps with a base diameter of 7 inches. The large option features two 72-watt Medium base Halogen lamp and has a base diameter of about 8.5 inches.

TERRA Table Light Lamp

The TERRA Table Light Lamp is a handmade minimal table lamp with a dome-shaped mushroom style.

The handcrafted table lamp boasts a natural and simple design that blends in perfectly with any home décor.

This beautiful and stylish lamp includes a 120 cm transparent/black cable, switch, and a plug 2pin. Its listing color is beige, but can also match in any minimalist color like grey, white, and black.

The dome-shaped mushroom-style creates a classic design in your living room or bedroom, while its energy-efficient bulb delivers warm and relaxing splendor.

Mr. n LED Table Lamp

If you are looking for a modern minimalist table lamp that comes with an innovative design, you can’t go wrong with the Mr. n Table Lamp.

The Mr. n Table Lamp combines the fashion-forward design with cutting-edge technology.

It features an advanced arched design that offers warm, omnidirectional light with energy-efficient LED bulbs. A built-in touch sensor to the bottom foot turns the lamp on and off, while a sleek inner curve provides total dimming control when dragged.

JWDA Concrete Table Lamp

The JWDA Concrete Table Lamp is an exceptional table lamp featuring a well-designed cylindrical base for holding a rounded glass diffuser.

Its white glass is skillfully clasped within the base and is designed to provide a warm glow when lit. A stylish brass rotary control fastens the grey base’s collar, which acts as a dimmer for controlling the amount of ambient light produced.

This table lamp is dimmable when used with an on-off switch dimmer. However, the switch is not included, so you have to buy it separately.

AUKEY Table Lamp RGB Touch-Sensitive Bedside Lamp

With an extensive selection of colors, the AUKEY Table Lamp is an elegant minimalist lamp for your bedroom.

This lamp allows you to use the red-green-blue color spectrum or choose and pause on your favorite color. You can pick a bold color for a party or a calming color to relax.

It comes with a smooth touch control where you can touch and hold on top of the surface to adjust brightness or mode.

This lamp is eye-safe as it offers a soft and comfortable diffused light output that minimizes glare and eye-strain.

The most interesting thing about this lamp is its lighting memory and one-hour timer for extra convenience. It saves you the trouble of having to remember the previous color or to switch off the lamp.

Elegant Designs 2PK Modern Leather Table Lamp

If you’re searching for a table lamp that will enhance your room with charm and sophistication, this set is for you.

The Elegant Designs 2PK Modern Leather Table Lamp features genuine leather bodies and white fabrics to ensure that it adds style to any room.

This lamp comes in a set that includes two lamp bases and two shades, which are well-designed to deliver delightful lighting in your house. Each lamp uses a 1x 60W medium base bulb, but you will have to purchase them separately as they are not included in the set.

ZEEFO Touch Lamps, Night Stand Table Lamp

Whether you need a minimalist lamp for use in the bedroom, kitchen, or office, ZEERO Touch Night Stand Table Lamp is a great option for you.

This table lamp comes with a touch on the base that allows you to turn the light on or off easily, without having to fumble in the dark.

The lighting you use in your bedroom describes the atmosphere in your room. Having a touch lamp is one of the most convenient ways to light up your bedroom.

It provides ambient brightness and creates a cool atmosphere while still maintaining beauty and fun in the whole room.

Crane Brass Table Lamp

It has a sleek, stately design that breathes elegance to your space. The table lamp borrows its name and design from the legendary bird the crane. It is set atop a white marble pedestal and has a simple line that does not draw much attention to the table.

Also, its metallic body and modest construction echo the minimalist design. Its functional yet straightforward sculptural design makes it an excellent addition to your desk, bedside table, or living room, especially if you have other pieces of contemporary art.

Steampunk Industrial Style Table Lamp

A neutral background devoid of bold colors is the most common feature with minimalist spaces. Colors such as grey, white, and black define such spaces. Adding an industrial style lamp allows you to add more oomph to your living area or bedroom.

This handcrafted table lamp comes fitted with the brightly-colored bulb and vintage base to establish a connection between invention and style. Its base is made of a dark-colored wood brick to match your existing industrial styled space. You can use the lamp in any setting, including home, restaurant, business, bar, or office.

Ewalite Minimalist Rectangle Wood Table Lamp

The table lamp boasts a neutral and straightforward design that blends in with any home décor. It comes with a 40-watt bulb that illuminates your working area pretty well. Its wooden stand creates a classic appearance in your living room or bedroom while the linen flaxen fabric shade adds warmth to a space.

Linen is derived from the flax plant and is the best fabric for lampshades. It is because it is lightweight, stronger than cotton, and porous, letting moisture and heat wick away easily. Ewalite table lamp uses the flax linen fabric, which is more textured, has plenty of slubs to create a relaxed, less formal look.

Artiva USA Avalon Lamp

If looking for a futuristic, minimalist table lamp, the Artiva Avalon lamp is a good buy. It has a frosted satin nickel body, canoe-shaped glass shade and chrome base which give it a sleek, stylish design.

The three-way touch sensor with three lighting settings enhances its futuristic design as you only need to touch it to adjust the brightness or turn it on or off. It also eliminates the need to fit the traditional switch. What’s more, its multi-directional orientation illuminates your study desk or office adequately.

Jakek Table Lamp from Ashley Furniture

The table lamp is an excellent addition if looking to create a luxurious vibe in your bedroom. The light is made of metal, and poly resin with a stunning tone foil lined on the interior. Its metal construction has an upscale finish that enhances elegance while maintaining a minimalist look.

Additionally, the faux concrete finish on the brass gives it a classic blend that fits any minimalist space. Despite its dark shade, it provides adequate lighting for bedside reading or office study.

Stone and Beam Farmhouse Jug Lamp

It is an excellent addition to spaces that have a rustic or modern farmhouse vibe. The brown fabric shade adds warmth to a space while the metal jug-shaped base breathes an industrial, vintage touch while maintaining the minimalist look.

Its construction appears heavy and bulky, but the lamp is pretty light weighing 7.36 pounds only. The lamp is also pretty easy to assemble and makes an exotic accent to a nightstand or side table.

Bernie Industrial Bronze Table Lamp

It comes in a set of two table lamps 28 inches each. Its rich bronze finish adds pop to an otherwise bland minimalist space while introducing an industrial vibe. The shade has a clean, straightforward design, while the dark-colored metallic base adds color to a space.

The table lamp also comes with a USB port (5V DC/2A) for charging your mobile device, tablet or other gadgets. The dangling pull chords are strategically placed for easy switching on or off. Each lamp has a slot for two 60-watt medium-sized bulbs providing adequate light in a study area, bedroom or other space.

Kira Home Lucerna 13-inch Bedside Lamp

With Lucerna table lamp, you no longer need to deal with tangled cords or switches. It has a responsive touch feature that turns the light on and off with a simple tap at the base. Its brown wooden base has a glossy bronze finish that makes it a perfect addition to a living room, dining area, bedroom, office, kitchen, hallway, or entryway.

Additionally, the base comes in two shapes: round and cuboid allowing you to choose a form that blends in well with your décor. A brown shade blends in well with other minimalist colors without being overbearing. The lamp is compatible with the traditional 60 W bulb, CFL, and the LED light.

Warner Table Lamp by Ceci Thompson

This table lamp depicts the minimalist style. The brushed bronze used to make the stand creates an elegant yet classic feel, which is further enhanced by its unique shape. It is this unusual design that makes Warner table lamp double up as a lighting fixture and statuette on a table.

Its white linen shade blends in with any décor; not just a minimalist space. The white marble base added echoes not only the minimalism vibe but also breathes an aura of sophistication. The lamp comes with a 13 W CFL bulb, and it is compatible with a 60 W incandescent bulb.

Acegoo Minimalist LED Reading Lamp

The lamp is ideal for avid bedside readers. Its narrow form produces focused illumination on the page you are reading without lighting the whole space. The gooseneck has a flexible build to match your posture your reading posture.

Additionally, the lamp does not have a switch. Instead, it is touch-responsive, allowing you to turn the light on or off and adjust the brightness with a simple touch. The lamp produces warm, comfortable light, letting you read for long hours without straining your eyes.

The lamp does not have a stand; instead it is mounted on the wall or the headboard surface, enhancing its minimalist design.


This 12-inch table lamp boasts mid-century adornment blending a rustic design in style. The shade is made of white linen fabric that brings out the elegance and sophistication of the light while the base is made of coffee wood. It is the base that showcases its retro style.

What’s more, the lamp comes with a 7W 3000K LED bulb which, when lit, illuminates a whole room without straining the eyes. The light is also fitted with a 5.24 ft power cord with the button mounted in the middle. It is perfect for a kids’ room, study area, office, or college dorm. The package comes with a free LED bulb.

Tomons Scandinavian Wood Desk Table Lamp

This wooden table lamp also makes a perfect reading light. Its entire construction is made of natural wood, which adds warmth to a minimalist space. The earthy wood build blends in well with the nylon-covered cable while its dark base matches any minimalist décor.

You can easily adjust the height and the angle of the table lamp thanks to its flexible construction. It also has a detachable design that makes it easy to store.

Lumiy Lightblade

If looking for a minimalist table lamp that emits near-perfect natural light, the Lumiy Lightblade is a good buy. It boasts a color rendering index of 93, which is pretty close to that of natural light. The lamp has four color temperatures and up to 20 brightness settings. Warm and cool white light options blend in well with a minimalist space.

Additionally, the base is equipped with touch-sensitive controls that allow you to manipulate the brightness and the temperature. It is also fitted with a USB port for charging your mobile device. The lamp is pretty flexible thanks to its omnidirectional pivoting head. It allows the user to adjust the light in any direction.

LEDGloriole Table Lamp

The lamp boasts an edgy design that suits a minimalist space. Its wooden base adds some pop and warmth while the white orb housing the light blends in with the gray, black, or white colors accentuating your space. The lamp is 10 inches long, which means it will take up a pretty small area on your desk.

What’s more, it is fitted with a touch panel that enables the user to turn the lamp on and off and regulate brightness. A short press turns the light on/off while a long press causes a gradual adjustment between its three brightness settings.

The dimmest setting emits soft background lighting while the brighter light function illuminates a study or work area pretty well. LEDGloriole Table Lamp is also equipped with a memory function that enables it to light up to the previous setting before it was turned off.

BJL Spiral LED Table Lamp

Its unique design allows you to use it as a lighting fixture and a piece of art. The light spirals 17 inches upwards, making it a focal point to your minimalist living area. It is fitted with a six-watt LED light source that emits warm, white light suitable for reading or office work.

Additionally, it has three color settings: warm white, pure white, and warm yellow, but it does not allow users to adjust the brightness. It is equipped with a transparent power cable specially designed for lighting the lamp, not charging mobile phones as the voltage is different.

Luxe Cordless Table Lamp

Its unique construction breathes minimalism. It is this unique design that makes it suitable for lighting a garage, dresser, workbench, office desk, among other spaces. The lamp has three lighting settings, and six levels of brightness usually controlled using a touch panel fitted at the base.

Luxe Cordless table lamp is equipped to light a space for 40 hours, after which it is recharged using a micro USB cable. Its rotating design adds to its practical and versatile nature as the lamp can bend, rotate and twist 360 degrees.

What’s more, the lamp has a natural LED lighting feature that saves energy, produces little heat, and does not strain the eyes when studying, or reading. Its casing is made of high-grade aluminum while the bar is made of a soft rubber material.

Largo Speckled White Ceramic Lamp

The white ceramic base epitomizes a minimalist space while its textured surface adds visual intrigue to a rather bland-looking area. Its oversized white shade dramatizes this effect. The lamp is an excellent addition to a bedroom.

Supars House Minimalist Wood Table Lamp

Its earthy construction makes it an excellent addition to the monotonous black and white colors that characterize a minimalist space. The lamp used an E26 bulb and has an on/off switch fitted in the middle of the cable.

AUKEY Table Lamp

The touch activated AUKEY lamp makes bedside lighting easy. A light tap to the base is all you need switch it on, and to cycle through a choice of three brightness levels. It is also the key to this lamps real attraction: a changing array of colored lights. These can be set to cycle automatically through a spectrum or stopped on your favorite color. A warm red glow will fade through orange and yellow before moving into softer green greens and blues.

The lamp itself has an unusual look, the simple silver base is topped with the cylindrical light section. The total dimensions are 8.5” (21.5 cm) tall and 4” (10 cm) wide. This lamp is a really neat little item which will sit nicely on a coffee table, bedside cabinet or bookshelf. A clear reading light can be dimmed to a soft and restful glow with just a touch, making this a fantastic choice of the lamp for bedrooms. It also looks great in a lounge or dining area. The changing color setting will make a fantastic talking point at dinner parties or evenings with friends.

Haitral Table Lamp

A simple, elegant table lamp with a traditional design, the Haitral lamp stands 16” (41cm high). The elegant design has a black metal base and stem (marred only by the brand name on the front of it) and a wide fabric shade. A small pull cord for turning the light on and off adds a delightfully quirky touch to a modern lamp, giving a traditional feel to a modern design. It’s a classic look which will look good in any home and the perfect size for a coffee table or reading nook.

The Haitral lamp is perhaps not the best quality lamp on the market but it does come with a two-year warranty which should put your mind at ease. Altogether this lamp brings you a decent light source in a nice minimalist design with a reasonably cheap price tag. The Haitral table lamp is ideal as an extra light or a simple table lamp in a lounge or bedroom.

ZUOMUYI Minimalist Bedside Lamp

Designed for an elegant yet modern look, this lamp offers a stunning tubular design with an exposed bulb, adding to the industrial chic vibe. It’s simple, yet highly functional and fashionable. Offered in five great color choices, this table lamp boasts 66 inches of power cord, allowing you to place the lamp wherever you see fit. Small enough to fit on an end table, but large enough to cast plenty of light, it’s a great option for those seeking minimalist, industrial style while still being perfectly functional. Not only that, but the lamp comes with a non-slip mat, allowing it to stay where you put it, worry-free.

Get the look: ZUOMUYI Minimalist Bedside Lamp

Iris Glass Ball Bedside Lamp

If you’re looking for something a little more Witchy, but still want to reflect a more minimalist style, then the Light Accents Iris table lamp may be the lamp you’re looking for. This lamp is nice because it’s small, yet stylish and comes packed with personality. It offers plenty of warm, comfortable light, and only takes up just under 6 inches. Not only that, but it’s simple to use, featuring an on and off switch on the power cord. The light it gives is warm, comfortable and plenty, making it personable and functional all the same. There’s very little not to like about this little lamp, and because of this, it should absolutely be considered for a minimalist bedroom or even living room.

Get the look: Light Accents Iris

Boncoo Touch Control Bedside Lamp

The Boncoo touch control lamp offers a fun and stylish industrial design. Shaped like a large light bulb, this lamp is easy to use, just simply tap it to control it how you’d like it. The Edison bulb style adds a nice flair of vintage design, creating a fun yet elegant look.
By tapping the base, each user is easily able to switch between 3 levels of brightness. The combination of style and ease of use makes this lamp a great candidate for any minimalist bedroom.

This lamp is sure to add personality to your room without taking up very much space, which is crucial when going for a more classic, Steampunk minimalist look. Between the Steampunk design and the great functionality, this is another stellar choice.

Get the look: Boncoo Touch Control bedside Lamp

FRIDEKO Modern Geometric Table Lamp

If you’re looking for something more fun, maybe a little vintage yet modern, then the Frideko Ecopower vintage style bedside lamp may be the best choice. This lamp offers a fun cage design, with multiple color choices, such as black on rose gold or white on rose gold. The geometric minimalist design is sure to fit with almost any style room, offering extra style with less material. The lamp is easy to use, and comes with an eye care shade, reducing strain and negative effects of light exposure. This lamp adds some vintage elegance to a modern, minimalist style, making it a fun and even romantic choice for any room.

Get the look: Frideko Ecopower Vintage Style table Lamp

Rivet Gold Bedside Lamp

For those looking for something more smooth and less boxy than some of the other lamps listed before, the Rivet Gold Bedside lamp just may be a perfect choice. Boasting a stylish and comfortable design, this lamp is great for creating a cozy and modern environment. While this lamp doesn’t offer much in the way of features, it’s simple and easy to use makeup is a pull in itself.

Get the look: Rivet Gold Bedside lamp


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